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Tanked Episode 192 for Tuesday Feb. 21, 2012


- Beers
- Happy Fat Tuesday!
- We have LOTS of Paczki's
- Watch the Oscars LIVE with us on Sunday 8pm ET Chat Room For Next week.


Developer preview of OS X 10.8 surprises...most

Apple dropped a little surprise Thursday morning by announcing the developer preview of their latest 
iteration of Mac operating system.  OS X Mountain Lion (Apple is now dropping the "Mac" from the title) 
continues the trend Lion started with iPhone and iPad UI integration.  A few features folks can look 
forward to are:


Messages - redesigned iChat with support for iMessage
Reminders - iCloud synced between all devices
Notes - more iCloud syncing
Notification Center - Growl-esque pop-up notifications with a master list that can be swiped open

Airplay Mirroring - broadcast Mac screen to Apple TV

Game Center - diet Xbox Live (same as the iOS versions)
Gatekeeper - application security that requires Developer ID signature (developers, either use the App store or else)


A public beta of Messages is now available for OS X Lion users.  OS X Mountain Lion will go on sale in
late summer 2012 (not even a year after Lion).  No price has been release yet.


Comcast Strikes Back

It was only a matter of time, right? The Wall Street Journal reports that Comcast is rolling out a VOD competitor
for Amazon, Netflix and Hulu so it can grab a slice of the streaming video pie. Called Xfinity Streampix, it brings
shows from NBC and ABC, along with movies from Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Scheduled to launch this Thursday,
the service will be rolled in for free with some existing cable packages and available on its own for $4.99 a month.
For your five bucks, you get access to a back catalog of shows and movies on any internet-capable device, though,
naturally we don't know exactly how much content will be available when it goes live. What we do know is that price
point puts Streampix well beneath the $7.99 asking price of its competition, so here's hoping a VOD price war ensues.

Update: Check out the official PR after the break for more details, including a list of the content coming to Streampix
and Comcast's plans to bring VOD to the Xbox 360 and Android.



With the Oscars on Sunday I figured lets do a little Oscar History.

Some of the past best picture winners

1939 Gone with the wind.
1943 Casablanca
1959 Ben Hur
1961 West Side Story
1965 The Sound of Music
1972 The Godfather
1976 Rocky
1982 Gandhi
1988 Rain Man
1999 American Beauty
2003 Return of the king
2006 The Departed
2010 The King's Speech

Lets go a little tanked trivia here

What Actor has the most Nominations?

Meryl Streep has the most Nominations for the ladies with how many?

John Ford has the best winning percentage for Directors winning 4 of the 5 times he was nominated.

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated 6 times. How many Wins does he Have??

Walter Brennan 4 career nominations. How many wins??

Who was the youngest Actress to win an Oscar? The movie was Paper Moon.

Chat Room For Next week.

visit for our oscar picks!


Cows Can Now Booty Call Their Farmers

Farming cows is a thankless task; keeping track of their fertility sounds funny, but it's what keeps meat
in your burger and milk on your cereal. Fortunately, mobile technology means that cows can now drop their
farmers an SMS when they're feeling frisky. That's right. Bovine sexting has arrived.

Get Naked; Must Get Socks

What's the world coming to when a man can't partake in a crack-fueled, clothing-free shopping
spree without the police being called? It's tyranny, I tell you, tyranny.

The 32-year-old suspect apparently drove himself to the Walmart lot in Exton, Pennsylvania, parked his car,

and then proceeded to strip buck naked before even making it to the front door. Once inside, he made his way

to the customer service counter where he lifted a pair of socks from the counter and put them on before

continuing his au natural shopping expedition.

The police were called and took him into custody. He's being charged with indecent exposure,

disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, and simple assault (he spit on and struck one cop while being detained).

Police suspect that he was under the influence of narcotics at the time. Oh really, you think?



BBC weatherman utters profanity

LONDON, Feb. 21 (UPI) --

A BBC weatherman in Britain has become an Internet star

after accidentally uttering a profanity during a weather report.


Alex Deakin, 37, has received more than 111,000 views for a video on YouTube

depicting him accidentally saying a four-letter word beginning with "c"

before correcting himself and saying "sunshine," The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.


Deakin uttered the profane term during a Saturday

broadcast of the BBC World weather forecast.

Some viewers have suggested Deakin may have started to say the word

"countryside" before correcting to "sunshine," The Telegraph said.



Light bulb-wielding robber foiled

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 21 (UPI) --

Police in San Diego said a would-be robber

who armed himself with a fluorescent light bulb

was foiled when a clerk refused to hand over any cash.


Investigators said the man walked into the Washington Street Shell Station

just prior to 11 p.m. Monday, brandished the light bulb

and smashed it on the desk, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday.

Police said the man demanded money but walked away empty-handed

when the clerk refused to turn over any money.

Officers said they were searching for the suspect,

described as a Latino man, about 30 years old and about 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

Man Attemps Armed Robbery Of Pub,

 Leaves Empty Handed After Zero F***s Are Given


Seen here pointing a gun at the bartender while nobody gives a shit,

some failure at life attempts to rob a pub in Rotterdam,


The Netherlands. Unfortunately for brobro,

he left empty handed after everyone ignored him and he got the sads and left.

At one point a guy even walks in front of him to grab a seat at the bar.

Wow, wearing a ski mask and waving a gun around and you STILL can't command any attention?


That's sad. As soon as I walk into a room all eyes are on ME. What can I say,

I know how to make an entrance. "With fireworks?" Illegal ones.

Hit the jump for a video news report of the shit,

sometimes you gotta pistol-whip somebody to let 'em know you mean business!


One big scaredy-cat!

Mountain lion chased up tree by DOG

By Daily Mail Reporter

When Cody the German Shepherd

spied a cat lurking in his garden, he chased it up a tree.

But this wasn't just any old cat - it was an 110 lb mountain lion.

The timid feline remained perched up the tree in Los Altos,

California for more than three hours after the chase.


Nearby resident John Sphar told NBC that as soon as he saw the lion,

he called his neighbors to warn them to be on the look out.

But he didn't have to worry. At 7.30 a.m. his 85 lb dog
 chased the beast into the tree.
It stopped on a branch around 40 ft above the ground.

The Department of Fish and Game chose to leave the large feline alone,

and it came down from the tree of its own accord just after 10 a.m.

A state biologist had arrived to monitor the big cat,

but said he was never a threat.

'The dog didn’t know what he was chasing,' Janice Mackey,

from the Department of Fish and Game told the San Fransisco Chronicle.


'He probably thought it was another dog until it climbed the tree.'

Mackey added that mountain lions are 'solitary,

they prefer to be on their own'.

'He was probably cruising around looking for breakfast

and maybe he chased a rabbit into the yard,' she added.

It is not the first time a mountain lion has been spotted in the neighbourhood.

Los Altos Hills Public Safety Officer Janet Shannon told the Town Crier

that recent sightings and incidents have made people 'a bit nervous'.


Earlier this month, it is believed a mountain lion killed two pet goats in the area.

Cody's owner Mr Sphar told NBC a lion claimed one of his goats in December 2010.

'People get worked up,' Shannon said, adding that they were not in danger.

'Mountain lions are doing exactly what they do –

they’re not aggressive, they’re not coming after anybody.'

king of the jungle


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