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Tanked Episode 150 for Tuesday Apr. 5, 2011


-Aaron is out of town this week.


Virgin Oceanic takes the plunge

If there is a unexplored frontier, then Richard Branson has a vehicle to take you there.
Scrooge McDuck's greatest foe has announced the Virgin Oceanic venture which promises
to have his Virgin branded Necker Nymph aero submarine dive to the deepest part of each
of the Earth's five oceans...all within the next two years even (Snagglepuss).  The Graham
Hawkes designed sub will be piloted by Chris Welsh on it's first dive to the bottom of the
Mariana Trench later on this year.  Branson the plans to pilot the subby on the following
mission to the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench.  Branson and crew plan on setting a few
world records with this thingy as one can imagine.  Godspeed you rich bastard!



Anonymous threatens Sony over Geohot suit


Now this is a remake I can get behind, and punch in the ass!  Developer Bomer Games
started working on a game called Streets of Rage Remake way back in 2003 (based, of
course, on the popular Sega beat 'em up Streets of Rage and it's sequels).  This week
they finally finished it.  What the holy hell took so long you may ask?  The game isn't 
quite as much a remake as much as the ultimate tribute to the Streets of Rage franchise.

Remake is built off of all new code, contains 103 stages and has all selectable characters

from Streets of Rage 1, 2 & 3 with new fighting moves and abilities.  Boss Rush, Volleyball,
etc. are included with a level editor to boot!  Follow the link below for the download or if
you just feel like watching a man jump kick and advancing bulldozer just for the hell of it.

youtube    download full game

Box Office Winner:
Hop with 38M
Source Code only 15M
Insidious 13.4M
Only suprise here was the fact that SC only made $15 mil. Thought Jake was a bigger draw then
that. 2nd strait week a movie with big expectations Bombs. Sucker Punch took a huge drop on 6M. That movie is a total Bomb!


Monsters University Date change
Pixar has been able to keep pace of one film per year, but 2012 was looking to get a little crazy with
set for the summer and the Monsters, Inc. prequel Monsters University scheduled
for the holiday season.  The film would take a look the college days of James “Sulley” Sullivan
(John Goodman) and Michael “Mike” Wazowski (Billy Crystal). However, it looks like Pixar will
now have more time to work on Monsters University as the Exhibitor Relations Facebook page is
reporting that Pixar has moved the film’s release date to June 21, 2013.  No other film currently
occupies that date, and I’m glad that Pixar now has some breathing room for Monsters University



The Governator trailer 

Jesus Christ on a Segway...


Although Stan Lee is responsible for some of the most iconic characters of the 20th century
it would appear that the well has long since run dry.  The Governator tells the engaging
tale of ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who decides to dedicate his retirement
from the political stage to fighting crime and gargantuan robots (who somehow have a need
to steal big bags of cash from folks).  The trailer for the series (which is expected to premiere
in late 2012) dropped on Monday with 3D and internet features also being hinted at.  



Bugatti's new 4 door bug




Man forces kids to "suck on his boobs"

Chad Henry Christie has a very strange way of teaching his children about the consequence

of one's actions.  Children of the Hastings, MN native called police to inform them of the 
"baby animals" game that their father played which involved both children sucking on Christie's
nipples.  The children said this was a recurring practice.  Though Christie fully confessed to
the acts he claims that there was no sexual intent but admitted that he had some issues and
needed therapy.  Christie faces a possible $10k fine and up to 5 years in priz if found guilty.
The kids are currently in counseling.



Brown Flame

A jilted boyfriend who tried to burn down the door of his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s Staten Island

apartment was caught standing naked in the hallway and covered in feces, authorities said.

Rasheen Harrison, 24, was peeved that his former flame had allegedly stolen his cellphone, so

at 5:26 a.m. Sunday he smeared feces on the door of her Vanderbilt Avenue residence, near

Osgood Avenue, in Park Hill, according to court papers.

He then stripped off his clothes and set fire to them and the apartment door, trapping the woman,

her two young children and two other occupants inside, cops said.

"I’m going to burn your house and this whole building down with you in it," he allegedly snarled.

Arriving cops arrested Harrison and charged him with arson and reckless endangerment, said a

spokesman for DA Daniel Donovan.

Harrison was taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. His arraignment is still pending.