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Tanked Episode 174 for Tuesday Oct. 4, 2011


- Mike is not on this week.
- Beers
- I killed my helicopter
- Aaron went to SmashBurger


iPhone 4s has landed
Apple's "let's talk iPhone" event has come and gone leaving us with a the first Tim Cook as CEO keynote

and a new batch of iPhones.  A great deal was gone over iOS and it's latest batch of tricks (postcards...really?) 
with a few standouts being wireless airplay, Android-esque notifications and the most-impressive voice recog-
nition software Siri.  Siri will dictate, make appointments, tell the weather and more if you ask it to.  Good stuff!
As for the phones, the iPhone 4s was unveiled packing an dual-core A5 processor that will whup the old processor 
but good.  The camera has been upgraded with 8MP for photos and video that now records in 1080p.  Sprint is the 
latest  carrier to be added to the iPhone roster.  The options for the 4s and legacy phones are as follows:


3Gs - free with contract
4 - $99
4s 16GB - $199
4s 32GB - $299
4s 64GB - $399

New Kindle Breakdown
Kindle 6in e-ink, ad supported/non ad supported - $79/$109
Kindle Touch/Touch 3G e-ink (dropped the Keyboard) - $99/$149
Kindle Fire 7in - $199


HTC is Smoking the THC
A report was recently published by Android Police that suggests HTC’s Sense user interface
has several major security flaws that provide HTC with access to SMS data, phone numbers,
system logs, location information and much more. Worse, the flaw could potentially allow any
third-party application to access the same private information without having permission from
the user to do so. The security issue has been identified on the HTC ThunderBolt,
EVO 4G and EVO 3D. “HTC takes our customers’ security very seriously, and we are working to
investigate this claim as quickly as possible,” HTC said in a statement. “We will provide an update
as soon as we’re able to determine the accuracy of the claim and what steps, if any,
need to be taken.”
HTC addressed a browser privacy issue in June and also commented on
another report in early September which suggested the Sensation and EVO 3D were spying on users.
HTC responded to the browser issue with a fix and said the “spying” allegations were a
result of an HTC “opt-in” feature that allows HTC to collect data so that it can improve its phones.


Call of Duty + man + teenage brat = Choke-A-Cola

46 year old Mark Bradford, an unemployed father of three was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and
was teased mercilessly by a 13 year old opponent.  After "playing the whole day" and having the 
young player bait him mercilessly, Mark took matters into his own hands and tracked down the kid
down, not as in game track down but real life "here comes trouble" track down.  Upon finally confronting 
his adolescent tormentor Bradford proceed to choke him Batman-style.  The teen's mother halted the
altercation and Bradford received an assault charge achievement.  

wownews via joystiq

Adobe + Epic = Adobic? 

Well, maybe not.  But it does mean this: Unreal Engine 3 running on Flash.  Adobe's annual Adobe MAX
conference is going on right now (though I'm sure everyone is more on Apple's jock at the moment) and
Adobe & Epic have joined up to demonstrate Epic's 3rd installment of it's famous Unreal Engine on Adobe's
love and loathed web plugin.  While we talked about Flash Player 11's performance prowess a few shows
back I didn't see this coming.  Sorry Nanaca Crash and QWOP, looks like there's a new Flash
game king in town.



Mortal Kombat to relaunch

Based on the 8 minute live action short film called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. Rebirth is the cause of the relaunch. 
If you have not seen the short you are missing out. The new film based on the short will be much grittier then 
the original Moral Kombat that was released 16 years ago.


Set pics of Russell Crowe for Superman the man of steel.

The Lone Ranger is a Go
I guess trimming 35 million off the budget was all Disney needed to green light the Johnny Deep, Armie Hammer 
cowboy film. From 250M to 215M. This is printing cash and 35M was really that big a deal?

DVD today
Scream 4
Fast 5

In theaters friday
Real Steel (Shot in MI)
The Ides of March - George Clooney, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Ryan Gosling.
The Human Centipede 2. For all you sick twisted people.

- Fatherly duties prevented Hiller from Tucker & Dale amongst other things

- Scott & Ric plan on seeing Real Steel



Just because...


Don't look until show
RB Motorcycle edition


Pasco County man jailed twice in 1 night

LAND O'LAKES, Florida (AP) - Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say a man released from jail after

causing a drunken disturbance, was arrested again after he tried to break into two cars in the

jail's parking lot.

Authorities say 48-year-old Donald Gartner was arrested Sunday afternoon after deputies found

him crawling out from under bushes at his neighbor's house. They say Gartner, who was intoxicated,

was charged with criminal mischief.

The St. Petersburg Times reports Gartner was released from jail about 10 p.m. Sunday.

Deputies say while he was outside waiting for a ride home, he tried to get into two cars in the parking lot.

He was arrested again, less than two hours after his release, and charged with two counts of

attempted car theft. Gartner remained in the Pasco County Jail Tuesday morning.



Alabama company turns gun lovers' ashes into ammunition


(Reuters) - There's something to be said for going out with a bang.

Two Alabama game wardens have devised a smoking send-off for avid hunters and gun enthusiasts: For a small fee, the pair will turn cremated ashes into ammunition that the deceased's loved ones can fire at will.

