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Tanked Radio Episode 215 for Wed Aug. 15, 2012


-We have Nate the Resident Homie in the house, Background on Nate.
- Beer/Mixed Drinks
- I’m officially on Vacation
- What Aaron missed, live call In's last week, dating game show with jay, JJ and wives
- Weekend Catch-up
  I had the laziest weekend ever and Aaron went exploring

Goldilocks schmoldylocks
A family of bears have broken into a holiday cabin in Norway and drunk over a hundred cans of lager.
he bears got into the cabin through a window. They then apparently proceeded to drink all the family’s beer supply, eat all the food in the kitchen – including chocolate, honey and jam – and then smash up the furniture.
The owner of the cabin, Even Borthen Nilsen, returned home with his family to discover dozens of empty beer cans.
“They have bitten into the cans and drunk the beer,” Nilsen told Finnmarken newspaper.
“They had a hell of a party in there. The entire cabin was destroyed. The beds and all kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were all smashed to pieces.

President Obama has revealed that the White House has installed a microbrewery that produces both light and a dark ales.
Making an appearance at a coffee shop in Knoxville, the US President gave a bottle of his home brew to the shop owner as a gift, which he brought with him on his Iowa campaign tour.
The beer, named White House Honey Ale, has honey added to it from First Lady Michelle Obama’s own beehive in the White House gardens.
This isn’t the first time the President has shown his enjoyment of a beer. To settle a bet made before the UK versus US World Cup game in 2010, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama exchanged beers.
Obama gave Cameron a Chicago beer called Goose Island 312 and the Prime Minister returned the gesture, giving him a bottle of Hobgoblin, brewed in his Oxfordshire constituency’s Wychwood Brewery.


Leaked screenshots suggest RadioShack is planning to launch its own cellphone service. It appears it will share connectivity with Cricket Wireless, which in turn uses some Sprint services.
The RadioShack deal will be without a contract, meaning customers will get little if any subsidy on handset prices. Customers will have a monthly rate for service but no commitment; if their account doesn’t have sufficient credit at the start of the month, service is put on hold unless and until they top up the account.

Bathroom break video

Cloud Atlas Trailer (what do you think?)

The official synopsis for Cloud Atlas describes the film as
an epic story of humankind in which the actions and consequences of our lives impact one another throughout the past, present and future as one soul is shaped from a murderer into a savior and a single act of kindness ripples out for centuries to inspire a revolution.

Review of the Campaign

Red Dawn trailer finally hits! Shot in Michigan. Lots of Pontiac shots in the trailer!

This weekend

The expendables 2
The odd life of Timothy Green

Link To Luxury Dallas. This is the TV I have been working on.

Breakout! Super Breakout!
Three kangaroos fled the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück Zoo in Germany this weekend with a little help from their animal friends. A fox snuck into the zoo and dug a hole near the kangaroos’ enclosure. Meanwhile, a wild boar was responsible for digging an entirely different hole, which led into the surrounding forest. With the path to freedom open wide, the three kangaroos escaped. Two of the animals have been found safe and returned to the zoo. The last one, however, remains on the run.

Cheat! Top Player In US Scrabble Scandal

One of America's top young Scrabble players has been caught
cheating at the country's national championship
and kicked out of the tournament.
The player was spotted concealing blank tiles from a
previous game and attempting to use them in the next round,
according to organisers at the event in Florida.
The player was confronted by game officials -
and admitted he had cheated.
    The incident is the first of its kind at a national level
and has rocked the Scrabble world.
John D Williams Jr, executive director of the
National Scrabble Association (NSA), said:
"It's the first time it's happened in a venue this big.
The Scrabble world and the internet are a-buzz."
Mr Williams said the incident could draw attention
to other methods players employ to give them a tactical advantage
- some are known to take minerals which act as 'brain boosters'.
"It gets pretty deep. We're one step away from drug testing,"
Mr Williams joked. "But no steroids so far".
    The guilty player was ejected from the tournament
and has had to forfeit his previous wins.
He has not been identified by name or age as he is a minor,
according to organisers.
There are four divisions when Scrabble is played at national level
and the cheating player was competing in Division 3.
According to Mr Williams, this level is equal to
"any great living-room player out there."
The tournament has reached its final day.
US Scrabble champion David Gibson, a 61-year-old maths teacher
from Spartanburg, South Carolina, was in the lead.
The winner will receive a price of $10,000 (£6,378).

