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Tanked Episode 209 for Wednesday July.4, 2012


- Beers
- Tanked is going live July 11th on KTRN radio. check back on our facebook for details on the call in number. we’ll have our on phone number, live chat on, skype.

Big labowski 2


Dubstep impression and then remixed



Man traveling from Minnesota to Florida in kayak

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., June 27 (UPI) --
A Florida man is traveling from the
northernmost point in Minnesota to the
southernmost point of Key West, Fla., in a kayak.

Daniel Alvarez, who won a $10,000 adventure grant
from Outdoor Magazine for his 4,000-mile kayak trip,
said his "heart of America paddling journey"
serves both as an adventure for himself and a chance to promote
environmental organizations
Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness,
American Rivers,
Gulf Restoration Network and the Florida Wildlife Federation,
the Tallahassee (Fla.) Democrat reported Wednesday.

"I want this trip to be more than just my fun adventure," he said.
"The wilderness has already given me so much. I want to give back."
Alvarez, who is currently making his way through
Minnesota's Boundary Waters Wilderness,
said he will head from Lake Superior to the Mississippi River
and then to the Gulf of Mexico for the last leg of his journey.

Montana town up for auction

PRAY, Mont., June 27 (UPI) --
A Montana auctioneer said Wednesday night's auction
for an entire 5-acre town includes a residence,
a community center and a general store.

United Country Shobe Auction & Realty
said the winner of Wednesday night's auction for the town
of Pray, Mont., will own the buildings as well as
receive title insurance for the town.

The auctioneer said the town is located
2.5 miles from the Chico Hot Springs Resort,
22 miles from Livingston, Mont.,
and 30 miles from the north entrance of Yellowstone Park.
The company said the auction will take place in Pray,
with bids also accepted online at United Country auctions.

Female jogger fights off teenagers

VANCOUVER, Wash., June 25 (UPI) -- A Washington state woman who has studied martial arts for nearly two decades said she fought off two teenage boys who accosted her while she was jogging.
Priscilla Dang, 23, of Vancouver said she was jogging on the path along Padden Parkway June 14 when a teenage boy on a bicycle distracted her to allow a second teenager to swat her on the buttocks, The Columbian in Vancouver reported Monday.
"I hate when men think they can do that stuff," said Dang, who said she regularly studies Wushu martial arts. "There was no question."
Dang said she threw the boy to the ground and demanded an apology, which he offered, but the other boy called her a derogatory term and she struck him, leading him to get off his bicycle and attempt to punch her.
The jogger said the teenager pulled out a knife when he was unable to land a punch and she blocked his weapon with the bicycle until a passerby spotted the confrontation and called 911.
Sheriff's deputies arrested Josiah Sullivan, 18, who allegedly slapped Dang's buttocks, on suspicion of misdemeanor fourth-degree assault.
Deputies referred charges of displaying a dangerous weapon against the second teen, a 16-year-old boy whose name was not released.