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Tanked Episode 189 for Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012 



- Beers
- Chris is out this week and Scott is algergic to life
- What are doing for the Super bowl?
- Found a TomTom
- Scott discovers the Costco of Nerdem (MicroCenter)


We want an "Ethical iPhone 5" 

A new online petition is demanding that Apple clean up its act overseas in time to
make its next iPhone "the first ethical iPhone."
Click Link for the readup from Cnet


Next Xbox News (er... Rumors)

Xbox 720, Xbox Loop -- whatever Microsoft ends up calling it, that hot rod of a console looks
to be on deck for a late fall 2013 release. According to IGN's sources, this successor to the
Redmond gaming throne is purported to pack a GPU based on AMD's 6000 series of chips and
will boast silicon circuitry that catapults its performance past Nintendo's upcoming Wii U by 20 percent.
If you're looking for a more apples to green X's comparison, this next-gen console's graphical
capabilities are also reportedly six times greater than its 360 progenitor. While MS is likely
holding back its monstrous new platform for a big E3 reveal, it appears the company's still
whittling down its spec list, with dev kits to be issued later this August. No mention was
made of its rumored Kinect 2 integration, but we're more than
certain that famous hacking tech will be front and center.


He's back!!
Matthew Vaughn will direct the sequel to X-men 1st class. Rumor of this movie taking place
around the Kennedy assassination. Humm Dallas Shoots coming??
I work 5 minutes from where Kennedy was shot. This could be cool. Rumor is Magneto
controls the bullet into Kennedy. Early rumor though.

Blake out Rooney in

Director Steven Soderbergh’s prescriptions drug-oriented dramatic thriller, Side Effects,
seemingly hit a snag recently, on its way to beginning production.
Megan Ellison (via her Annapurna Pictures) was previously said to have withdrawn her financial support f
or the project, due to concerns about actress Blake
Lively serving as the film’s protagonist.

Weekend box office

77% The Grey $19.7M
30% Underworld Awakening $12.4M
3% One for the Money $11.5M
36% Red Tails $10.4M
27% Man on a Ledge $8.0M
46% Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $7.0M

New to DVD

37% In Time
93% Drive
35% The Thing
7% Dream House
39% The Big Year

Banned Hungarian Movie Poster For Michael

Fassbender’s ‘Shame’


Consider this minor NSFW, but here’s the banned Hungarian movie poster for British sex drama “Shame,”

starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. No real explanation is needed to know why this is banned.

If you have to really ask, let me spell it out for you. It’s s.e.m.e.n.

Co-written and directed by Steve McQueen, “Shame” has been given the NC-17 rating

in the US due to its explicit sexual scenes.

“Shame” is currently now playing in selected theaters.



Goodbye Goop!

This story kind of effects everyone that's why i think it's a good idea to talk about this a bit.

McDonalds will stop using Pink Goop beef in it's burgers.
Chef Jamie Oliver calls it pink slime. But it's more like pink goop. Either way, the ammonium hydroxide soaked
pink crap beef is vomit inducing. Thankfully, you won't have to eat it anymore. Kind of. McDonald's has finally
caved to the pressure and will ditch the use of the pink goop beef in its burgers.
What's gross about the pink goop beef, made by Beef Products Inc (BPI), is that it's actually made of of "beef trimmings"
which are the undesirable, leftover crap of a cow that's better fit for dogs than humans. Taking it one step further,
the beef trimmings are then processed and soaked in ammonium hydroxide and churned into ground beef.
This pink goop beef actually makes up a sickening 70% of America's ground beef!

It's taken a while but McDonald's has finally decided to step up its standards in the US

and will no longer use the pink BPI meat in the US of A. It might taste fine but pink goop meat is so bad

that US Department of Agriculture microbiologist Geral Zirnstein doesn't even consider "the stuff to be

ground beef" and considers "allowing it in ground beef to be a form of fraudulent labeling.

