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Tanked Episode 177 for Tuesday Nov. 1, 2011


-Special Guest Brandon Considine first time on the show!
-What we did on Halloween (Party, Hemingway, Police oh my!)

-McRib is back. "i'm getting sick" link
-Scott is 17 chapters in to the Steve Jobs book


Evolta completes Ironman

Just a followup on everyone's favorite competitive sporting micro-bot.  Everyone's favorite

competitive sporting micro-bot Evolta just completed the Ironman Triathalon in Hawaii on 
October 30th.  The rechargeable AA powered robot started the event on October 23rd where
he has since spanned 142.9 miles of running, biking and swimming (all in two hours shy of
the projected 168 hours for completion).  The pain-feeling human beings who completed the
course were then promptly ignored.



New breakthrough in glass (PUN!)
Glare blows, plain and simple.  Glare is a inconvenience that, much like furries and the Secret
Life of the American Teenager, needs to go away as soon as possible.  Thankfully there are people
on the case.  Perversely named Nippon Electric Glass has created super glare-reduction glass for
us fun loving folks.  A newly created vitrine is covered by a special film on both sides to reduce
light reflection down to 0.5% (normal glass reflects 8%).  This technology will be helpful in seeing
outside at night and needs to be deployed to all Apple displays immediately.



Hiller is 12% further in Arkham City Ric is 76%

That is all.


Joesph Gordon-Levitte on set of the Dark Knight Rises. A cop? Really??? No freaking way. He is Robin.
I call. Nolan throwing up a red herring.


American Reunion Red Band trailer
Very Funny! Terra Reid is even back. I didn't even know she was still alive.

Friday releases
A very Harold and Kumar Christmas. This should be a stupid stoner Riot. Yes NPH is back.
Tower Heist. With Ben (not funny) Stiller, Matthew Parker (AKA Ferris Bueller)
Brodrick and I used to be funny Eddie Murphy.


Multi-target photo-radar system leaves no car untagged

Go easy on the gas, Speed Racer, because Cordon is on its way. Developed by Simicon, this new speed
sensor promises to take highway surveillance to new heights of precision. Unlike most photo radar systems,
which track only one violator at a time, Simicon's device can simultaneously identify and follow up to 32 vehicles
across four lanes. Whenever a car enters its range, the Cordon will automatically generate two images: one from
wide-angle view and one closeup shot of the vehicle's license plate. It's also capable of instantly measuring a car's
speed and mapping its position, and can easily be synced with other databases via WiFi, 3G or WiMAX. Plus, this
device is compact and durable enough to be mounted upon a tripod or atop a road sign, making it even harder for
drivers to spot. Fortunately, though, you still have time to change your dragster ways, as distributor Peak Gain
Systems won't be bringing the Cordon to North America until the first quarter of 2012


Top 20 5 second films


Florida pizza workers burned down rival store
The battle for pizza supremacy has taken a wrong turn in Florida.

Two managers of a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Lake City, in north-central Florida, have been charged

with burning down a rival Papa John's location.

The motive? Police say one of the men admitted that he believed with his competitor out of the way,

more pizza lovers would flock to his restaurant.

The Star-Banner of Ocala reports that police are still looking for an ignition device that the men claimed

they made but did not use to start the fire.

Police said the suspects described a device made out of a clack, a nine-volt battery, a golf ball-size amount

of black gunpowder and a plastic bag, the newspaper reported.

The suspects allegedly told police that they dismantled the device

and threw the parts out of their vehicle along Interstate 75.

German 'Yoda' charged with drunk driving


WEITERSTADT, Germany, Nov. 1 (UPI) --

Police in Germany said a motorist in a Yoda costume

was unable to use his Jedi powers to get out of charges

stemming from a drunken driving incident.


Investigators said the 42-year-old Weiterstadt man, whose name was not released,

had apparently been out celebrating Halloween Saturday night,

dressed as the "Star Wars" character, and struck a pedestrian while driving home early Sunday morning,

the Berliner Kurier reported Monday.


Police said the driver was stopped about two minutes after striking the pedestrian,

who sustained minor injuries, and was forced to walk home when officers took his license.

The man is facing drunk driving, negligent injury and hit and run charges, police said.



Whale 'vomit' sparks cash bonanza

Man admits switchblade assault in squirrel dispute

Crack Pipe In Bible

One Florida woman might have a different reason for calling it the Good Book.

Fort Pierce police allegedly found a crack pipe inside a Bible belonging to Tonya Sutton,

a 43-year-old woman they had already busted

on charges of carrying an open container of malt liquor, Off The Beat reports.


It was approximately 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 23 when a cop spotted Sutton

strolling with a can of Colt .45, the arrest report says.

Officers later searched her purse and discovered the pipe inside her small holy book.

She was charged with consumption of alcohol in a public place and possession of narcotic equipment.

Crack pipes and drugs of all illicit varieties turn up in the darnedest places;

at show and tell in an elementary school,

in a streaker's discarded clothing and in criminal suspects' nether regions.


Kelly From Detroit asks about Jesus on Toast

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