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Tanked Episode 165 for Thursday Aug. 4, 2011 


- Well Tuesday was 802.11 (WiFi) Day!
- Beers
- Scotts B-day
- Ric isn't on this week. K2K Friday. Will post video
-Speaking of video we are in the works of doing a streaming version of the show and video version.
- Hiller gets a new jobby job


Adobe falls in line with Adobe Edge

Everyone loves Flash! While this is an outright lie, there are many out there (iPad, iPhone users, Apple execs, etc.)
who prefer their online animated media to be done in rich, robust and processor friendly HTML5.  It was only a matter
of time that Adobe (makers of Photoshop, Flash and all other things that make the creative world go round) gave
designers out there the tools to create HTML5 animations but without all that coding hooplah.  This week Adobe Edge
went into beta providing an After Effects-esque interface for what will most likely be the future on online animated
media development.  It's keyframe structure appears much more flexible that Flash could have ever hoped for as
well as direct access to the animation's HTML5 for all you code monkeys out there.  With the beta currently focusing
on animation, interactivity is said to be on the way later.  When that happens, who knows, maybe the days of those
annoying Flash banners will fade away to reveal a new dawn of smooth and efficient annoying banner ads.

Adobe Labs



Hiller explores an Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Well, one good thing came out of the delay in this week's show...and that's a big paycheck for Hiller :D

Another good thing happened on Wednesday when the long away Michel Gagné action/adventure shooter

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was release on XBLA.  ITSP 1500 Microsoft fantasy points ($15).

Now With Bears :-)

Last years Kinect exclusive game, Kinectimals, has a sequel. The appropriately titled

Kinectimals Now With Bears will feature the same core gameplay mechanics as Kinetimals but this time with bears. 

Gamers can adopt one of five adorable bears, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear or Polar Bear
or one of the five cats – Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Cheetah, Leopard or Panther. There are 10 more fuzzy friends for
you to unlock as you progress through the game. I have to assume one of the unlockable animals will be a panda
since they released screenshots of it. Just a guess though.
Kinectimals Now With Bears will be released this fall as a stand alone title.
If you already own Kinectimals you can download Now With Bears as a DLC pack.

Nintendo Slashes 3DS Prices
Nintendo says it will cut the price of its Nintendo 3DS gaming console from $169 to $249 in the U.S.,
after reporting a large drop in sales and drastically cutting its profit outlook for 2011.

Globally, Nintendo sold 710,000 units of 3DS and 4.53 million game titles during the quarter and

1.56 million units of its Wii console. Wii’s price was also recently cut to $150 in the U.S.

Nintendo says a lack of hit games, together with a stronger yen against the dollar and

costs of 3DS promotion, hurt its earnings. The company hopes that the significantly

reduced price of the 3DS will generate momentum before the holiday shopping season.


 Aaron reviews Cowboys and Aliens

Superman: Man of Steel revealed

Here ya' go.

Man uses phone glitch to bond out of Fla
Authorities say an inmate at a central Florida jail used a glitch in the facility's phone
system to bond himself out. The Lake County Sheriff's Office says 32-year-old Larry Stone
discovered the glitch earlier this month. The phone system charges inmate accounts for calls
but refunds the money if the call doesn't go through. But the system was reimbursing
inmates twice for incomplete calls.

Authorities say Stone repeatedly made calls and hung up until he had more than $1,250 --

enough to bond out of jail. Stone had been arrested in April on property-crime charges.

Stone was only free for a few hours before he was re-arrested. Officials became suspicious

by the inmates' increased phone use.

The software error has been fixed and accounts

restored to their previous totals.

Swede tried to build nuclear reactor in his kitchen

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) -

A Swedish man was arrested after he tried to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen

and documented his efforts on the Internet, authorities and the man said Thursday.

Richard Handl, 31, from Angelholm in southern Sweden,

gathered materials including smoke detectors,

clock and watch hands and via purchases on the Internet.


"I was just curious to see if it was possible, it is just a hobby,"

said Handl, currently unemployed but previously a worker in a ventilation systems factory.

He documented his efforts on a blog and his Facebook page.

He got as far as mixing some ingredients on a cooker

-- americum, radium, beryllium and 96 percent sulphuric acid.


"The boiling explosion was about 3 or 4 months ago and the police came two weeks ago," he said.

After the incident, which he tagged "The Meltdown" on his blog, he said he

"cleaned up the mess on the cooker and then I bought some more radium and continued the experiment."

The Radiation Safety Authority

said in a statement the authorities raided Handl's flat on July 20

after hearing that he was handling nuclear materials in an unsafe way.


"There were no raised levels of radiation in the apartment and the neighbours

were not exposed to radiation," research chief Leif Moberg said in the statement.

Handl reported the raid laconically on his website, writing "Project cancelled!"

He was detained and shortly after freed.

"I am still a suspect for crime against the radiation safety law," he said.

New saggy jeans designed to improve mobility

NEW YORK (Reuters) -

Men who like to sag their jeans down low but fear they could end up around their ankles

may be interested in new pants that snap to special boxer shorts for support and improved mobility.

Irese and Mark Davenport, two brothers from Newark, New Jersey, unveiled Sagz Jeans this week.

They noticed their teenage children's movement was hampered by the look,

which came to prominence in 1990s hip-hop music videos.


"They're holding their pants up not being able to play sports,

basically being unhealthy because of the attire they were wearing," Mark Davenport said.

His brother invented the concept and patented it in 2006 to give sag jean wearers a active lifestyle.

With Sagz Jeans, the pants can be snapped to the waist-hugging underwear at three different heights

allowing the wearer to show how low he can go without actually risking a wardrobe malfunction.


Both brothers are aware of the controversy surrounding the style,

in which large swathes of the wearer's underwear are visible above their pants' low-slung waistline.

Several U.S. municipalities have instituted fines or even jail time for those caught sagging.


Even President Barack Obama has weighed in, saying in 2008 that although he considers

anti-sagging legislation a waste of time, he thinks "brothers should pull up their pants."


"You don't have to pass a law, but that doesn't mean folks

can't have some sense and some respect for other people and,

you know, some people might not want to see your underwear - I'm one of them," he said.

Dwayne Hoard, the creative director of Sagz,
 believes such reactions are simply the latest in an inevitable cycle of older people
 finding themselves unnerved by the tastes of the young.


He said young men who sag their pants are unfairly demonized as hooligans or thugs.

The style is sometimes thought to have originated in prisons,

where new inmates would be handed oversized pants but no belt

for fear it could be used as a weapon or in a suicide attempt.

Hoard prefers to date its origins to when Michael Jordan started wearing relatively baggy basketball shorts.

He said it's a form of youth expression doomed to be misunderstood by elders.

"Young folks, they will sag no matter what," he said. "What we are trying to do is offer a better alternative."

The line will sell online only for now. A pair of Sagz jeans costs about $80, including a pair of snapped-in boxers.

The company aims to make between $500,000 and $1 million in sales in its first year.



-Jason asks, What super power would we have?
-Kelly asks, what's the craziest thing you have ever heard from another human being?

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