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Tanked Episode 187 for Tuesday Jan. 17, 2012


- Beers
- Steve jobs doll a no go
- Ric has launched the UndeReview Podcast. Catch ep 1 in your feed


Smart Window nice on eyes, bad against home invasion

Samsung just won't quit with the transparent displays.  Their latest raised a few

eyebrows last week at CES.  The Smart Window is 46" of transparent touch-screen
fun with a functioning shade feature along with all the gadgety goodness that make
lottery winners moist.  The screen uses ambient light as its backlighting making it 
lower on power consumption (1/10th the power of a normal LCD).  The screen is
HDMI & USB ready and weighs in under 10 lbs.  The Smart Window is not rock or
Michigan winter ready so don't get any ideas.  Samsung says the Smart Window 
could become an actual product in about 2 years.



Hiller slays Abobo's Big Adventure

But is the blood worth your time?

Bakka wakka hadouken!
Sure a whole slew of fighters were announced for the roster of the upcoming beat-
em-up crossover Street Fighter X Tekken today (Vega, Balrog, Juri, Paul Phoenix,
Law and Xiaoyu) but never mind that shit.  At the end of the reveal trailer Capcom
teases us with the info that work on the Vita port of SFXT is underway.  Also hinted
are two silhouettes with one most certainly being everyone's favorite ghostbusting
pill addict Pac-Man.  So if you've ever dreamt of the day that you could bite the
living hell out of the shins of some Street Fighters (or Cole from Infamous 2 for that
matter) then you are in for a treat...and you should also get see a dream counsellor.



Woman offered sex for McNuggets


BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 17 (UPI) --

Police in California said a woman accused of offering

a McDonald's customer sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets

was arrested.


police said Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles was spotted

opening customers' car doors in the drive-through lane at the McDonald's

on Olive Avenue late Wednesday and an officer investigated,

the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.


Officer Joshua Kendrick told the Burbank Leader

one of the customers reported Baseer had asked him to buy her chicken McNuggets

and offered him sexual favors in return. The man told Kendrick he declined the offer.

Baseer was arrested on suspicion of prostitution.

Russian villager mistakenly buys Kalashnikov arsenal

(Reuters) -


A Russian villager discovered a stockpile of Kalashnikov assault rifles

hidden in the wooden crates he bought for $15 from a stranger to use as fuel for his winter stove.

A total of 79 guns and 253 cartridges were stuffed in more than 60 wooden boxes

bought by a resident of the village of Sovkhozny in Udmurtia,

a region some 1,300 km South-East of Moscow, Interfax news agency reported on Friday.


The 57-year old local resident said he bought them from a random truck driver

for 500 roubles ($15.81) to heat his home.

The fully functional rifles, produced in 1959-1960,

were on their way to a recycling plant from Izhmash,

one of the country's oldest arms manufacturing plants, the company said,

when they wound up in the man's possession.


Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin,

appointed last December by President Dmitry Medvedev to oversee the country's defense industry,

said he will launch a probe into the mysterious appearance of automatic rifles.


"Wow! I will hold a meeting with Izhmash about its firearms next week

and we will deal with this miracle," he wrote on his Facebook page

A deadly mixture of corner cutting and negligence continues to plague Russia's defense industry

20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, with Russia still the world's second-largest arms exporter.


"I imagine how scared the West is of our nuclear arms,"

a Facebook user Oleg Zabara wrote in a comment on Rogozin's post.

"Not because they exist, but because they could accidentally fall on them (by mistake),

just like those rifles got to that old man."

It was not immediately clear if the driver was aware that he was carrying firearms

in the boxes he rushed to cash in on, but investigators said a probe will look into the incident.

($1 = 31.6182 Russian roubles)


Sweden gives digital piracy advocate religion status

(Reuters) -


Sweden dealt a symbolic blow to the global fight against digital music and film piracy

by recognizing a group that promotes file-sharing across the Internet as a religion.

One of the most wired nations in the world,

Sweden has long been a battleground between those who support file-sharing

and the music and film industry. The Nordic state gave birth to the world's largest file-sharing website,

Pirate Bay.


Registering the Church of Kopimism is a way to avoid "persecution,"

said the website of the group, which was given official recognition by the Swedish state last month.

Kopimism's name is derived from the words "copy me" and as its website makes clear it strongly supports

all forms of downloading and uploading files and sees copyright laws as violating freedom of information.

"We believe that information is holy," said Isak Gerson, who calls himself the "spiritual leader"

of a church whose key symbols are "Ctrl C" and "Ctrl V," the keyboard short cuts for copy and paste.

"We do not think that copying is stealing or can ever be stealing," Gerson, 20, added to Reuters.

Such comments are anathema to the film and music industries,

which view Sweden as a blackspot for illegal file-sharing.

Even though a Swedish court has sentenced the men behind Pirate Bay to prison and fines,

the website is still freely available in Sweden and other countries.

Ludvig Werner, head of the Swedish branch of recording industry body IFPI,

declined to comment on Kopimism but noted that 1.5 million people in Sweden

out of a population of 9 million were active file-sharers.


"This means Sweden is one of the most active countries in Europe for file-sharing.

So we still have a problem, even if the legal streaming of music has helped limit it,"

he said, referring to services such as Spotify.

After strong criticism from Hollywood, Sweden passed laws to make file-sharing illegal in 2009.

But Werner noted that the law, which is Sweden's application of an EU law called the

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED),

had been effectively suspended due to an appeal of a Swedish case

which has gone all the way to the European Court of Justice.

This meant Sweden was left with a more cumbersome and time-consuming

process for fighting Internet piracy, he said.

SKorea: Men arrested for smuggling gold in rectums

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean customs officials say they have arrested eight men over a

scheme to allegedly smuggle gold out of the country by hiding it in their rectums.

The Korea Customs Service said Monday the men allegedly transformed $260,000 in gold bars into

small beads and smuggled them in their rectums to Japan two times in 2010 to avoid import taxes.

South Korea says Japanese custom officials caught the men on their second attempt and sent them home

after imposing fines. Later, one of the suspects allegedly orchestrated an unsuccessful bid to smuggle gold

bars from Mongolia to Hong Kong using a similar method.

Meanwhile, South Korean officials gathered evidence against them at home.

They say the suspects recently admitted to the smuggling after initial denials.





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