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Tanked Radio Episode 214 for Wed Aug. 8 , 2012


- Beer/Mixed Drinks special natalie drinks tonight!
- Weekend Catchup
- It was ma birfday yo

  Apple ditches Youtube on next iphone?

Apple obviously did away with Google Maps in iOS 6, but another of the web giant's biggest properties won't be available as a default option, either. 9to5Mac noticed that the latest beta version of iOS 6 no longer includes the long-standard YouTube app, and Apple just told us that its license to include YouTube in iOS had expired. If you're a heavy YouTube user, fear not — Apple also confirmed that YouTube will work in Safari and also noted that Google is making a new YouTube app that will be available in the App Store.
It's not clear yet what caused this change — Apple may have grown tired of paying the Google license, or it may have simply wanted the iOS experience to be free of Google's apps out of the box. However, the end result may end up being better for consumers. The iOS YouTube app has languished for years without seeing any major improvements — but now Google can iterate and update its own YouTube app as it sees fit. So settle down Ric this is a good thing for Apple, Google and the Consumers. sheesh.

This year is all about getting rid of Google. We’ve heard from numerous sources over the past several months that this year Apple is going all-out to remove Google’s influences from iOS as much as possible. There is a genuine ‘out to get Google’ mentality at Apple HQ this cycle. This includes combatting them head-to-head with apps like Maps and hitting the gaps in their product line like a smaller iPad mini and cheaper iPhones across the board. Apple has been working to divorce Google for some time, and the omission of YouTube from Mountain Lion’s video sharing options (which include Vimeo), was no accident.

Google stands to make a ton of money from ads. If Google is developing its own YouTube app, it’s likely to be able to show the pre-roll ads and other types of advertising that it loves so much on its YouTube site. The native Apple YouTube app would never have shown ads like this, and Google would likely want to get those ads displaying on mobile everywhere. An enormous percentage of Google’s revenue comes from search on iOS devices and there is a fantastic opportunity here to cash in on mobile views. So don’t think that this was all Apple’s move.

Another Gaming Marathon

Joss is back!
Thank you Marvel for not being stupid! Joss Weadon will write and direct the follow up to the number 3 movie of all time. This is great because it will mean he will have input into phase 2 of Marvels Avengers films.

Could Justice League get a big name director???
“The Town” director will be Ben Affleck could be the director of JL. He does want a co-starring roll and this could be a sticking point. There are still huge questions out there regarding the JL. Cast, script and will it be doable? We know one thing and well we don’t even know that. Henry Cavell should play Superman. After that no ideas! This story will have a lot more growing to do. I say give Ben a shot!

Ben Afleck has a big head, Paranorman, GB3 and Bill Murry

Mars Curiosity Sucsess. Now What?

Getting pics and now a 297 frame video of the actual landing.

Once scientists have determined that Curiosity's engineering and mobility systems are in working order -- assuming they are -- they'll begin formulating a plan and preparing to move the rover out for its more extensive science mission explorations.
The rover will head out on its explorations ferrying a package of 10 instruments whose total mass is 15 times that of the payloads on earlier Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. As NASA explained in a release today, "Some of the tools are the first of their kind on Mars, such as a laser-firing instrument for checking rocks' elemental composition from a distance. Later in the mission, the rover will use a drill and scoop at the end of its robotic arm to gather soil and powdered samples of rock interior, then sieve and parcel out those samples into analytical laboratory.

Better version of Olympic commentary

(i haven’t decided to pull the trigger on this weeks show)
Open Phone lines @ Tanked Radio’s Live call in # 1-248-242-7447

We have live call in’s by Animal Attack Mike, Crazy Tequilla Girl, and Jay Towers and we all geek out about Space and Mars!
Man arrested for wearing Batman like costume

Applebees is now Club Applebees?
Chain restaurants probably aren't the first places that come to mind when late-night drinking is on the agenda. But Applebee's is trying to change that.
Certain Applebee's locations in the U.S. have become known as Club Applebee's because locations such as one in Del Rio, Texas, and about 50 Applebee's in central Florida lure customers in with half-price appetizers, drink specials and the promise of dance music or karaoke.
he Club Applebee's locations typically try to have themes most nights of the week, such as karaoke night, trivia night, '80s night and even the occasional luau.
While certainly not promoted in any official capacity by Applebee's, this place has everything: Full Moon Blacklight Parties, Sunday S.I.N. (for our friends in the service industry), half-price chicken wonton tacos, women making out with women for attention or because they are in love (with attention) not to mention steak quesadilla towers. Tits!
Business Insider

Houston area police were involved in the cutest police chase ever this morning when a Smart Convertible led cops around the highways outside the city.
The Smart has a top speed of 90 MPH, so we aren't yet ready to call this a high speed chase. Although he did manage to squeeze 2 more magical miles per hour out of the large go-kart  achieving a blistering speed of 92MPH! The driver who is now known as the retarded Ricky Bobby was arrested without any issues after he pulled off the highway and into a driveway. There's no word on what he did wrong, other than drive a Smart Cabriolet in public. While not confirmed, we're hearing it was towed away from the scene by a local child with a big wheel.
 Jalopnik with scott commentary written in