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Tanked Episode 200 for Thursday Apr. 26, 2012


- Happy Deuce Hundo
- Aaron is rockin’ the mini-keg (nope just $40 worth of beer)


Adobe CS6 released.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 comes to iOS
At a special price of $2.99 for the Avengers release is the decade + game a
steal or is it a steal?

Hiller has his day one Avengers tickets.
Third person in the theater to buy them

Ric’s somewhat no spoilers review.
The Avengers is AMAZING!!!

Talk a lil about the Dallas international film fest
RoboCop 25th anniversary screening with Peter Weller in attendance and how I missed my chance to sit and talk with him as he smoked a cigar.


30 seconds after first taking his car out after vacation Hiller bends his chrome wheel.

Drunks Steal Penguin

“Oh man, I’m so wasted. You know what would be awesome? Let’s steal a penguin!” At least that is my guess at how the evening started that led to the theft of a penguin from Sea World. The penguin’s name is Dirk and he’s OK. After realizing that owning a penguin wasn’t that much fun, the guys freaked at the realization that they had… you know, stolen a penguin. They then did the honorable thing and… dumped him in a ditch. He was found in distress, but unharmed.
That wasn’t the only adventure that the gang had that night. As you can see on their home video below, they also snuck into the dolphin habitat where they went for a dip with flipper.
Realizing that they were pretty well screwed, they gave the film they made of the night to a local news service (after trying to sell it first) so that people could see they meant no harm and were truly just a bunch of idiots.

If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

Altercation Over Parking Spot Ends in Death by Testicular Asphyxiation



Teacher fired over porn acting has case for reinstatement

An Oxnard teacher fired for being in a pornographic video before she was hired is fighting back.

Stacie Halas, 32, had taught science at Richard B Haydock Intermediate School since 2009, and prior to her employment she appeared in adult movies.

School board trustees decided on Wednesday to fire Halas. She had been on paid administrative leave since her porn acting surfaced last month. Halas has 30 days to appeal the decision by requesting a hearing with an administrative law judge.


See video, read the original report at

"She does have an argument," said Royal Oakes, NBC4 legal analyst.
Oakes said Halas’ case is unusual, but her attorney, who did not return calls made by NBC4 news on Monday, may be building the case based on precedence outside the state.
"The idea that the school should be policing your past is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable," Oakes said.
Sean Loftis is a substitute teacher in Miami Beach who starred in gay porn and, like Halas, he was fired based on the school’s code of ethics. After months of public discussion, the school board has cleared him to pursue his teaching certificate again.
Oaks said Loftis’ case will likely be cited as Halas works to defend her name and teaching record in Oxnard.
"It can have a lot of heft if you have a very similar case in Florida where a teacher won and here there’s no real California law on the issue," Oaks said.

Gun safety class backfires: Man shoots self and wife

By Miguel Llanos,

They don't teach you this in gun safety class:
A man in Roanoke, Va., shot himself in the hand while in class --
and then the bullet continued on and struck his wife in the leg.

Michael Deel, 54, and Michelle Deel, 49,
were treated at a local hospital, reported.

Bedford County Sheriff's deputies responded
to a call from the firearms safety class taught by Thomas Starke,
who had briefly left the room when the shooting happened.
About five people were at the class last Saturday
when Michael Deel fired the .45 caliber handgun, deputies said.
An investigation was opened, though Michael Deel called it a
"stupid accident," according to The Associated Press.