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Tanked Episode 167 for Tuesday Aug. 16, 2011



-Sorry about Nate's Mic last week (don't apologize to the listeners, they can smell fear!!!) (this is very true lol)
-Aaron is leaving for like 2 months!
-Scott tried White Castle today


Google Buys Motorola
Google has stunned those watching the mobile space with the announcement monday
that it has purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash.
In buying the hardware company, Google made clear its desire to acquire the estimated
25,000 patents held by Motorola.Google CEO Larry Page characterized the defensive
move as one that would "strengthe[n] Google’s patent portfolio, which will enable us
to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft,
Apple and other companies."


Gamescon 11 kicks off with a bang! 

Just some quick notes from Cologne, Germany:

- $50 PlayStation 3 price drop!  PS3 starts at $250.  joystiq
- Battlefield 3 looks sick, now with jets and 64 person multiplayer.  kotaku
- Steel Battalion is back but the big ass controller have been replaced by Kinect motion controls. ology
- Valve takes a stab at Online Multiplayer Real Time Strategy with Dota 2. Trailer is up, beta is
on the way and a million dollar tournament kicks off today to promote the upcoming game.

KinectFusion HQ makes 3D modeling easy*

I'm almost completely convinced that Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing system wasn't
invented for video gaming at all.  The device has made people invisible, provided working
virtual air guitars and motion-tracked nipples but now it's being put to some practical non-
video game use.  KinectFusion HQ uses the fact that Kinect is basically a 3D camera to 
(what else) capture 3D from it's surrounding environment.  KFHQ can construct an acurate
3D model of a room in seconds down the the millimeter.  The room can then be rendered 
and interacted with as usual.  I don't know about you but I think I just came up with a way
to get into 3D modeling with all that bothersome learning to bog me down.  Thanks
Microsoft Research!


* Yes, that is a pyramid of Natty Ice.

Lollipop Chainsaw announced
From the messed up guy who brought us No More Heroes and the just as messed up guy who brought
you Slither comes, well...a perfectly understandable video game about a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader.

Video game director Suda 51 and director/writer James Gunn will be collaborating on Lollipop Chainsaw,

the story of a (go figure) rocket launching chainsaw wielding heroine named Juliet.  Having played No More 
Heroes I'm betting the gameplay will be typical but with Suda and Gunn behind it I'm sure the story will
be both hilarious and quite insane.  Lollipop Cheerleader is set for release in 2012.


Ric Saw the Help and the Change-up. Scott saw the Smurfs

Change up is silly fun. An hour and 20 minutes of raunchy comedy change up fun.

The Help based on the book by the same name. A very good story of Black women who are maids
serving whites in Mississippi in the 50's. Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard star.

Tons of Batman and The Avengers stills and video hitting the web. Just look for them and you can find them.
The Crow Remake hits another road block. Bradley Cooper leaving the movie due to scheduling conflicts.
Possible replacement Channing Tatum.
As much as this movie remake pains me. This one is one that I don't want made.


The Think Tank

SpaceX plans November test flight to space station,%20SpaceX%20Founder.jpg
California-based rocket maker SpaceX said that it will make a test flight in late November to the International
Space Station, now that NASA has retired its space shuttle program.

"SpaceX has been hard at work preparing for our next flight -- a mission designed to demonstrate that a

privately-developed space transportation system can deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station (ISS),"

the company, also called Space Exploration Technologies, said in a statement.

"NASA has given us a November 30, 2011 launch date, which should be followed nine days later

by Dragon berthing at the ISS," the company said.

It said the arrival of the vessel at the space station would herald "the beginning of a new era in space travel."

Plans for a real-life Bioshock-esque Rapture continue
Peter Thiel (founder of online payment juggernaut PayPal) made known his interest in building an off-shore
community in international water a couple years back but now it would appear he's actually doing something
about it.  Thiel has chunked away $1.25 million towards the Seasteading Institute, an organization that aims
to make these floating communities (off the coast of San Francisco) happen.  The floating sovereign nations
are proposed to be Libertarian and free of regulation, laws and moral convention.  Yow.  Thiel aims to have 
tens of millions of residents by 2050 with no welfare, strict building codes, and loose weapons restrictions.  
That might come in handy when Fantasy Watertopia is inevitably attacked by other nations immediately 
following it's completion.  Good luck Thiel!  PayPal sucks.

Woman unhappy with 20-ton boulder 'gift'

ACTON VALE, Quebec, Aug. 16 (UPI) --

Canadian police say they're considering charges against a Quebec man

who dropped a 20-ton boulder in his ex-wife's driveway as a birthday present.


Isabelle Prevost made the discovery Sunday morning in the town of Acton Vale,

east of Montreal, and called police, The (Montreal) Gazette reported.


The massive rock was spray-painted in French with a happy birthday greeting on one side and

"This is for all you're doing to me" on the other side.

Her ex-husband, Dany Lariviere, who owns an excavation company,

told police he used a front-end loader in the middle of the night to transport the boulder

as his ex-wife had always complained he never gave her "a big rock."


The couple have been separated for three years and Lariviere told police he had spent a lot of money

in acrimonious legal wrangling with Prevost,

including a custody fight for their two children, the Globe and Mail reported.

He said two provincial police officers stopped him as he was driving the boulder to the house,

but cleared his license and equipment.

Provincial prosecutors were expected to decide this week if he should face harassment,

mischief or traffic charges, the reports said.


In-flight film "explains" mysteries of female pleasure

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The in-flight entertainment on some planes run by Australian airline Qantas

currently contains a somewhat unusual offering --

a movie that purports to elucidate the mysteries of female sexual pleasure.


The 50-minute French film "The Female Orgasm Explained,"

which includes naked scenes, is carried on long-haul "Video on Demand"

aircraft in the airline's "The Edge" channel -- complete with a warning that it is for mature audiences only.


"In general programs are selected according to quality of content, box office/ratings,

topicality and Qantas customer demographics," Qantas said in a statement,

adding that programs were screened by their program team before licensing.


"With the Edge, we source programs that are out of the ordinary across all genres."

Airline crews are able to block content to the seats of minors and at the requests of their parents,

it added. The film will be run until November.


The choice of film may be a bit risky given the fact that airlines are usually quite careful

about what they show, said Catriona Eider, an associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy,

Sydney University.

"I think sociologically it's interesting they are showing something that has the potential in that quite confined

space to have people say 'Oh, what are you watching?' or shows that might be understood as titillating as porn," she said.

But she added that changing social norms mean that off-limit topics have shifted.

"'In Sex and the City', the orgasm is something pretty much spoken in everyday levels.

It's no longer the taboo subject it was."


-JFT does not have a question
-Kelly from Detroit asks what's the deal with giving head?