Holy Smoke LLC has serviced only two clients since launching in July, but founders Thad Holmes and Clem Parnell said they have seen an uptick in prearrangements thanks to word-of-mouth and a recent flurry of international press.

"It's about celebrating life," Holmes, a 16-year state conservation officer, said on Friday. "We know how strange it sounds to people who aren't comfortable around guns, but for those who are, it's not weird at all."

Four years in the making,


Holy Smoke was born during a late-night stakeout to thwart illegal hunting. Parnell had recently lost a family member, and the conversation shifted to their own reservations about traditional methods for disposing of the departed.

Parnell and Holmes dreamed up a company that would fill shotgun shells and rifle or pistol cartridges with ashes, allowing gun enthusiasts to spend eternity the way they lived their lives.


"People take ashes and spread them across lakes or forests or throw them in rivers, and nobody thinks twice about that. This is no different," said Holmes, who noted that a pound of ash fills about 250 shotgun shells.

Costs start at $850. In addition to handling the ashes of one client each from Kentucky and Florida so far, the Stockton, Alabama, company has received inquiries from members of law enforcement, fire departments and the military who wish to have their service honored in that way when the time comes.

Other clients have requested the service be carried out for their pets, particularly bird dogs who have remained faithful companions throughout the years, Holmes said.


Joyce Harrison of Spanish Fort, Alabama, said she understood why some people might recoil at the concept. But she wishes the option had been available seven years ago when her husband of 42 years died of cancer.

"Toward the end he wasn't able to spend as much time hunting as he liked, but he took off any time he felt strong enough to get through, and he always came home so relaxed and at peace with everything," Harrison said. "This would have been perfect for him."

It looks like things got dicey with this "board" couple.
Ian Stuart Wood, 50, is accused of choking his wife during a heated game of Yahtzee,
reports the Naples Daily News. Wood, of Eat Naples, allegedly pushed his wife to the ground and placed his
hands around her throat and began choking her to the point she could not breathe.

Over Yahtzee?

Get the DUHtails at the Naples Daily News.

Photo: Collier County Sheriff's Office

More FloriDUH


Diplomats owe $17 million in New York parking fines

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City is owed nearly $17 million (10 million pounds) in parking tickets issued to diplomats, a hefty amount that may have grown this week as world leaders gathered for the U.N. General Assembly.

The city's Department of Finance said unpaid tickets totalled $16.7 million through the end of July. Egypt topped the list with $1.9 million in tickets, followed by Nigeria with about $1 million and Indonesia with about $725,000.

U.S. congressmen Michael Grimm, Peter King and Edolphus Towns have introduced legislation that would impose sanctions on countries with diplomats who fail to pay parking fines in New York City.

"We can only imagine how much is being racked up this week," Grimm's spokeswoman, Carol Danko, said of the diplomats and world leaders who met at the United Nations in New York.

Under current law, 110 percent of total unpaid parking fines owed to New York City and Washington will be withheld from the foreign aid and obligations to the offending countries.

But the stiffed cities don't recover any of the money, Danko said.


The proposed legislation asks the U.S. State Department to deny the renewal of diplomatic licenses to any country with outstanding parking fines.

New York City is home to 289 foreign missions and consulates. The diplomats' tickets were issued for safety violations including blocking fire hydrants.

"There's no such thing as 'diplomatic immunity' from paying parking tickets," Grimm said when the legislation was introduced in May.

"If you get a ticket in NYC, you have to pay it. No exceptions. New York City's budget is tight enough as it is, and foreign diplomats do not deserve a free pass at the expense of New York City taxpayers."



Ice cream costume mistaken for KKK robe

OCALA, Fla., Sept. 27 (UPI) --

The owners of a Florida ice cream shop said they want to assure locals

their white-hooded ice cream cone mascot is in no way associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

Jose Cantres, co-owner of Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches in Ocala,
 said he and other workers have heard through word of mouth
 and on Facebook that some passersby believe their costumed mascot, a vanilla ice cream cone,
 resembles a KKK member in the group's signature robes, the Ocala Star-Banner reported Tuesday. "One (customer) told me, 'I had to think twice before coming in here
because I thought it was KKK,'" manager Liza Diaz said.

Diaz, who moved to Florida from Puerto Rico,

said she had never heard of the KKK until the controversy at the 2-month-old business began.

"We're a friendly environment, family-oriented,"

Diaz said. "We're not (racist). We're very friendly, very religious."


Kangaroo at exotic-animal farm attacks Ohio man


boxing kangaroo


An 80-year-old man is in fair condition after a kangaroo attacked him for 15 minutes

at an exotic-animal farm in central Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Marion County sheriff's office received a 911 call

Tuesday from a woman saying her father-in-law was hurt.

Maj. Jeff Cline says the injury happened at Kokas Exotics in Green Camp.

The Advocate of Newark reports the man was in fair condition Wednesday at a Columbus hospital.

The farm owner's son told WCMH-TV the man was attacked by a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound male kangaroo.

The station reports the attack came at breeding time when males can be aggressive.

The son says the kangaroo will be euthanized.


-Rapid Fire questions from KFD

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