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Tanked Episode 221 for Wed Oct. 3, 2012

This week and every week Tanked will take you through a romp of tech news, offbeat news, video game, movie reviews and anything else we wanna' talk about.

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- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catchup Nat goes on a motorcycle bike ride and Ric was in town and we all headed  up to K2K
-We are up against the presidential debate tonight. booo

4th Annual Detroit Beer Festival – Saturday October 27 from 1 pm to 6 pm Eastern Market, Detroit, MI
Tickets on sale beginning August 1 ***PURCHASE TICKETS***
Tickets $35 advance ($40 at gate if available)
We are expecting more than 50 Michigan craft brewers to participate and there will over 300 different beers available to sample. The event will be open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday and 1:00pm to 6:00pm on Saturday; rain or shine. Enthusiast Members of the Michigan Brewers Guild will be allowed to enter the Festival an hour early (purchase your Enthusiast Membership in advance here)

Live entertainment will be provided by local bands and food prepared by local restaurants will be available for purchase.

Researchers from the University of Tokushima in Japan have found a flavonoid in hops, called (8-PN), that can help preserve muscle mass and keep your muscles from deteriorating. Immobilized mice were given a diet of hops with the compound and saw little to know muscle deterioration. Mice not given 8-PN saw a 10% drop in their muscle mass. Follow-up experiments found that mice given the plant compound also had 10 times the amount of the protective substance in their systems.
Though you would have to drink 154 pints a day to get enough of 8-PN to be effective, this discovery can lead to new drugs to help preserve your muscles. Japanese are currently looking for a way to use the drug for astronauts who are kept in cramped spaces for extended periods of time.
This is not the only magic compound found in beer,  nicotinamide riboside is believed to help prevent weight gain and diabetes. Though there is not enough of these magic molecules in beer to receive their full benefits from drinking, their discovery can lead to wonderful drugs for a healthier tomorrow. Beer, the drink that keeps on giving.
Via medicaldaily

 TECH  quick news
iPad Mini Production snags

Although current rumors suggest that Apple (AAPL) will send out event invitations for its iPad mini launch next week, the company is reportedly struggling behind the scenes to get its production of the smaller 7.85-inch tablet up to speed. Business Insider reports that Barclays analyst Kirk Yang is claiming that “iPad mini mass production could be experiencing some delays” because Apple’s manufacturing partner is having trouble making a tablet with the thinner side bezels that Apple is demanding. That said, Yang doesn’t expect the production issues to delay the device’s launch this fall and also expects Apple to have “builds of about 10 million units from now through December.”

 Iron Patriot will be in Iron Man 3
Ok, ok, so maybe you don't know anything about the Iron Patriot. Allow me to fill you in. The Iron Patriot was the main antagonist of the "Dark Reign" arc for Marvel comics. This is why we "assume" the suit to be the villain in the movie. The suit is Norman Osborn's way of taking a psychological jab at the Avengers, sporting the armor with his own team of Dark Avengers. It has been confirmed that Norman Osborn is not behind this armor however. So no, of course we won't have any worries of Dafoe wearing this armor. In this run through, we have James Badge Dale instead.
So what will James be doing? Well, he'll be playing the role of Eric Savin. This character is better known as "Coldblood", if he's known at all. Not a major Marvel character, but it's important to note that Coldblood is a cyborg. So where this plot will take us is almost guaranteed not to be Comic-book Accurate, but hey- if you wanted those stories just go pick up the comics. It's what makes these movies so good; you get to see things that aren't already in print. Given Marvel's trends, we can almost expect a comic title or two to bring back the Iron Patriot, and it wouldn't surprise me if Coldblood came back as well from his now seven-year hiatus from simply "missing in action" after Marvel's Civil War. We're most excited to see how they'll make this movie, including the Iron Patriot with the other hints and jabs at comic nostalgia in Fin Fang Foom and The Mandarin.

Get caught up with the back story of iron patriot and different ways IM3 could play out

Thor 2 Star will be ok
Jaimie Alexander suffers a serious injury on the set of Thor: The Dark World. She played Sif in the first Thor and reprises the role for Thor: The Dark World — reportedly suffered a serious injury while filming the Marvel Studios sequel. She Tweeted that she is lucky to not be paralized. She is doing rehab and will return to the set.

The Lone Ranger Trailer is here.
Does anyone care????


