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Tanked Radio Episode 217 for Wed Sep. 5, 2012


- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- Weekend Catchup
- We try out JFT’s packaged Treats
- Breakfast cereals of yesteryear and what do we enjoy now?

More and updated information on the Presidents beer. Originally we thought he had a big brewing charade going on in the white house but it turns out Aaron has the same exact brewing kit.

The White House has made public the recipe for two homemade beers that have become an object of fascination for beer drinkers everywhere.
White House Honey Brown Ale, believed to be the first beer brewed on the White House grounds, includes light malt extract, amber crystal malt, honey, gypsum, yeast and corn sugar.
The recipe was released Saturday while President Barack Obama was campaigning in Iowa.

White House press secretary Jay Carney announced the beer recipe on Twitter, linking to a blog post entitled “Ale to the Chief” that included a video on the brewing process. The White House was careful to say the president paid for the materials used in the beer-making himself.
“With public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it” and release the recipe, wrote White House chef Sam Kass, who brews the beer in the White House kitchen.
if your a home brewer give it a whirl!
Aaron’s mission is to make the honey ale!

Michael Clark Duncan dies. ric you can add more if you want.
Academy award nomination for the Green Mile.
In Armageddon, The whole Nine yards... and many others

Premium rush review

Kick ass 2 news
John Lequizamo’s Javier and Jim Carrey’s the Cournal
Teaser Image of Mother Russia. Red Mist’s Body Guard

even w the Avengers and Batman a low summer for hollywood.
Trailer to the Official Sequel to A Christmas Story. Called Christmas Story 2 the official sequel.


Vegetarian McDonalds
US fast-food giant McDonald's, famed for its beef-based Big Mac burgers, on Tuesday said it will open its first vegetarian-only restaurant anywhere in the world in India next year.
The world's second-biggest restaurant chain after Subway tailors its menus to suit local tastes, which in India means no beef to avoid offending Hindus and no pork to cater for Muslim requirements.
McDonald's in India has a menu that is 50-percent vegetarian. Its McAloo Tikki burger -- which uses a spiced potato-based patty -- is the top seller, accounting for a quarter of total sales.
Among the chicken-only meat offerings, the Maharaja Mac is also a favourite.

The New Fair food: Hot Dog That Uses a Chocolate Eclair as a Bun

Amidst the deep-fried Coke, deep-fried butter and deep-fried Trix cereal balls, comes a newer–and grosser–food at the state fair: the chocolate eclair hot dog.
At the Canada National Exhibition this weekend, the Maple Lodge Farms debuted their latest creation of inserting a grilled hot dog into a chocolate eclair and topping it with whipped cream and sprinkles (of course!).
This fair is Canada’s largest and is no stranger to gross food concoctions. They were famed for offering deep-fried butter, the Krispy Kreme hamburger, Nutella-bacon sandwiches and bacon sundae funnel cakes. Oh yum?
While no nutritional information was available for the hot dog eclair, we can only imagine the amount of fat and calories in here. But hey, at least you’d get your entree and dessert in one convenient bite, right?
As expected, the response to this dog has been divided.
On, one person commented:
I can’t even LOOK at this picture without feeling nauseous. Why would someone do this? Why?
While someone else replied:
I’ll take three please.
So we want to know what you think: Do you find the idea of a chocolate eclair hot dog delicious or disgusting?


Aug 25 we lost a very special person. Neil Armstrong rose to international fame when he stepped onto the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. He and Buzz Aldrin spent more than 21 hours on the moon, while fellow Apollo 11 crew mate Michael Collins orbited above in their command module Columbia.


Ben & Jerry's sues over porn copycats

(Reuters) -
Ben & Jerry's has sued a maker of pornographic DVDs
for allegedly infringing the names of its ice cream flavors
with a movie series called "Ben & Cherry's."

The company changed some of Ben & Jerry's
best-known ice cream flavors into titles for its movies,
according to a complaint filed by Ben & Jerry's,
a subsidiary of Unilever NV, on Wednesday
in Manhattan federal court.

For instance, "Boston Cream Pie" became
"Boston Cream Thighs," "Chocolate Fudge Brownie"
was changed to "Chocolate Fudge Babes," and
"Peanut Butter Cup" became "Peanut Butter D-Cups,"
the lawsuit said.

The DVD jackets also mimic the packaging of
Ben & Jerry's ice cream products, according to the lawsuit.
Ben & Jerry's is asking the court to stop the company,
Rodax Distributors Inc, from making or selling movies
that infringe its trademarks. It is also seeking monetary damages.
Rodax Distributors, a California-based company that makes
and sells adult movies and products, did not immediately
return a call for comment Wednesday evening.

Pancake puzzler: Maple syrup heist baffles Quebec

(Reuters) -
Thieves in the Canadian province of Quebec
may have pulled off the sweetest heist of all time,
siphoning off a reservoir of maple syrup
from a warehouse and cleverly covering up their caper
to evade detection, an industry group said on Friday.

The warehouse in rural Quebec held more than C$30 million
($30.4 million) worth of maple syrup, a whopping 10 million pounds
of the amber pancake topping.

It was not clear exactly how much of the sweet stuff
was taken in the heist, which occurred at some point
over the last few days and was uncovered during
a routine inventory check.

"We don't know yet how much is missing - we do know it is significant,"

said Anne-Marie Granger Godbout,

executive director of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.
Numerous barrels in the warehouse were emptied
of their sticky contents. The remaining barrels need to be
weighed and tested to ensure the syrup inside
had not been tampered with.

The robbers "were wise enough, they tried to hide their crime,"
said Granger Godbout. "We just want to make sure
we know how much is missing and how much is still there."

The warehouse, some 160 kilometers (100 miles)
northeast of Montreal, is one of many locations where
Quebec's maple syrup is temporarily stored
ahead of sale and distribution.

The agency believes the syrup was taken to be sold
on the black market. Quebec's provincial police force
is investigating the robbery.

With Quebec's 2012 harvest expected to top 96 million pounds,
the province produces some 75 percent of the global supply
of maple syrup, made from the sap of maple trees.

All the syrup held by the Federation of
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers is insured
and the agency maintains a stockpile of syrup
that it likens to a "global strategic reserve,"
according to a press release.
"I can assure you there will be no shortage in maple syrup,"
said Granger Godbout.

A Woman Called 911 When Her Gas Pedal Got Stuck, and She Started Going Over 100 Miles an Hour
A 47-year-old woman in Missouri had to call 911 from her car after her GAS PEDAL stuck. She said she tried everything to make it stop, but her car reached speeds of 118 miles an hour. It happened back on August 19th, but now there's video from one of the cop cars that was following her. She was in a 2011 Kia Sorento, and had to weave through traffic for 35 minutes. She said she couldn't get the car in neutral, and also couldn't take the key out because her ignition was push-button. She finally got the car to stop by pulling on the gas pedal and pushing the brake at the same time. Luckily no one was hurt. But by the time it was over, she'd driven 59 miles, and crossed over into Iowa.                            Youtube