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Tanked Episode 170 for Tuesday Sep. 6, 2011



-Aike Manthes is on yet again!
-Thanks to Aaron Scott's wants to get into brewing beer
- We haven't played a game on the show in a while. we need some game ideas from the listeners.


The T in TV is for transparency!

Fun!  Haier (maker of one of the shittiest air conditioner I have ever owned) unveiled their
clear OLED display this weekend at IFA2011 (don't ask).  The organic display (whatever the
hell that means) is 22" at 1680x1050 with sharp images with colors a little on the muted side.
Rather than to deploy to home entertainment centers that are positioned in front of white walls
across America, Haier is looking more towards eye-catching advertising for their displays.


- Should go well with that transparent Samsung laptop we talked about a while ago.



Hiller reviews BloodRayne Betrayal

Having never played the previous BloodRayne games or having seen any of the reportedly 
horrific Uwe Boll films based on the vampire assassin Rayne I can't say that I was much 
interested in the prospect of an XBLA sequel (or should I say "diet" sequel).  But as always,
my frugal mind gave way the moment I saw BloodRayne Betrayal's glorious 2D frame by 
frame animation and platforming, an aspect that has lured me into many an XBLA yawners 
like Hard Corp and Shank (not that Shank was entirely frame by frame animated).  BB is a 
bit on the campy side with Rayne being deployed via rocket coffin into stages but camp can
easily go on the wayside as she is a lot of fun to play.  Sure you can shoot, slice and dash
but it's the little additions like the "bite of exploding death" and the Mario-esque head jump
that make the game a lot of fun.  Sure some of the bosses seem ripped out of the usual 2D
adventure game (Castlevania in particular) and the difficulty can be a little bit of a pisser 
when you just want to screw around but overall I'm enjoying the game.  For $15 it's worth
a shot...and a bite.

gameplay via youtube

Ric is MIA this week
New spy photos of the new Super Man Costume.
*Discuss Briefly*

In Theaters this weekend



Captin Planet Movie Trailer

Are you Kidding Me? Who else is going to play that tree
hugging asshole! Well Don Cheadle of course!


Not to be used in the show but for us to watch in preshow link
Have snakes, will travel
Last Wednesday, Miami international airport authorities found seven exotic snakes
and three tortoises stuffed into the trousers of a passenger.  The gig was up when 
the man went through a body scanner which gave away the reptiles location (packed
in nylon bags).  He was then arrested by US Fish and Wildlife Service officials for 
animal trafficking.  When asked why he had seven snakes and three tortoises in his 
pants the passenger said "That's all I had room for."  Ba Boom!!!


Helpful Website Tells You If Someone Is Jerking Off To You

From the Wankers behind the scenes.. 

We believe is the next step in Social Media, making it a more democratic

and open system than ever before! It’s a masturbation revolution!

If you've ever thought to yourself "Hmm.. I wonder if X ever thought of me while doing

it.." then you've come to the right place! enables you to vote for people you masturbate to. By doing this you give

something to them in exchange for all the wonderful times they've given you, you also get to

see how many people do it while thinking about you. It's free, it's anonymous, and it's fucking

awesome. What's even better is that you can sign up for mutual wank alerts. This means that

if said person ever +1s you, BANG! you get a mutual wank alert.

So go ahead, +1 some of those wonderful people and hope that one of them +1s you!

Then there have been times when you meet a delicious personality and are like "Hi, how do

you do.." ..mmm.. I'll be thinkin' of you later..(!) But then you forget. Never fear because we'd

like to introduce you to our to-'do' list. Yes, that's right, we went ahead and created an organizer

for masturbation. Organize your masturbation right away so that you never miss that essential wank,

it's what the doctor advised! No more "it's time to fap, hmm.. who should I think of ?".

With your to-'do' list, it's all there right in front of you! is all about satisfying that curiosity you’ve always had, helping you get

through those blue days with a +1, building bridges between people and talking

openly about something that’s always been fun!

Wank you very much!


Forgotten mooncakes spark Taiwan station bomb scare


TAIPEI (Reuters) -

Police in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung mobilised the bomb squad

after a suspicious package was found in a subway station toilet,

only to find it contained nothing more dangerous than mooncakes.


A cleaner called police to report the package left on top of a waste bin on Saturday.

Part of the station, known for its stained glass ceiling, was cordoned off and explosives experts were called in.


TV pictures showed a police officer in a full protective suit entering the toilet carrying specialist equipment

while other officers waited outside with more gear.

The officer then emerged carrying a bright blue cardboard box full of mooncakes

, pastries with sweet fillings traditionally eaten at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"It was x-rayed first to see what it was and whether there was any chemical or electrical reaction,

" local police station chief Cheng Ming-chung told TV.

"Someone must have put it down to use the toilet and forgotten it when they left,"

he said, adding that the police would continue to investigate.




Man found butchering cow in Utah driveway (AP)

OGDEN, Utah –

Authorities are considering charges after a Utah man was found butchering a cow in his driveway.

The Standard-Examiner of Ogden reports ( that authorities received a call Sunday afternoon

from an Ogden resident who reported a neighbor cutting up a cow in his driveway.


The caller told authorities they heard what sounded like a gunshot shortly before the butchering began.

Police say when officers arrived, the man was removing the cow's head. He denied shooting the animal,

and told the officers it had been delivered dead.

Prosecutors are now reviewing the case for potential charges, including possible health code violations.

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