Joining McDonald's in the pink crap ban is Burger King and Taco Bell which means we can breathe a sigh
of relief as we won't be eating ammonium hydroxide soaked beef and beef trimmings fit for dogs when we
want to eat crappy fast food. Quality you can't taste.
CBS News, Daily Mail,


Some girl can say any word backwards



Boy, 10, arrested for pulling toy gun

BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 31 (UPI) --

Police in California said a 10-year-old boy was arrested

after allegedly pulling a toy gun on a woman who believed it to be a real firearm.

Burbank police said the boy, whose name was not released,

knocked on the front door of a 67-year-old woman whose grandson

beat up one of the boy's friends at school, the Burbank Leader reported Tuesday.


Lt. John Dilibert said the boy yelled "you suck" at the woman and pointed the toy gun at her before fleeing.

Dilibert said the toy gun appeared to be an Airsoft gun, a realistic-looking toy that shoots pellets, CBS News reported.

"They're replicas," Dilibert said. "They look just like the real thing. It shoots soft pellets, like a BB gun."

The boy was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon and released to his parents.

He was given a citation and will have to appear in court, Dilibert said.

Four-year-old U.S. boy pulls out marijuana at school

(Reuters) - A four-year-old U.S. boy who announced to his teacher at school snack time

that he wanted to share pulled nine bags of marijuana out of his jacket pocket,

police said on Wednesday.


Police in Meriden, Connecticut were called to Hanover Elementary School Tuesday afternoon

after the young special needs student displayed the drugs, authorities said.


Meriden police said the nine individually wrapped bags of marijuana appeared prepared for sale.

Hanover Elementary School principal Miguel Cardona called it an "extremely unfortunate" and "isolated" incident

that was not witnessed by any other students.


"What's so disheartening is this is really an adult issue and problem

and adult behavior put a student at risk," Meriden schools superintendent Mark Benigni told Reuters.

"This student had no idea what he brought to school or what the substance was," he added.

Authorities are not releasing the names of the student or parents

and police said there is a possibility for arrests pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Department of Children and Families is also looking into the incident.


Would-be Jedi jailed over lightsaber attack

An Oregon judge has used his force to order a 45-day jail sentence

and mental health evaluation for a would-be Jedi who attacked toy store coustomer

with a pair of lightsabers.


David Allen Canterbury, 33, told Judge Kenneth Walker

that he is already seeking mental health treatment.

Canterbury also apologized to his victims.

The Oregonian reported that Canterbury pleaded no contest Monday

to assault and resisting arrest.


Canterbury had a "Star Wars" lightsaber in each hand as he swung at three customers

last Dec. 14 at a Toys R Us store, Portland police said.

He carried the lightsabers outside the store and swung at police.


According to The Oregonian, police attempted to shoot Canterbury with a Taser

but the suspected deflected one of the wires away.

Officers eventually wrestled him to the ground.

No one was injured, the newspaper reported.

Canterbury has been banned from the toy store.



'I'm very alive': Army veteran declared dead 4 times


PALM BAY, Fla.  — 

Despite rumors to the contrary, Army veteran Jerry Miller is still very much alive.

"I'm alive. I’m very alive," Miller told WESH 2 News.

The U.S. Veterans Administration has declared him dead four times, but Miller,

a Brevard County resident, has refuted the claims.

"To me, it’s stupid. I can’t die but one time. They have killed me four times," he said.

Miller, a former drill sergeant, served 10 years in the Army.

He said he lives on a government pension and Social Security.

The confusion started in July 2010 when he received a letter addressed to his estate

that expressed sympathy for his death and politely explained that, as a dead man,

he was not eligible for the veterans benefits he was paid.

Miller said he informed the VA that he was still alive, and his benefits were restarted.

But the letters kept coming, each one stopping his benefits.


"I'm alive, you see. This can’t keep going on and on," Miller said.

He said a letter came this month -- addressed to his estate --

requesting repayment of more than $94,000 in benefits he shouldn't have received,

because he was dead, and that it included polite instructions how to make the payment.

Miller said he has no idea why he was declared dead.

A VA spokesman told WESH 2 News that the organization was looking into the case.

Miller said he asked his congressman to do the same, but so far,

being alive has not been sufficient proof that he is not dead.


-Kelly from Detroit answers Aaron's question
-Jason from Texas asks us about our stupid animals

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