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Tanked Episode 228 for Wed Nov. 28, 2012

Dan Henig Lil Jon and the east side boyz cover of “Get Low”
from michigan and residing in Ann Arbor. This guy is going to blow up on the music scene soon. YouTube


-Natalie is out this week. Went to a Pistons Game.
-Lets welcome Nate on the show!
- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catchup
- So aside from nate being on the show this week the other kind of big news is that This is our last show on KTRN. We are moving the live show over to Spreaker. Don’t worry it will still come out as a podcast on itunes and over at


More console news this week:
Best Buy's Canadian site just got a hardware surprise from Nintendo, the Wii mini. It looks like the retailer jumped the gun but unfortunately, it doesn't reveal much else aside from a December 7th release date. Rumors of a console refresh have circulated over the last few days and while the preorder link isn't live just yet, but you can spot the Wii mini's new red and black design, which looks to be only slightly taller than the original Wiimote. The Wii's successor launched only a few weeks earlier in the US, managing to sell 400,000 units in its first week.

XBOX TV Device to launch 2013

syfy to get into the movie biz and also bring back Waterworld as a series 

RUMOR ALERT: Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set to Play Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE
False!!!!! From both the Studio and Levitt!!!!!

X-men days of future’s past casting confirmed!
Via Twitter this week. Director Brian Singer annouced a few cast members.
including Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen!! Could we see come other big names added? Jakcman, Berry, Janssan or Marsters maybe????

Life of Pi Review
A very different movie from what I was expecting. A visual masterpiece and a well woven story with elements of unreal truth and hard to believe tallesk tales. All in all a great movie worth seeing.

Round Table Discussion Time

-Super Powers