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Tanked Episode 201 for Tuesday May. 1, 2012


- PB Max

- Beers

- Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

- Aaron needs to send a PB Max to listener Debbie for listening to the whole show last week


How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes



PS3 hacker met with 'respectful' Sony engineers


Black Ops 2 trailer released, first gameplay footage

Activision's prematurely-launched official Black Ops 2 site had already confirmed the game's November 13 release date for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, as well as its near future, 21st Century Cold War setting.
Now you can see the game in action for yourself. Enjoy...


Batman trailer!!!

Kurtzman/Orci to Write The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Also the new Van Helsing and Mummy reboot

The writers and producers of the sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. They wrote transformers 1 & 2, Star trek reboot and cowboys and aliens. Hummmm? Minus Star Trek not a stellar line up. They have some tv credits too.


Funny movie news of the week. Avengers screening was delayed due to someone deleting the movie. Turns out it is really easy to delete a digitial copy film. The room full of critics and nerds got to see there movie after a bit of work by the theater. So does the new digital format cause more of a problem then a solution? The new projectors cost $150,000 per screen to install over the traditional projector.


Every Day Is 4/20 With the Autospence Marijuana Vending Machine



3 Old ladies watch Kim Kardasian Sex Tape


Obiwan Kenobi arrested on charge of hit-and-run

this is not the suspect your looking for.

Unhappy Upper Peninsula Considers Becoming Own State


Suit: Motorcycle causes 2-year erection

SAN FRANCISCO, May 1 (UPI) -- A San Francisco man's lawsuit against BMW alleges he has had an erection for two years as a result of riding on a motorcycle made by the company.
Henry Wolf, who named BMW North America and Corbin-Pacific Inc. last week as the defendants in his San Francisco Superior Court lawsuit, alleges the "rigid seat" of his 1993 BMW motorcycle caused him to suffer a priapism -- a long-lasting erection -- May 1, 2010, and he has been suffering from the condition ever since, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.
Attorney Vernon Bradley said Wolf "has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle ride."
"He is now unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish," Bradley wrote in the lawsuit.
The suit alleges Wolf suffered wage loss, hospital expenses, general damage and emotional distress as a result of his condition.

Woman charged with biting dog

LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill., May 1 (UPI) -- Police in Illinois said they arrested a 19-year-old woman accused of drunkenly biting her mother and the family dog during an argument.
Lake in the Hills police said Analise Garner, 19, returned home after a night of drinking around 4 a.m. Sunday and allegedly bit the family's English bulldog three times while arguing with her mother, WBBM-AM, Chicago, reported Tuesday.
Police said Garner also allegedly bit her mother's right hand and scratched her on the side of her face.
The dog allegedly bit Garner back on the left arm.
"The dog was defending himself," police Sgt. Mark Smith said. "She'd already bit him a few times. The dog was not charged."
Garner was charged with animal cruelty, two counts of domestic battery and underage drinking. She was released Monday on $3,000 bond.

Man called 911 to report phone problems

YORKVILLE, Ill., May 1 (UPI) -- An Illinois man who called 911 five times to complain about his iPhone not working properly was sentenced to a year of probation and a $1,000 fine.
Michael Skopec, 48, pleaded guilty to resisting a peace officer last week in Kendall County Court and was sentenced to probation and the fine for calling 911 five times Nov. 9, 2011, to complain about problems with his phone, (Chicago) Sun-Times Media reported Tuesday.
"Listen here," Skopec told the dispatcher during one of his calls. "I can't get through to my phone unless I dial 911. I'm ready to smash my phone into the concrete wall. Is that OK? No, it's not OK. What the hell's wrong with my phone?"
An officer was eventually dispatched to Skopec's house and placed him under arrest.


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