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Tanked Episode 182 for Wednesday Dec. 7, 2011 


-Scotts been watching hell on wheels


Hackers hit supermarket self-checkout lanes

Criminals have tampered with the credit and debit card readers at self-checkout lanes in more than 20
supermarkets operated by a California chain, allowing them to steal money from shoppers who used the
compromised machines. The chain, Lucky Supermarkets, which is owned by Save Mart, is now inspecting
the rest of its 234 stores in northern California and northern Nevada and urging customers who used
self-checkout lanes to close their bank and credit card accounts.
The Mercury News reported today that Lucky Supermarkets has received more than 1,000 calls from customers
saying they've been victims of fraud. Lucky Supermarkets has been investigating the problem since November 11,
when an employee performing routine maintenance on a self-checkout machine "uncovered an extra computer board
that had been placed inside the checkout machine, recording customers' financial information," the paper said.

Lucky Supermarkets has removed the tampered card readers, which were made by VeriFone, in the stores known

to be affected and says it is enhancing security of every credit and debit card reader in all 234 of its stores. Joseph

Steinberg, CEO of the security company Green Armor Solutions, released a statement saying "Everyone should

always check any device in which they insert/swipe a credit/debit/ATM card, or to which they touch their card,

to see if it looks like it may have been modified/covered."

*Great Discussion Should it be our responsibilty to examin every machine we swipe our cards with?*


The Pope Has Chosen a Tablet and It's Not Made of Stone


For this year's celebration of Christ's birth, Pope Benedict will remotely light a giant Christmas tree display attached to

the side of a mountain, from 130 miles away.

But! Scandal! He's doing it with the Lord's fave new gadget, MSNBC reports, straight from the Vatican newswire:

Benedict XVI will activate the illumination from his apartments in the Vatican Apostolic Palace. He will touch the
screen of a Sony "Tablet" with an "Android" operating system which, via the Internet, will transmit the
command to switch on the electric current to the tree.
So, yeah, fuck your lawn display.


And Scott Has Chosen Saints Row the Third

Scott's Official Game Review

SupaBoy portable SNES!

(read directly from Engadget by lazy Hiller)


Brian Singer to Direct a pilot for a new version of the TV show the Munsters

This will be a modern day hour long drama. This will be a much creeper version of the old black/white tv show.

Grandpa won't be a vampire like man, he will be a 600 year old shape shifter.
Eddie will not know he's a werewolf until he attacks he scout troop.
The mom will have a bit of an issues eating suicide victims.
and the Daughter will be adopted from a cannibal who tried to eat her as a baby.

Bay back for Transformers 4?

Really? Well money talks. I'd love a new director

Thor Director 2 out

Patty Jenkins is out after only a few months at the Helm of Thor 2. Citing Creative Differences.

X-men 1st class 2 will focus on Charles Xavier becoming really becoming Professor X.

Del Toro Not Khan in Star Trek 2.
Today, while it was announced that Peter Weller (RoboCop) is joining the cast in a supporting role,
joining Alice Eve who’s playing a new character, reports are also indicating that Benicio Del Toro has
dropped out of the project.




'Mythbusters' cannonball hits house

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7 (UPI) --

A cannonball fired by TV's "Mythbusters" team during an experiment

soared through a California house, but didn't injure anyone, the Los Angeles Times reported.

People working on the Discovery Channel show Tuesday

launched the cannonball from a bomb range in Dublin,

about 35 miles east of San Francisco, expecting it to hit a target made of trash cans.


Instead, the cannonball zipped through a house 700 yards away,

leaving a 10-inch hole in the bedroom wall as the homeowners slept,

then struck the roof of another house and bounced across four lanes of traffic

before finally crashing through the window of a parked minivan, the Times said.

No injuries were reported.

The newspaper said the show was researching whether materials other than cannonballs

are effective weapons when fired from a cannon.

There was no word on whether stars Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were part of the incident.


Mitten envy? Wis. promotion draws note in Mich. (AP)

LANSING, Mich. –

When it comes to a debate over whether Wisconsin or Michigan's Lower Peninsula

looks more like a mitten, Alex Beaton of the Awesome Mitten website says the winner is Michigan,

hands down.

Beaton spotted the knit mitten shaped like Wisconsin on the Travel Wisconsin website

this week after it came to her attention during some lighthearted trash talking on Facebook

about Michigan State's loss Saturday to Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship football game.


The 23-year-old Grand Rapids resident went on a bare-knuckled offensive

against what she saw as a mitten impostor, and soon dozens of Michigan residents

were tweeting comments such as, "Only one state has Mitten Mojo!"


