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Tanked Episode 179 for Tuesday Nov. 15, 2011




iTunes Match


CMU Researchers Create a Multitouch Surface Everywhere

In a joint effort between Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute the creation of a new interface
has been born. The new interface is usable on any surface, including notebooks, tables, walls and body parts. The UI is completely
multitouch and worn on the shoulder, which will turn any surface you are pointing at into a usable workspace by the combination
of a projector and a 3D modeling device similar to the Kinect.

Nasa's look at Earth from the space station. An awesome time lapse look at earth.
The green lights is the Aurora Dorolisa. Amazing!


Saints Row the Third Weapon Comes to Life

"Whether your trusty old baseball bat is ready for retirement or your tired and clammy dildo needs replacing,

Volition Inc. has you covered with the Saints Row: The Third Dildo Baseball Bat. Built with durability and long-term

use in mind, you'll be laughing at the savings whether you're smashing balls in the park with your son or smashing your

vagina to pieces while watching The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1!

Thanks to the smooth ergonomic design and carefully regulated coating of Polymer Rubber Substitute, theSaints Row

Dildo Bat provides a level of comfort and flexibility hitherto unseen in any other baseball bat/artificial penis. I was impressed

by just how good this feels to use. It's been intuitively designed so that even a novice can get to grips with it in seconds,

featuring a very simple handle-based interface that should be familiar to most users. "

Saints Row the Third Dildo Bat
Manufacturer: Volition Inc.
MSRP: $624.99

PETA Attacks Mario


Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer hits the intertubes

The first trailer for "Snow White and the Huntsman" has been released and promises a

visually stunning twist on a classic fairy tale.

Capitalizing on the buzz building around Kristen Stewart's upcoming "Breaking Dawn,"

the actress takes on the role of Snow White in the Rupert Sanders film.

Synopsis: Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron

as the evil queen who wants Snow White dead, Sam Claflin as the Prince, and Chris Hemsworth as the

Huntsman who is tasked with killing Snow White, but preserves her life and trains her

in survival and combat instead. 

The film, currently in production, is slated to hit theaters June 1, 2012

Harry Potter Director David Yates Developing

‘Doctor Who’ Movie



Heavy Duty Electric Unicycle Maker Takes on Segway

the only drawback is you can't text while riding it like you can with a two wheeled motorcycle (the master)


Real Life Angry Birds T-Mob Commercial

Bert and Ernie Voice Pack on Tom Tom (Time code 39sec)

Massive Attacks new video is pretty hot NSFW (great editing)


Man Calls 911 to Fix Broken iPhone

For some strange reason Michael Skopec of Illinois thought that by calling 911 they might help fix his broken iPhone.

Mr Scopec dialed 911 five times before being arrested by police for obscruction of justice.

After the five calls were made police traced the calls to his home in Illinois where they found him drunk and belligerent.

He was arrested because he would not follow the police officers orders. It has yet to be made clear what he was actually

trying to accomplish by calling 911 to get help with his iPhone. Although he was arrested he only faces misdemeanor

charges and has to be in court next week.





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Jesus found in dogs ass

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