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Tanked Episode 172 for Tuesday Sep. 20, 2011 

- Beers

- We have game ideas

- Update on the Heinz katchup package link

Sony says "no settle, no update"
Sony is a company that knows how to get it done.  Whether it's sending out media with functionality crushing root 
kits or leaving PSN users personal/financial info out in the open you never know what you're gonna' get from them.
Last week the it was discovered that by agreeing to the latest Playstation Network update terms of service Sony
is requiring that you opt out of any class action lawsuits regarding the PSN's data hacks from earlier this year.  
Legal beagles can continue their PSN fun time and still get their sue on by sending in a written letter to Sony stating
that they wish to.  If I were you guys I would get delivery confirmation on those letters pronto.  Just sayin'.



Two words: Mommy Tummy

It's just not the Tokyo Game Show until something messed up comes down the line.  Yesterday Joystiq writer Richard Mitchell
tried his hand at Mommy Tummy, the newest "what the hell" game from the land of the rising sun.  Mommy Tummy is a
"pregnancy system" set to simulate full-term pregnancy.  A specially designed vest (and floral apron) is worn by the "player"
which uses inflating sacks, vibrations and water bags to simulate the expansion of breasts, belly growth and eventually the
kicking of a baby in utero.  An onscreen display of your "baby" accompanies this as you feel it rotate around.  The entire
9 month term was condensed within two minutes for demonstration purposes.  So just one question Japan? Who exactly is
the target market here?  No word as to when the Oopy Doopy Abortion simulator expansion pack is set for release.


If you're a Netflix subscriber you most likely got a letter from CEO Reed Hastings on Monday apologizing for 
the recent changes at the video rental/streaming service.  Not too long ago Netflix announced the separation
of DVD/Blu-Ray mail rentals and streaming digital rentals for added costs to the consumer.  Now the company
is solidifying that with the unveiling of it's new mail rental service branded Qwikster.  I don't think consumers
can expect anything different from the recent changes with this (other than getting billing from two different
companies) but the apologetic letter and branding change may push consumers into thinking something is awry.
As usual, I blame Hollywood and the telecoms.  Go.

Bridesmaid maids on DVD today

Riddick 3?
Looks like we will see the third installment in the Sci-Fi space convict Riddick. Vin Diesel talked about it on his FB page and we could see the film in 2012.

Expendables 2 adds cast members

rumored additions Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris are confirmed to be appearing in the film, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis set to reprise their roles from the first outing.
So much like the 1st one. 80s and 90s actions stars killing everyone in site. Oh and some modern day bad asses like Jason Statham and Jet Li.

This weekend in theaters

The Killer Elite
Dolphin tale.


Miniature Evolta Robots Take on the Full-Sized Ironman Triathlon

Panasonic's Evolta battery-powered robots were already pretty impressive, but now they're going for a hat trick of
endurance-testing awesomeness by taking on Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon later this Fall.

The triathlon entails surviving three courses: one for swimming; one for biking; and one for running.

Above-normal humans are expected to run the 138.6-mile course in a single day.

These robots will get a week, with breaks only to recharge their batteries.


Videos @



Woman with 2 uteruses (uterusi) delivers twins


Authorities say a Florida woman with a rare medical condition has delivered twins --
one from each of her two uteruses.

The St. Petersburg Times reports Andreea Barbosa and her husband, Miguel,

conceived the twins without reproductive medicine. Nathan and Natalie Barbosa were born Sept. 15

at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. They join 2-year-old sister, Izabella.


The newspaper says Barbosa's obstetrician, Dr. Patricia St. John,

placed the odds of such a pregnancy at 1 in about 5 million.

The doctor explained that two eggs had to be released and fertilized at the same time in each uterus.

Barbosa's condition is called uterus didelphys. She says it was diagnosed four years ago.

It's not the first recorded case. In 2010, a Utah woman with the same condition became pregnant with two babies,

each conceived at a different time.

St. John says Barbosa's pregnancy was perfect and the twins were born via C-section at 36 weeks.

Obama brews his own beer at the White House

obama beer
Barack Obama has once again made history --
this time by becoming the first US President to brew his own beer in the White House.

Historians say Obama's 'White House Honey Ale' --
 which lists honey from Whit House bees as an ingredient --
 marks the first time 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been used as a micro-brewery.

Produced with equipment the Obamas have paid for with their own money
, the brew was recently enjoyed when Obama sat down with war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer
 ahead of awarding him the Medal of Honor.

But it was first served at their Super Bowl party earlier this year
 where guests managed to drink the entire first batch of 90-100 bottles…
prompting an embarrassing trip to the off-license.




Kelly From Detroit Asks us 3 questions this week *kind of rapid fire*

-3 Who is our favorite comedian of all time?
-2 Whats the deal with the amish
-1 Is there anything that bacon isn't good on?

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