Florida mom claims cop 'forcibly' removed her tampon during traffic stop

By Sevil Omer, NBC News

A Florida sheriff’s department is denying a woman's claim that she was strip-searched in public and had her tampon “forcibly” removed by a female officer during a 2011 traffic stop with her children in the car.

Leila Tarantino filed a lawsuit on Aug. 3 in U.S. District Court in Florida's Ocala County against the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. She alleges she was not only frisked but that a female officer removed her tampon during a roadside search on July 17.

The lawsuit names Citrus County Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsey and six officers, referred to as “John Doe Officers 1-5” and “Jane Doe Officer,” as defendants.

The sheriff's office denied claims.

“The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office wants to go on record as saying the allegations made in this lawsuit are not only ludicrous, but completely untrue,” it said in a statement released to NBC News on Monday. “No strip search was conducted, and the plaintiff’s tampon was never forcibly removed by any deputy.”

Tarantino alleges that she was pulled over by an officer in Beverly Hills, Fla., after she had stopped at a stop sign on South Columbus Street. She said her two children were passengers in the vehicle at the time of the alleged 4 p.m. incident.

She accuses the officer of pulling her over, pointing a gun at her, yanking her out of her vehicle, handcuffing her behind her back, then throwing her in the back of his squad car, according to the lawsuit. Tarantino claims she asked why she had been pulled over and the officer didn’t respond.

She claims she waited in the police cruiser for two hours and when other officers arrived, she was frisked and strip-searched at the side of a busy road, the lawsuit alleges. She said her children had been waiting in the woman's vehicle the entire time. The lawsuit's account:

“During her detention, PLAINTIFF was frisked and strip searched twice at the side of the busy road, in plain view of passers by. During one of the strip searches, PLAINTIFF had a tampon forcibly removed by JANE DOE OFFICER.

"At no point was a drug sniffing dog used to search for contraband,” the lawsuit stated, adding “None of the officers ever found any weapons, drugs, contraband or anything illegal during plaintiff’s detention.”

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, Tarantino was issued a criminal citation for violation of restrictions on her driver’s license.  She also was issued a written warning for rolling through a stop sign.

Tarantino's lawyer, Matthew W. Birk emailed to NBC News the following statement: "This case is currently in litigation and will be tried in a courtroom, not the press. The allegations made by Ms. Tarantino are set forth in the Complaint, which is a public record. Because of the sensitive nature of this matter, Ms. Tarantino will not be available for comment until after her lawsuit concludes.


Hitler Golf Ornament By Artists Jake And Dinos Chapman Causes Controversy At Grundy Art Gallery (PHOTOS, VIDEO)                                                                                                                                                                 

        A statue of Adolf Hitler by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman is stirring up outrage in the UK this week. The sibling art duo created a likeness of the Fuhrer in the shape of a golf ornament, which has been deemed "tasteless" by a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

According to the BBC News, the British Jews organization claims that the Hitler statue, which raises its arm in a fascist salute and shouts "Nein Nein Nein" when a ball passes through it, "has absolutely no artistic value whatsoever."

The work is part of an exhibit at Grundy Art Gallery in Lancashire involving a number of artist-designed golf sculptures displayed together in an installation called "Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf." Some of the various works on display confront serious topics like politics and morbidity while others are tongue-in-cheek designs. For example, David Shrigley's hand written instructions for the course assure viewers that "Golf Isn't Boring."

The gallery supports the Chapman brother's work, stating to the BBC that the use of the Nazi leader's image in the context of recreational fun makes "reference to the British wartime spirit of making humour at the Fuhrer's expense." In an email to the Huffington Post, the gallery acknowledged that the exhibit won't be universally received, writing, "Adventureland Golf won't appeal to everyone and we understand and respect that."Despite what the gallery claims is an intended playful spirit, members of the Board of Deputies of British Jews are not pleased. "He's not somebody that you would make a joke of -- Hitler was responsible for the murders of many millions of people," board member Michael Samuels stated to the BBC News. "If I were the gallery, I would give it back to the artists and tell them to keep it in the shed."

The Chapman brothers earned a reputation for controversy long before the "Adventureland" exhibit. In a 1999 exhibit titled "Hell," they created a large-scale tabletop tableau of more than 30,000 miniature figurines, many of which were dressed in Nazi uniforms and performing acts of cruelty. In 2008 they continued on the subject of German fascism with a a presentation of 13 watercolor paintings allegedly painted by Hitler himself, which the brothers then modified with hippy motifs in an aptly named exhibit called "If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be."

Hitler is actually not the only despot represented in Adventureland, however. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is also depicted in the golf art exhibit, though his animated statue has not garnered as much controversy.