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Tanked Episode 181 for Tuesday Nov. 29, 2011


- Beer
- Things we did on Thanksgiving weekend
- Black Friday Madness! rundown ABC
- Best Black Friday Retail Numbers ever! BGR


Whats next for spotify?  Mashable
FCC shuts down AT&T from T-Mob Purchase engadget

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goes live
If one game was responsible for the popularity of internet cafes in the early 2000s it's Counter-Strike.  Yes, a bold
statement indeed.  The source code was released later on in 2004 and now the results are coming to fruition.  
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers way better visuals, more maps, more weapons, ranked match making and
even cross-platform multi-player.  Valve is bringing the CS:GO beta (originally scheduled for October) to the public
November 30th (or tomorrow for us).  The delay was brought about by "pro" feedback and concerned feel, look, bullet
spread and recoil amongst other things.

Piss-Powered Video Games!


They’ve been putting signs and ads on the walls above urinals for years now, but this is the first time that anyone

has ever done something like this. A pub in the UK has rigged up a new video game that is powered by your urine stream.

The simple steering based games are designed to attract patrons tot he pubs and also to advertise drink

specials and and other marketing promotions.

If you want to steer right, just aim to the right side of the urinal. If you want to steer left, just aim to the left.

It sounds easy enough in principal, but when you get enough drunk people at the urinals, there are going to be

a lot of people with peed on shoes coming after management. Also, do we really need something to make us stay

at the urinal stall that much longer? Just do your business, shake it twice (more than that and you’re playing with it)

and then zip it up and wash your hands. You don’t need to draw the whole thing

out by seeing how many penguins you can kill!



Kevin Smith way pissed off
How the fuck did the @SpiritAwards NOT nominate Michael Parks? Nor John Goodman?
Nor Melissa Leo?" Smith wrote on Twitter. "Fuck your idiotic organization."

Smith released 'Red State' through his own Smodcast Pictures production company; the
director even paid for a one-week Oscar qualifying run in June to allow Goodman, Parks and Leo
the opportunity to become eligible for awards consideration.

John Neville

Passed away last week. For x-file fans you know him better as the Well-manicured man. I know him best from a movie that I 1st saw
at Aaron's house. The adventures of Baron Munchausen. He played the Baron. I love that movie!

The X-Files 
The Well-Manicured Man

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The 1st look at lizard kinda.
Spider man & Lizard Pez dispensers



Swedish Town Erects Giant Christmas Goat

To the uninitiated, the annual saga of whether or not the goat survives intact until Christmas Day,
has become a tradition of Yuletide in Sweden.
The giant straw goat, which has been erected in the town's main square, Slottstorget, every year since
1966, undergoes a battle against the elements and local arsonists every year, which splits loyalties in the town.
Half of the people take pride in the giant animal, while the other half take equal pride in attempting to burn it down.
To date, the goat has been burnt down more times than it has survived the Christmas period.
Large sums of money apparently change hands, as people bet on whether it will survive, or how long it lasts before being
burnt down and previous attempts to sabotage it have even included the bribing of security guards.
Each year, new ingenious methods are employed to guarantee the survival of the goat, whose story has reached the
Guiness Book of World Records, and 2011 is no exception.
Those trying to protect the goat are planning to douse it in water with the idea that if it freezes,
it will be much more difficult to burn down, according to daily Aftonbladet.
Past Years Burning

Robber's 'bomb' was a toy penguin




DEWEY-HUMBOLDT, Ariz., Nov. 29 (UPI) --

Authorities in Arizona said a woman who claimed to be concealing a

bomb under her shirt while robbing a service station was actually holding a toy penguin.


Yavapai County sheriff's deputies said Andri Jeffers, 26,

claimed to be concealing a bomb under her shirt Thursday

when she demanded money from a clerk at the Chevron Station on Highway 69 in

Dewey-Humboldt, KPHO-TV, Phoenix, reported Tuesday.


Investigators said Jeffers eventually fled the store when the clerk refused to cooperate

and deputies identified the suspect from security camera footage and her license plate number,

which was taken down by the clerk.

Jeffers was arrested Thursday evening at her home in Castle Canyon Mesa.

Deputies said she admitted to the incident and they learned the object

she was holding beneath her shirt was a toy penguin.

Jeffers was arrested on one count of attempted robbery and was later released on bond.

Man sues former hostages, says they broke promise

TOPEKA, Kan. – Can there be no trust between a kidnapper and his hostages?

A man who held a Kansas couple hostage in their home while fleeing from authorities is suing them,

claiming they broke an oral contract made when he promised them money

in exchange for hiding him from police. The couple has asked a judge to dismiss the suit.


Jesse Dimmick of suburban Denver is serving an 11-year sentence after bursting

into Jared and Lindsay Rowley's Topeka-area home in September 2009.

He was wanted for questioning in the beating death of a Colorado man

and a chase had begun in in Geary County.


The Topeka Capital-Journal ( reported that Dimmick filed

a breach of contract suit in Shawnee County District Court,

in response to a suit the Rowleys filed in September seeking $75,000

from him for intruding in their home and causing emotional stress.


Dimmick contends he told the couple he was being chased by someone,

most likely the police, who wanted to kill him.

"I, the defendant, asked the Rowleys to hide me because I feared for my life.

I offered the Rowleys an unspecified amount of money which they agreed upon,

therefore forging a legally binding oral contract," Dimmick said in his hand-written court documents.

He wants $235,000, in part to pay for the hospital bills that resulted from him being shot

by police when they arrested him.


Neighbors have said the couple fed Dimmick snacks and watched movies with him until he fell asleep

and they were able to escape their home unharmed.

Dimmick was convicted in May 2010 of four felonies, including two counts of kidnapping.

He was sentenced to 10 years and 11 months on those charges. He was later sent to a jail in Brighton, Colo.,

where he is being held on eight charges, including murder, in connection of with the killing of Michael Curtis

in September 2009. A preliminary hearing originally scheduled for Dec. 6 has been rescheduled for April 12.

No plea has been entered in the case.


Robert E. Keeshan, an attorney for the Rowleys,

filed a motion denying there was a contract, but said if there was it would not have been binding anyway.

"In order for parties to form a binding contract, there must be a meeting of the minds on all essential terms,

including and most specifically, an agreement on the price," he wrote.

Keeshan said the contract also would have been invalid because the couple agreed to let Dimmick

in the home only because they knew he had a knife and suspected he might have a gun.

Toast argument lands sister in jail


WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla., Nov. 24 (UPI) --

Authorities in Florida said they arrested a 21-year-old woman

who allegedly attacked her sister during an argument about toast.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said Maria Victoria Acevedo, 21, of Wesley Chapel,

walked into the kitchen of her home around 1:40 p.m. Sunday

and became enraged when she saw her 16-year-old sister using her bread to make toast,

the St. Petersburg Times reported Thursday.


Investigators said the sister apologized,

but Acevedo was not satisfied and she struck the younger girl

twice in the head with a 6-inch metal cooking pot, pulled her hair and slammed her head into the ground.

The sister fled into her bedroom and sent a Facebook message to a cousin asking to call for help.

The incident was witnesses by the third sister, deputies said.

Acevedo was charged with domestic battery and released from the Land O'Lakes jail without bond.