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Tanked Episode 184 for Tuesday Dec. 20, 2011



-This is the Christmas Special 2011! woo hoo!
- Beers
- chris puts lights up
- stay tuned cuz we have christmas treat for you after the outttakes



NFL, NBC to stream Superbowl live online and to

Verizon mobile users for first time ever

The NFL and NBC will stream Superbowl XLVI live online and to mobile devices for the first time ever in February.
Unfortunately, the broadcast won’t be available to all mobile users; Verizon Wireless will be the exclusive mobile
partner and subscribers can watch the game live provided they have a supported phone with NFL Mobile installed.
Viewers can also stream the Pro Bowl and Wild Card Saturday using NBC or the NFL’s website, or Verizon’s
mobile application. The Associated Press said that streaming viewers will be treated to live stats, highlights from
the game and additional camera angles. Superbowl XLVI kicks off on February 5th in Indianapolis.

YouTube touts over 1 trillion video playbacks in 2011 [video]

Google on Tuesday announced that videos on YouTube were collectively played more than 1 trillion times this past year.
In its look back on the year in YouTube videos, Google revealed that it served more playbacks than ever before in 2011.
To quantify the massive figure, the company noted in a blog post that a trillion playbacks represents about 140 views for
each person on earth, or more than twice the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

...speaking of trillion...


MIT 1,000,000,000,000 FPS

The Massachussets Institute of Technology has an obsession with detail.  Hence they have come up with a camera
that very much catches it.  Using a titanium sapphire laser, 500 sensors and some mirrors MIT can capture visual
data at a rate of 1 trillion frames per second.  While this technology was initially invented to observe photons it can
also be used in medical imaging for light-based ultrasounds.  Other possibilities are advanced lighting replication for
visual effects and filling up memory cards faster than you can blink.

MIT News Office via YouTube


Aaron Reviews the New Xbox Dashboard


Sherlock Holmes $40M. Down 20$ from the $60 the 1st one made.
To me the biggest flaw was the Villain. Professor James Moriarty just didn't do much for me as the big bad.
Movie was missing something. I am not sure what it was. It was just missing something. To me it's a DVD.

Young Adult with Charliz Theron and Patton Oswald. A great 1st and 2nd act and a lame ass weak end.
I really couldn't stand the last 20 minutes I felt very let down.
I am also amazed how unreal sexy Theron can look and then how unreal hit she can look. Again this is a DVD rating.

The Hobbit Trailer is out


WB Wants Christopher Nolan To Change Bane’s

Voice In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


Ghostbusters 3 Script gets shredded
Bill Murry received the Ghostbusters 3 script and was so unhappy with it that he Shredded it up and sent it back to Aykroyd and Ramis.
Murray says “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Wednesday MI 4 hits all theaters and not just IMAX.

MI4 should have a big week. It made $13M in only IMAX theaters so a wide release should blow it up!


“Super memory” pill–and possibly an

 Alzheimer’s cure–could be around the corner

Scientists have isolated a gene in mice  that works to give them "super memories"
and reverses the course of several degenerative mental illnesses like Alzheimer's.
And because of the similarity of mice and human brains,
a powerful brain pill for humans may now not be far off.


The brains of both mice and humans release a gene known as PKR,

which is triggered by the onset of Alzheimer's.

But the newly discovered gene can apparently block PKR's release--

a development that not only can reverse the course of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's,

but induces a state of "super memory" in the mice it has been tested on.

"If we were to find an inhibitor, a molecule, a drug that will specifically block PKR,

we should be able to do the same [in humans]," Maura Costa-Mattioli,

who led the research study at Baylor University, told the Vancouver Sun. "And we did."

"We recognize that PKR plays a dual role, one in regulating simple everyday processes

like the way neurons talk to each other [for] memory, but also has a stress response,"

added John Bell, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

who also contributed to the study.



Not Lovin' It!

According to investigators, 39-year-old Simone Paolercio was in the drive-thru of a McDonald's on South Florida
Avenue Saturday morning when she got into a dispute with the window attendant over her order. They say Paolercio
demanded a refund. When the manager refused, she allegedly threw the food through the window,
striking the attendant in the face and chest.
Paolercio was located by deputies at her home, arrested without incident, and booked into the Polk County Jail on a
battery charge. (She told deputies she is currently a teacher at Lakeland Highlands Middle School.)

Shoplifters robbed while stealing from grocery store

Two accused shoplifters got a taste of their own medicine
 when they sought to clear out of the crime--and found that
 a passing malefactor had broken into their own car.


Security personnel were in the process of questioning Korin Vanhouten, 47,

and Eldon Alexander, 36, at an Ogden, Utah WinCo supermarket, accused of stealing makeup,

energy bars and batteries. At the end of the interrogation,

they left with a citation for attempted shoplifting.


However, they soon stumbled on to the scene of a successful carlifting,

with the awkward discovery that while they were in the WinCo,

someone--or several someones--had broken into their car.


And as it turned out, the ironies were just starting to multiply.

For Vanhouten and Alexander proceeded to report the ransacking of their vehicle

to the same officer who had issued them their shoplifting citation.

In the process of leaving the WinCo lot, the officer came upon

"the two suspects trying to flag him down in the parking lot,"

as Ogden Police Lt. Eric Young characterized the surreal moment for the Deseret News.

"And he goes over to their location and realizes that their vehicle has actually been burglarized.

They ended up having their stereo and amplifier, a drum machine and some cigarettes stolen from their vehicle,"

Young said.

The car break-in reportedly happened while the police officer's car was parked nearby.




Dear Santa: Give me Bieber or I'll kill you


A 13-year-old British girl shocked her mother by asking Santa Claus for a bunch of presents

— including "the real-life Justin Bieber" — and threatening to kill Santa if he refuses to deliver.

Metro UK reported this week that the girl, Mekeeda Austin, who lives in Brickhill in Bedford,

also threatened to "hunt down" Santa's reindeer so she could

"cook them and serve their meat to homeless people on Xmas day."

The girl said she was mostly joking.

"I don't really believe in Santa anymore, but I was angry because I thought
 I wasn't going to get all the presents I wanted this year," she said.

2 Kids, Determined to Reach Santa, Call 911

KINGSTON, New York (KTLA) --
Two young kids in upstate New York weren't going to mess around
 with slowpoke letters to the big man in the red suit this season.
Instead, they dialed 911.
Police in Kingston responded Sunday to a 911 call from two children, 4 and 6,
 asking to speak either to the police chief or Santa Claus,
according to the Times Herald-Record. It was unclear what they were seeking.


-JFT asks gym questions

-Kelly asks what our fav mel brooks movie quotes and any other movie quotes

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