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Tanked Episode 199½ for Tuesday Apr. 17, 2012


- This week we were supposed to do our 200th episode but since our other co-host Chris couldn’t be here this week we are going to switch things up a bit and do a half episode. We were tinkering around with the idea of putting up a best of or a all outtakes show but we decided that it would be more fun to get Natalie Ann on and shoot the shit and talk about some stories that came out over the weekend.

- Beers!
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Car Thief Caught While Pooping on the Side of Highway

If you're driving a stolen vehicle and are "not trying to go to jail," it's best to keep a low profile. You shouldn't do anything to draw attention yourself. You certainly shouldn't pull over and drop a deuce on the side of one of Florida's busiest highways.

According to Will Greenlee's Off the Beat blog, a Florida Highway Patrol officer spotted a car pulled over along the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Port St. Lucie County on April 7. The trooper decided to investigate, only to find a woman, Mellisa Mansfield, squatting by the car.

According to the report:
As I approached the vehicle I clearly observed a white female squatting on the passenger side of the vehicle with her pants down below her knees defecating with moderate traffic flowing. She had no expectation of privacy due to the fact she did [not] open the rear passenger door to shield herself from the view of oncoming traffics. I asked her what she was doing and she stated, "I am going to the bathroom."


Criminal of the Year (so far)


Bored with a very long layover in Nashville, a 24-year-old man named William Todd went on a crime spree which police called a "terror," committing over 11 felonies in 9 hours.

William Todd traveled to Nashville on Monday by Greyhound bus and, during a lull in his trip, started wreaking havoc at 3 a.m. by breaking into a business and stealing a Taser, a revolver and a shotgun, WSMV-TV reported. He proceeded to shoot the place up, steal a T-shirt and then light the building on fire, police say.

Then Todd found four people leaving a nearby bar. He held them at gunpoint, Tased one, pistol whipped another and stole their cash and credit cards, cops said.
Just five minutes later, he allegedly jacked a cab and sped off to spend his victims' money at Walmart. He unloaded $200 and headed for downtown, according to NBC Miami.
That's when things got really weird.

He reportedly found a law office, ransacked the place and defecated on a desk. He smeared feces on some framed law degrees before moving on to an adjacent hotel, police said.
Inside, Todd allegedly went door to door pretending to be a female housekeeper in an attempt to rob guests. He held a Canadian couple at gunpoint and took $600 -- crying the whole time.

At some point in the hotel, he shaved his long red ponytail.

At about 9 a.m., Todd crashed his stolen cab into a parking garage. Two hours later, he hailed a new cab and at knifepoint kicked out the driver.

Cops were hot on his tail at this point. He drove to the Opry Mills shopping mall just outside of the city center, where he tried to submerge himself in a vat of water, with only his nose exposed.
But an eagle-eyed officer spotted him and brought his rampage to an end.

Cops charged him with crimes like burglary, aggravated assault and fraud. His bond was set at $180,000. He's also reportedly a wanted man in Kentucky.

William Todd's alleged crime spree:
3:05 a.m.: Todd burglarizes a business, stealing a Taser, a revolver and a shotgun. He fires shots, steals a T-shirt and then lights the place on fire.
3:30 a.m.: Todd finds four people at a local watering hole, holds them at gunpoint, Tases one, pistol whips another and steals everyone's cash.
3:40 a.m.: He carjacks a cab and heads to Walmart to spend $200 on supplies.
5 a.m. to 6 a.m.: Todd breaks into a law office, defecates on a desk and smears poo all over some framed law degrees.
6 a.m.: Todd hits Hotel Indigo nearby, where he impersonates a female housekeeper and then steals $600 from a Canadian couple at gunpoint. He was crying the whole time.
Some time later: He shaves his head and leaves.
9 a.m.: Todd crashes his stolen cab into a parking garage.
11:30 a.m.: He hails a new cab, holds the driver at knifepoint, and takes his new ride to Opry Mills shopping mall. He submerges himself in a vat of water until cops find and arrest him.



Philippine runners race to survive zombie horde

(Reuters) - Natural and man-made obstacles studded the course of a Philippine race, but the real danger to the thousands of runners came from the hordes of "zombies".

About five thousand people dashed along the five km (three mile) course of the survival-themed race in Laguna Province, about 38 km south of Manila, dodging an assortment of the walking undead in the contest based on a popular U.S. race.

Two hundred actors dressed as post-apocalyptic zombies hid behind trees, bushes and rocky uphill climbs along the five km (three mile) course to surprise the unsuspecting runners and symbolically feast on their brains by stealing flags attached to the runners' waists.

Once all three flags were stolen, runners were "dead." But they could gain additional flags by carrying out optional tasks that often involved zombies guarding the various prizes.

Organizers said the races helped both amateur and professional runners stay focused without the boredom that can kill some runs.

"We like watching zombie shows and it really tickles our imagination," said Angelo Cruz, organizer of Outbreak Manila, which seeks to promote fitness through the races and plans to hold similar events in the coming months.

"Right now, to have it in reality, it's making everyone's summer - I hope."

There were two different routes available, trading difficulty with length to the finish according to the runner's skills and preference.

To keep both runners and zombies safe from injuries, organizers imposed a rule that forbade the zombies from any physical contact with the runners aside from taking their flags and scaring them witless.

Not all of the zombies, many well known from popular television shows, movies or music videos, used crude fright techniques.

One, from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, danced to trick runners into letting down their guard, at which point it snatched their flags.

At the end, runners were awarded prizes for their struggle and tried to express their feelings about surviving a global zombie takeover and what might be needed.

"The well-trained surely have higher endurance," said Rodson Santos, a university student who wore a robot costume as his way of surviving the zombie hordes.

"If you can outrun the zombies, then you'll probably survive. But if you're just a regular person without any exercise, chances are you will be easily caught."

Others drew even harsher lessons from the experience.

"In a zombie apocalypse, I guess it's all about thinking about yourself and your survival," said runner Carlos Cang.

"I mean, even if you're with friends, it's all about you. Because, you know, once you die it's all over."



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