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Tanked Episode 197 for Tuesday Mar. 27, 2012


- We have friend of the show mike
- Beers
- Talk of the tough mudder
- secret section


Woman breaks nose on Apple store, sues for $1M

Is Apple's sense of sleek, discreet design a danger to the elderly?
It seems 83-year-old Evelyn Paswall believes it is. For she is suing Apple for $1 million after passing into the wall of glass that is an Apple store door.



Hunger Games Kills at Box office this weekend

So maybe they will be Aliene. Bay saying now that TMNT will be just Ninja Turtles. You know what F you Bay!!!!! He is not directing only producing. I hate him!!!

Gary Olman almost made so many people super happy and super mad all at once.

Holy close call, Batman!
Gary Oldman almost lost the script for The Dark Knight Rises.

The film, out in June, concludes director Christopher Nolan's superhero trilogy, and the plot is top secret. "I was in a panic for 20 minutes," Oldman told the BBC at the Empire Awards over the weekend. (Oldman was given the best-actor trophy for his work in Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy). "I thought, 'where the hell have I put it?' " He added that it would have been big trouble for him. "It had my name on it. They would have killed me." But a crisis was averted, as he remembered where he had stashed it. "I'd gone out for dinner," the actor explained, "and I had put it in the room between the mattress and the bed, because I couldn't scrunch it into the safe."
"I was half-thinking about something else and shoved it there."

This weekend at the box office:

Wrath of the TItans Sequel to the re-made Clash of the Titans
Mirror Mirror 1st of 2 new Snow white movies this summer.

Goon Sean Williams Scott Fighting movie about hockey. Saw it on demand. It’s an ok story with huge fighting scenes and a fun little story. Matinee or on Demand it. It has a lot of blood!!!

Bully A documentry about the growing epidemic of bullying in the Schools. This film was originally rated R. It is now being release with out rating. Many people are saying this is a movie that kids need to see. The real question is will it help? The bigger problem is how many people turn and look the other way. I will be seeing this movie!


Cameron takes a dive
Well somewhat.  Director  of such low budget cult films such as Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron became the 3rd man in history (and the first since the 60’s) to go to the deepest, darkest place on Earth.  After he left the DMV he then took a sub down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (wakka wakka).  Him and his sub built for one endured 7 tons of per square
inch of pressure at a depth of 36,000 feet at the trench’s lowest point: the Challenger Deep
(that’s one mile deeper than Mount Everest is tall).  Although Cameron was supposed to be
down in the deep for six hours he stayed only a little bit over three ascending rather rapidly
in 70 minutes.


Ball Cancer PSA

Food Beating

Fruits of Labor

A Michigan man may be looking at charges after he allegedly knocked out his wife by assaulting her - with a pineapple.

It is thought the man struck his wife with the pineapple after the couple failed to establish a fruitful dialogue last week. The woman was taken to hospital where staff notified police.

Police later reported that the woman was uncooperative so they went to her home. The found no evidence of an assault. It is not known at this stage whether or not there is a history of domestic violence in the household or if this was an isolated incident. However, officers have submitted an arrest warrant for the woman's husband.

Stupid Photo of the Day:  The Pope Wears a Sombrero:                                   
Over the weekend, POPE BENEDICT THE SIXTEENTH made his first-ever trip to Mexico.  

Maybe he wanted to do SPRING BREAK in Cancun?                                   
Anyway, as he drove in the Popemobile through a crowd in Silao, Mexico, he put on a

SOMBRERO.  The crowd loved it.  He looks . . . uncomfortable.                                


'Batman' pulled over for no tags

SILVER SPRING, Md., March 27 (UPI) --
Police Maryland said they pulled over a black Lamborghini
because the vehicle had no tags,
and found it was being driven by "Batman."

Montgomery County police said "Batman," aka
businessman Lenny Robinson of Owings Mills,
was pulled over Wednesday in Silver Spring and
cited for driving the car without tags,

the Pikesville (Md.) Patch reported Tuesday.

Robinson said he was dressed as Batman because
he was on his way to visit children in a local hospital.

Real-life Hamburglar snatches McD's bag

AUGUSTA, Maine, March 27 (UPI) -- Police in Maine say bosses at a McDonald's decided not to press charges against a real-life Hamburglar who snatched a bag of food from the drive-through lane.
Augusta police said the unidentified fast-food thief ran between a car and the drive-through window at the Western Avenue restaurant about 6 p.m. Sunday and grabbed a bag of food an employee was handing off to the driver, the Kennebec Journal reported Tuesday.
Police Lt. Christopher Massey said he spotted a teenager matching the description of the thief eating from a McDonald's bag in the parking lot of a nearby Arby's, but the youth swore and fled into the woods when approached.
Massey said McDonald's replaced the food for the occupants of the car, three teenage males who said they did not know the suspect.
He said McDonald's officials decided not to seek charges against the thief for taking the $20 order.
"They said that does happen occasionally," Massey said

Uncharged naked woman pleads innocent

BRUNSWICK, Ga., March 27 (UPI) -- A Georgia woman stood up naked in a courtroom and pleaded not guilty even though she wasn't facing any charges, court staff say.
The unidentified Jesup woman was immediately arrested for indecent exposure and was to receive a psychological evaluation, The (Jacksonville Florida Times-Union reported Tuesday.
Magistrate Court clerk Luetrice Lott said the woman "wasn't wearing so much as shoes" when she stood up Friday in Chief Magistrate Timothy Barton's Brunswick courtroom and pleaded not guilty, the newspaper said.
"Please enter a plea of not guilty for that lady," Barton said.
However, Lott said she could not enter the plea because there were no charges filed against the woman, who apparently had entered the courtroom fully clothed and disrobed while seated in the second row. She said the woman was scheduled to appear before the court the following week with her family to seek battery and aggravated assault charges against her son-in-law.

Medical Pot Delivery Guy: 2 Ninjas Robbed Me

(Newser) –
Police in California are on the hunt
for two men dressed as ninjas who allegedly
robbed a medical marijuana delivery man on Friday,
the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports.

The man says he was set upon by the ninjas-slash-robbers
while walking back to his car after making a delivery,
and, in fear, dropped a bag of pot and cash that they grabbed.
But they weren't wielding nunchucks or throwing stars;
the delivery man claims they chased him with "batons."