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Tanked Episode 203 for Tuesday May. 15, 2012


- Nalalie Ann is in da house!
- Beers   
- Aaron is on the East Coast
- Scott had a vaca with fam
- how was mothers day? (Nat)

Psystar is dead...again

Despite some ruthless attempts to drive Apple to a settlement, Psystar is officially
done for...again. Despite a rejected appeal in their case vs Apple back in September
everyone’s favorite underdog Mac clone manufacturer vowed “This is far from over” and
“I’m sure that the Supreme Court will take a case on this important issue eventually.”
This was not the case as the this week the Supreme Court declined them a review.
Now in limbo     


Diablo 3 day!
Blizzard spent a good chunk of the day trying to fix issues!!!
Tons of people are pissed!! Forums were a blaze with rage!
Funny we have to play the game online when it’s not an online game!
You will be able to auction off and buy better gear using real money!

Draw something gets better


Chris gets Avengers fever and buys an old game for cheap: Captain America:
The First Avenger


(Before we get Ric on Hiller has made some impulse buys)

The Avengers $103.1M $381M US

Dark Shadows $29.7M

Think like a man $5.8M

Hunger Games $4.5

Can Battleship or the dictator even hang with The Avengers??? I say $30M for battleship and  $35M for Dictator(wed Release) and Avengers $75M

Ben Afflack is back in the directors chair with Argo
I love this spy-esk rescue drama based on true events. Looks really good. Kevin Smith said on his podcast Smodcast earlier this week “It’s gonna win a fuck ton of awards”.

There are no fringe benefits for emos


The Camera guy shows how it’s done

Sponge bob voice actors dub classic movies

Good Nick Cage Impression
Scary Japanese Ghost Prank

 Louis Vuitton Condom