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Tanked Episode 206 for Tuesday Jun. 12, 2012

  WWDC news at a Glance (Recap)

E3 News Recap

Roundtable discussion about Prometheus $51.1M in 1000 less theaters then Madagascar 3.  
20-30 mins of deleted scenes on the Blu-ray

Review of That’s My Boy out friday the 15th

We all knew this was coming WB and DC pushing forth with the Justice League movie. I don’t see this panning out. A new Batman (Bale said no’mo Dark Knight for him) and well Green Lantern, superman and Aquaman? I don’t see it.

Rock of Ages and That’s my Boy this weekend.


Disney Rap remixes

Clip 3, 6 and 9 are the best. 10 is good too.



Road closed after apple juice spill


-- Authorities in Ohio said a road was closed
Tuesday morning when a tractor-trailer overturned
and spilled thousands of bottles of apple juice.

Hamilton County emergency responders said the truck
overturned around 3 a.m. when the driver lost control
in the 400 block of Galbraith Road in Arlington Heights
after exiting the northbound lanes of Interstate 75,

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.

The crash spread thousands of bottles of apple juice
across all lanes of the road, leaving it closed through
the morning rush hour.
The driver was treated for minor injuries at University Hospital.

Massachusetts town

passes swearing fine

MIDDLEBORO, Mass., June 12 (UPI) --

A Massachusetts town passed a $20 fine for swearing
in public, but the police chief said officers do not
have a list of words to work from.

Middleboro Police Chief Bruce Gates told the 297
residents attending the Monday night meeting,
which also passed fines for smoking marijuana in public
and shoveling snow into the street,
that he does not have a list of swear words for officers
to use in giving out the $20 citations,

The Enterprise, Brockton, Mass., reported Tuesday.

Gates said it would be up to the individual officers
to use their discretion. "I don't see an issue,
we have a lot of things to do. This is not a priority," he said.
The swearing fine was approved by a 183-50 vote.

Pick-up truck spills dead bodies all over highway

Police thought they'd stumbled on a serial killer
when a pick-up truck overturned on a motorway
- and 16 bodies tumbled onto the tarmac.

Police sealed off the road in Luozhou, Sichuan province,
China, but abandoned a murder hunt when the driver
turned out to be a professor from the city's medical school
who'd bought the bodies for his students to use in class.

"They began to go off pretty quickly once they were
stretched out in the sun. The smell was sickening,"
said one motorist.

Police summoned ambulances from a nearby morgue
to take the bodies to their their final resting place -
in the college fridge.

Now the college is facing furious public criticism for
carrying bodies "without dignity" on the back of a truck.

A spokesman for the Luozhou Medical School said:
"We bought the bodies legally and fairly.

"They are the remains of unclaimed murder victims,
street people who have died and criminals who have been executed."