Late last week NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has made its first major science discovery, and it's one for the ages.
Scientists announced Thursday that water—fast-running and relatively deep—once coursed over the now bone-dry surface, a finding based on the presence of rounded pebbles and gravel near the rover's landing site in Gale Crater.
What's more, the team has concluded that the water was present for "thousands or millions of years," though the researchers said it would take far more research to get a clearer picture of the flow's longevity.
The discovery is the first proof that surface water once ran on Mars. Planetary scientists have hypothesized that the cut canyons and riverlike beds photographed by Mars satellites had been created by running water, but only now do researchers have on-the-ground confirmation—and the promise of learning much more about the nature and duration of the water flows.
"We've now identified pebbles and gravel at the landing site that clearly have been carried down by water, have been broken down and very much smoothed out," said William Dietrich, a geomorphologist working with the Curiosity imaging science team. "This is the beginning of our process of learning how much water was running and how long this area was wet."

Past Potential for Life?
The evidence in the newfound streambed led Curiosity lead scientist John Grotzinger—known as a cautious and careful scientist—to conclude that the rover had already found a site that was potentially habitable in the distant past. That doesn't mean life existed there or anywhere else on Mars, he said, but rather that some key physical conditions appear to have allowed for its possible emergence.


Rope Swing Fail


Naked man with mouse lodged in rectum tased, arrested for burglary, assault

SENECA, SC (WCSC) - A burglary call for Oconee County sheriff's deputies turned bizarre Monday morning when their suspect was found naked with a USB-powered computer peripheral in his rectum and apparently drugged, an incident report shows.
Authorities responded to Bernwood Circle near the town of Seneca late Monday morning after a resident complained of a burglar. When deputies arrived, they found Noah Smith, 24, lying face down and naked inside the doorway of the victim's home, the report stated.
When the deputy tried to make contact with Smith, he slapped the deputy. In return, the deputy deployed his taser, which had no effect on Smith, the report stated.
With reinforcements, deputies approached Smith again in the victim's bedroom. A deputy managed to handcuff Smith before he jumped off the victim's bed and tried to kick other deputies in the room, the report stated.
Then, according to the report, Smith was pepper sprayed. Undeterred, Smith continued to kick at the officers and otherwise evade capture. He was struck with a police baton several times, and Smith attempted to bite the deputy.
Smith's head and mouth were covered with a blanket to prevent him from biting. He was wrestled down so shackles could be placed on his legs and his arms were hog-tied, the report stated. An EMS crew responded and provided a stretcher to which Smith was also tied.
Deputies and officers from the Seneca Police Department opined that Smith might have been high on mushrooms, and identified equipment that could be used to get high in the victim's home.
During a medical exam at a nearby hospital, medical personnel found a USB cord hanging from Smith's rectum. An X-ray revealed the culprit -- a mouse -- lodged inside Smith.
He told emergency room personnel that he could not remember what had happened to him.
After the medical exam, he was charged with resisting arrest, 1st and 3rd degree assault a battery charges, and indecent exposure. Smith was transported to the Oconee County Detention Center.

Manatee Rides Manatee
Authorities identified on Tuesday a woman who apparently tried to hitch a ride on a manatee in the waters off Fort Desoto Park in Pinellas County, Florida over the weekend.
According to WPLG, Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 52, turned herself in amid intense media attention. She told officers that she was new to the area and didn't realize that contact with manatees was a no-no, WPLG reported.
The woman could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for violating the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, which states: "It is unlawful for any person at any time, by any means, or in any manner intentionally or negligently to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb or attempt to molest, harass, or disturb any Manatee."
Her case will be forwarded to the State District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution, the station said.

Japan’s first masturbation bar for women opens in Shibuya

A ‘love and sex’ bar encourages women to discuss wanking

In an issue that includes special coverage of women and masturbation, Spa! (Sep. 11) takes a seat at a Tokyo bar where women are encouraged to weigh in on wanking.
Love Joule, located in the Shibuya entertainment district, opened in July and provides Japan, according to its Web site, with its first “love and sex bar dedicated to women.”
The wall behind the counter is adorned with dozens of colorful sex toys. Megumi Nakagawa, the bar’s proprietor, explains that typically a bar will have bottles of alcohol lining the wall. The appearance of vibrators, however, provides women with more confidence in speaking about spanking.
“Once they take a seat, customers are able to experience a pleasant place in which they can openly discuss masturbation,” says Nakagawa. “Since most people view female masturbation as something of a mystery or taboo, it is not a usual topic at typical bars.”
Nakagawa describes the atmosphere at Bar Joule as “fashionable and sexy in a different kind of space — perfect for girls-only discussions or a date.”
Customers include women from the commercial sex (fuzoku) industry and adult video (AV) actresses. On the bar’s Facebook page, former AV star Nayuka Mine visited in September, as did Sayo Hayakawa, the fashion model known for appearing in Koakuma Ageha.
But gents should take note that only women are allowed, with exceptions being made for men accompanied by ladies. (A.T.)