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Tanked Radio Episode 219 for Wed Sep. 19, 2012


- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catchup Nat at Country concert, i don’t get country music, wanted to go to the frankenmuth michigan octoberfest
- Aaron will be back next week
- Kickstarter news

Nintendo’s Wii U console and release date info
The Nintendo Wii U will launch in the US on Sunday, November 18. It'll arrive in Europe on November 30, though no price was given for our friends abroad. Like its Japanese release, the console comes in two varieties: a base level bundle in white with just 8GB of internal memory for $300 and a premium bundle in black with 32GB of internal memory for $350.
Each version contains the console itself, a WiiPad, a charging stand, a play stand, and a stand for the console. The premium version, however, adds a subscription to Nintendo's Premium Network, which offers various rewards for digital purchases -- it also gets a full 32GB of internal memory, which is a pretty major step up over the 8GB model. It's hard to imagine either having enough internal storage compared with current-gen consoles, but the Wii U's memory is expandable via USB. Also nintendo is stating to release 50 games from nov-march. Some if not most updated versions of titles availible on the ps3 and the 360

Aslo Nintendo showed off some of the Wii U's new television functionality during its New York City press event. irst unveiled during E3 2012 -- including DVR and TiVO, and search across several content providers (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, and cable television, to name a few). It's unclear whether the DVR functionality is built into the console or not. Nintendo's director of strategic partnership Zach Fountain's calling the service a "personalized program guide" and he showed off how you'll be able to interact with content -- movies and television shows can be searched via text entry, or explored in a general category sense (movies, tv, sports, etc.). If QWERTY text isn't your kind of thing, a rotary entry in the lower right corner offers another way to seek out content.
Nintendo TVii is free with the purchase of a console this November and is really the only reason to buy this updated wii console.
Will Nintendo see similar success with the Wii U like they did the Wii or is there not enough here to warrant the unusual high asking price from Nintendo to make it this years must have for christmas?

Sony Unvials new updated PS3 at the Tokyo Game Show
Rumoured for some time now, Sony has announced today at its pre-TGS press conference that it will be releasing a new model of the PlayStation 3.
The new model is 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current model, and will come in two flavours: 250GB and 500GB. It'll also be available in two colours, white and black.
The black console will be out on in Japan October 4, while the white model will be out on November 22.
In the US, the 250GB model will be out on September 25, and will include Uncharted 3 and a $30 "digital content" voucher for DUST 514 (a free-to-play game). It'll cost $270.
There'll also be a 500GB bundle including Assassin's Creed III that'll go on sale in the US on October 30. No price on that one yet.

1st look at the new Robocop! Thoughts!!!!!??????

IM3 and Ant Man footage

We should see Iron Man 3 trailer in Mid to late October. Look for the Edger Wright test footage of Ant man soon!!!

1st look at hit girl in Kick Ass 2 Balls to the wall!

Boondock Saints 3 news.
Troy will be writing and directing DBS3
Who won’t be back???? How about Sean and Norman!
They said at a Con that they would not be back siting creative differences with Troy!


Mr Wizard being a dick to confuse children.

Sexy Time
NEW YORK, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- A pair of New York Yankees fans were filmed having sex in a stadium bathroom during the team's win over the Tampa Bay Rays.
The video, which was posted to sports blog Deadspin, depicts a man in a CC Sabathia T-shirt having sex with a woman in a bathroom identified by a tipster as being located under the left field bleachers, the New York Daily News reported Monday.
"People were jockeying for position outside the stall to take pics either over or under, and even standing up on the toilet bowl on the neighboring stall," the tipster told Deadspin.
The New York Post reported the couple received a standing ovation from their fellow fans when they exited the restroom.
The Yankees beat the Rays 5-3.

Fuckin’ Chicken
Carolina woman said she will argue in court her family should be able to keep a chicken because it is a pet, not a farm animal banned by city ordinance.
Stephanie Stewart, 41, of Bluffton admitted she did not have permission from the city or from her homeowner's association when her family adopted Smartie the chicken, but she plans to argue in Bluffton Municipal Court that the foul is a family pet, not a banned livestock animal, The Hilton Head (S.C.) Island Packet reported Tuesday.
"Growing up in Indiana ... I think of cows and horses as livestock," Stewart said. "I am not looking to farm, and I'm not going to build an ugly coop in my yard. [Smartie] sleeps in a dog crate in the garage. She mostly stays in my flower beds underneath plants I have out there. She scratches around, and if it's getting dark, she will peck on the door to come in."
Stewart said her family adopted Smartie in June and her 3-year-old daughter, Shaelyn, is particularly fond of the bird.
Town Manager Anthony Barrett said police cited Stewart Aug. 30 after receiving a complaint about the ordinance violation.
"I will assure you the police department was not just riding through the neighborhood and saw a chicken and issued a citation. A complaint was filed, and the police department responded," he said.

160 teams compete in Cornhole Championship

DETROIT, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Organizers of the Detroit Cornhole Championship said 160 teams tossed small corn-filled bags to raise money for a park.
The organizers said the teams, many wearing elaborate costumes, attempted to toss the corn bags into wooden boxes painted by local artists to raise money for cleanup, landscaping and other services required for Roosevelt Park, near the city's downtown, The Detroit News reported Monday.
The organizers said did not give an exact headcount for the weekend event, but said about 2,000 people had been expected to attend.

Email: Jason from Texas asks
I bet Jonah hill is a jerk in real life. What celebrities you guys think are jerks. Based on nothing, just guessing.

  • Email from Wendy From Chicago asks Hey guys what new fall shows are you looking forward too?


Link to VM In box
This week Jason from Texas as a very timely question.