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Tanked Episode 202 for Tuesday May. 8, 2012


- Beers   
- We are on Stitcher so you can get us on the go. Sound compression is awful.
- Happy 5th Anniversary to Scott and Erika
- Do a shot for MCA (Adam Yauch)


Every thug has his ‘Dre’


The Avengers Round Table Review (with spoilers)
A few people saw The Avengers. $207M worth!!! Biggest weekend ever.

Does The Avengers force Warner Brothers hand on a Justice League movie?
Marvels attack plan for The Avengers franchise was almost picture perfect. WB should just copy and paste what they did. Can Batman make $200M+ opening weekend? I don’t think it can.  

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Want a real Light Saber?


It's a gas: dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth




Drunken grandparents towed child in toy car

Hareld Tribune


Man who dressed as dead mother guilty of fraud

(Reuters) -
A man who impersonated his dead mother
as part of a real estate scam - using lipstick,
manicured nails and even an oxygen tank at a meeting
- was convicted of fraud on Thursday
and faces up to 83 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Thomas Parkin, 51, was found guilty of 11 criminal counts,
including charges of fraud, grand larceny, perjury and forgery
for his scams. Along with the real estate fraud,
Parkin and a partner cashed his mother's social security checks
every month for six years, stealing about $44,000.

The real estate scam centered on an apartment building
in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn that Parkin's mother,
Irene Pruskin, had deeded to her son in the 1990s.

In January 2003, nine months before his mother died,
Parkin was forced to sell the building at a foreclosure auction.
Soon after, Parkin and another man, Mhilton Rimolo, 49,
filed a fraud lawsuit against the building's new owner --
under his dead mother's name.

Parkin then doctored documents to make it appear
that his mother was still alive, and even set up a meeting
with the Brooklyn District Attorney's real estate fraud unit
to discuss the matter.

At the meeting, investigators from the fraud unit found
"Parkin dressed as his 77-year-old mother,
wearing a red cardigan, lipstick, manicured nails and
breathing through an oxygen tank," prosecutors said on Thursday.
Parkin is due to be sentenced on May 21. Rimolo,
his partner in the fraud, previously pled guilty and was
sentenced to three years in prison.

Thieves stealing manhole covers in New York City, utility says

(Reuters) - Manhole covers are being stolen
from the streets of New York City, leaving dangerous
holes in the roads and sidewalks, authorities said on Thursday.

More than 30 manhole covers have been stolen in
the city's Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx boroughs
since early March, presumably by thieves selling them
for scrap metal, said a spokesman for the Con Edison utility company.

"Stealing manhole covers is dangerous,"
said Milovan Blair, Con Edison's vice president
for Brooklyn-Queens Electric Operations.
"Anyone who steals these covers creates a serious hazard
for pedestrians and motorists."

Witnesses have reported seeing thieves wearing utility-style
clothing but without official insignia prying open covers
with a car jack, loading them onto pickup trucks and driving away,
Con Edison said in a statement.
Manhole covers are stolen on occasion but the recent thefts
are a marked increase, said Con Edison spokesman Michael Clendenin.
The covers are made of cast iron or composite materials
and can weigh as much as 300 pounds (136 kg),
he said. The high price of metals make them attractive to sell as scrap.

Trailer loaded with Corona is stolen in Pa.

Somebody is a few thousand limes away from one big party.

Police in central Pennsylvania are searching for
a missing beer trailer loaded with about 1,800 cases of Corona.

Carlisle police say the trailer was stolen from a distributor
sometime between Friday and Monday.
Corona is a popular Mexican beer,
and Saturday marked Cinco de Mayo,
which celebrates Mexican heritage and pride and
is an occasion for festivals and parties throughout the U.S.
Anyone with information on the trailer's whereabouts
is asked to call the Carlisle police.
The missing trailer is registered to Metcalf Trucking
and has Maine tags.

Ind. man arrested with 4 kids strapped to car hood



Man with plunger tries to rob NY bank


Dolphins die of heroin overdose at zoo