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Tanked Episode 205 for Tuesday May. 29, 2012


-Natalie is in da house
-What did we do on Memorial Day?
-This will not be a normal show
-Chris’s Last show as a regular host

Points to cover (more or less notes for Scott)
-How and why Tanked was started (as previously mentioned on last episode)
-Why he’s leaving (not bad terms lol)
-Will Chris be on again?
-Tanked will keep moving ahead
-Natalie will be a regular show co-host (this decision was made by all of us and she fits the shoe)
-The show will have some changes made (possibly structure)
-Plans for show are still being worked out (i.e. live shows, video, listeners can call in live; more interactive)
-Odd news will live
-Ric will still do the movie section (it will be shorter... i think)
-Basically the show will largely remain in tact but the things that will change (structure-wise) will be to make the show better
-Next week we will be running a best of hand picked by all of us and the listeners.

Questions to ask Chris during the show (Test His Metel)

-Most memorable show and why
- Can Chris remember all the voices he has done over the years and can he still do all of them now?
- What was the first episode the Skunkape was mentioned?
-On what episode did Ric first appear on?
-On what episode did Scott call a random phone number from the internet? Who? Where?
-After what episode did Chris walk his dog at a 45 degree angle?
-What episode did we first hear from JFT and KFD?
-How much do you get paid before taxes?
-What episode did Nate get sick in the bathroom?
-What episode did skeletor first show up?
-What episode did Scott and Aaron call David Sheeley?
-What episode did we interview Cindy Morgan?
-Do you prefer flannels in the morning?
-Pizza Hut or Taco Bell?



'The Demise of Guys': How video games and porn are ruining a generation

Pornography and videogames are pretty much the same thing, according to a sensational and terrifying editorial published on CNN today called ‘The Demise of Guys: How Videogames and Porn are Ruining a Generation’. Games and porn are not only equal, they are equally damaging to young men, destroying their ability to connect with women, and therefore threatening the future of our entire species.t
This is fascinating stuff. The fate of humanity is at stake.



MIB3 Review from Ric
MIB3 wins the weekend with $69.2M
The Avengers $47.2M

This weekend Snow White and the Huntsman will for sure kick MIB3 out of the top spot.

In bad idea of the week:
We have The highlander Remake and who want’s to star

Lets play a little game Who will be the highlander of these 4 actors

Clive Owen
Justin Timberlake
Ryan Reynolds
Jeremy Renner

Saving Face

Miami police officer fatally shot a naked man chewing the face of another man Saturday afternoon on a downtown causeway off-ramp, officials said.
The officer, who was not identified, ordered the naked man to back away, but when the man continued the assault, the officer shot him, the Herald said. Witnesses told the Herald the wounded attacker continued to eat his victim, so the officer continued firing.
Witnesses said they heard at least a half-dozen shots, the Herald said.
The naked man’s victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center and had critical injuries, police told the Herald.
Neither man was identified.
Food for Thought
The shooting and investigation tied up causeway traffic as crowds were arriving at South Beach for an annual Urban Beach Week hip-hop festival. I Blame Rap.

Crazy woman eats child's brain

Texas officials are reporting extremely gruesome
and intensely disturbing news about the killing of an infant.
A San Antonio woman admitted to killing,
dismembering and eating the brain of her infant son Sunday.
Police arrived at 33-year old Otty Sanchez's home
and found her with a self inflicted wound to her chest
and her throat partially slashed screaming:

“I killed my baby! I killed my baby!”                   


Man rams into Taco Bell

over missing taco

DAYTON, Ohio, May 29 (UPI) --
Police in Ohio said a man who allegedly crashed
his truck into a Taco Bell because his order was missing
a taco is facing a felony vandalism charge.
Investigators said the man was with a woman early Tuesday
when he went through the drive-through
at the fast food restaurant on Chambersburg Road
in Huber Heights. He returned to the window and shouted
at employees when he noticed his order
was missing a 99-cent taco, WEKF-TV, Dayton, Ohio,
reported Tuesday.

Employees gave the man a new taco and he drove off
but stopped at the front of the store to ram
his truck into the entrance, police said.

Sgt. Chris Kash of the Huber Heights Police Department
said officers followed a trail of fluids leaking from the
man's vehicle to his home, about 2 miles from the eatery,
and arrested him on felony vandalism charges,
WDTN-TV, Dayton, reported.
"The damage he's done to a business is vandalism,
also, loss of business here and everything it's going
to take to replace," Kash said. "
This is a brand new store.
They just built this and opened it maybe six months ago."

Couple split over wife's 550 cats

BEERSHEBA, Israel, May 27 (UPI) -- An Israeli man says he wants to divorce his wife because she refuses to part with her 550 cats.
The man, whose name was not reported, petitioned the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba for divorce from his cat-loving wife this past week, The Times of Israel, Jerusalem, reported Sunday.
He told the court he was unable to sleep in the couple's bedroom because his wife's hundreds of cats were constantly sleeping on the bed.
The man said the cats also blocked his access to the bathroom and did not allow him to cook in the kitchen, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported Wednesday. When he sat down at the table to eat, the cats would jump up and steal his food, he said in his divorce request.
The couple tried to reconcile as ordered by the rabbinical court; however, the wife was unable to part with her pets and instead decided to part with her husband.

'Darth Vader' robs Ohio bank

TOLEDO, Ohio, May 28 (UPI) -- Authorities in Ohio said a man clad in a Darth Vader mask and black clothes robbed a bank with a semi-automatic pistol instead of a light saber and the Force.
FBI Special Agent Stephen Anthony said the "Star Wars" villain went into the Huntington Bank on Monroe Street in Toledo just after 3 p.m. Wednesday, showed the pistol to tellers and demanded cash, WEWS-TV, Cleveland, reported Monday.
The FBI said the Sith lord, who was wearing black sweats and is estimated to be 20 to 25 years old, fled on a BMX bike with an undisclosed amount of money.