"People in Michigan, we do identify ourselves so closely with the Mitten State,"

Beaton said. "We're America's high five!"

But Tom Lyons, who works in public relations in Neenah, Wis., said

Michigan residents shouldn't be getting their yarn in a twist over Wisconsin's mitten

theme for its winter tourism campaign.


"Wisconsin is the left mitten. Michigan is the right mitten.

Even children know that one mitten doesn't cut it when it comes to Midwest winters,"

he said. Lyons formerly worked in Door County — Wisconsin's thumb —

and said he often holds up his left hand when locating state places for others.


"We complement each other and it's not our fault that their thumb is smaller," he said,

getting in a jab at his neighbor across Lake Michigan. "We're very similar and they should be flattered."

Michiganders have long held up a hand to show where they live,

even getting both hands into play if they want to show the Lower and Upper peninsulas.

Under former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the state hired Michigan-based actor and playwright

Jeff Daniels to promote the state's business opportunities by telling companies

to come to Michigan and "give your company the Upper Hand."

Terri O'Brien and Lisa Burnia sell "Don't Mess with the Mitten" sweat shirts and T-shirts online

and in southeast Michigan stores, and "M is for Mitten" is a popular children's book in the state.

In west Michigan, there's the Wet Mitten Surf Shop in Grand Haven and Traverse City and the Mitten Bar in Ludington,

a city connected by a summer car ferry to Manitowoc, Wis.

Wisconsin Department of Tourism spokeswoman Lisa Marshall said the intent of using a mitten shaped

like the state for the winter tourism campaign wasn't to step on Michigan's toes — or fingers.


"We're not the Mitten State. Michigan, they can own that. We want to be known as the Fun State," she said.

The department used a leaf shaped like Wisconsin for its fall tourism campaign

and will move onto something new for spring, but for now, the mitten stays.

Dave Lorenz, manager of public and industry relations at Travel Michigan,

said he was a little surprised by how many people wanted to take off the gloves to defend Michigan's mitten mastery.

But he understands the impulse.

"We're not going to take this lying down," he said. "Wisconsin already took the Rose Bowl from us this year.

They're not going to take the Mitten State status from us."

Lorenz said Wisconsin clearly is best known as the Cheese State,

a point he hopes to illustrate by letting people vote Wednesday on the Travel Michigan website

for which state they see as the "real" Mitten State.


The contest is being run in conjunction with the Wisconsin tourism department to

"just basically to prove to our friends in Wisconsin — and they are our friends —

that when it comes to iconic brand images like the Mitten State and the Great Lakes State and the Winter Wonderland State,

we don't want them to trend on our brand," Lorenz said.

"Sometimes you got to put your foot down, or your mitten, so to speak," he added.

"When it comes to the Mitten State status, there's no competition. Just look at the globe,

look at the map. It's pretty obvious."



Man hits drive-through worker with food

HOLIDAY, Fla., Dec. 7 (UPI) --

Florida authorities said a man accused of hitting a McDonald's employee in the head

with a bag of food was found passed out in his driveway.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said Todd Rogers, 30,

went through a McDonald's drive-through in Holiday with his girlfriend, who was driving,

shortly after midnight Sunday and returned a few minutes later when they found they were missing a drink,

the St. Petersburg Times reported Tuesday.


Rogers, who deputies said was extremely intoxicated,

screamed obscenities at a 22-year-old woman working at the McDonald's and poked her,

causing her to step back, investigators said. Rogers then allegedly threw a bag of food at the woman,

striking her in the head. He threw a second bag of food when the woman closed the window, the arrest report states.

Deputies said they found Rogers sleeping in a Buick in his driveway. He was arrested on a charge of simple battery.

"I hit her in the ... head with a bag of food, so what?" Rogers allegedly told deputies.

"I deserve to go to jail," the report quotes him as saying. "I don't care."



Man faces prison over flaming marshmallows

Dec. 2, 2011 07:04 AM
Associated Press



A central New York man faces prison time after admitting

he threw flaming marshmallows at his neighbor's house.

The Auburn Citizen reports that 18-year-old John Munger pleaded guilty

Thursday in Cayuga County Court to third-degree felony arson.

He admitted tossing the blazing balls of sugar at a gas meter on the side of his neighbor's house.

Although the meter wasn't seriously damaged, Munger admitted that it could have been.

He noted that he was drunk at the time.

In a plea deal, Munger will also plead guilty to violating his felony burglary

probation by getting convicted of arson.

He faces two to six years behind bars for the arson and probation violation.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 12.




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