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Tanked Episode 149 for Tuesday Mar. 29, 2011 


-Wife had surgery. Scott is now a maid service. lol


Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Well we've been talking about how cool it would be to store your music in the cloud and then be able to access
your music collection on any device and stream it.  Last April it looked like Apple may launch such a service
first, seeing as though they bought out LaLa (another cloud based music website), but much to everyones
dismay, all they did with LaLa was shut it down and piss off LaLa customers.
Well almost a year after the LaLa shut down and apple fan boys screaming to make iTunes a streaming player,
Amazon pulls the rug out from everyone and launches it's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player web apps.
It's pretty simple. Existing Amazon music buyers can now stream their collection. The shady part is it's only
availible on web (your computer) or Android phones. No iPhone love here.
If you've never purchased music through Amazon though thats ok, because they have a nifty web app
called Cloud Drive that lets existing US customers upload their MP3 purchases and songs you already own
to Amazon's 5GB cloud space for the low low price of Free-- upgradable to a one-year 20GB plan for free upon
purchasing an MP3 album, with additional plans starting at $20 a year. After that fire up the ol' web browser or
download the Cloud Player and stream your music to your Android phone. Wha La!
Someone has some catching up to do.
Update: Engadget readers have confirmed that the Cloud Player will support music purchased
             from iTunes as well, presumably from the post-DRM era
-Is the service to pricey?
-Is it just a matter of time before apple is going to offer this in iTunes?
-Did they wait to long?
-Perfect example of why we need compilation to push technology
-You can bet that Apple is not going to allow Amazon's cloud apps in apple's appstore

Engadget, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player


Nintendo 3DS is Having Issues

G4 is reporting the Nintendo 3DS is only a day out from release in the United States,
and reports of errors are tricking in from all corners of the internet. Users are reporting a
“black screen of death” error that requires a hard reset of the system to clear. It won't brick
your 3DS, so "Death" is an overly strong descriptor, but it sounds pretty annoying.

According to internet posters, the error has popped up across a variety of applications, including

Super Monkey Ball, PilotWings Resort, and even the Mii making application. There's some

speculation that the error has something to do with Wi-Fi, and that

playing with Wi-Fi off might solve the problem.

Read more @ G4

Gnome Chompski fan trailer needs to be made

Left 4 Dead's famed garden gnome Gnome Chompski gets serious in a fan made trailer featuring

the adorable character bringing hell with a jetpack, a chainsaw and machine guns.  Check out
the video...or don't.



Superman the Man of Steel get it's Lois Lane. Just for you Scott. Amy Adams
(Fighter, Night at the Museum 2) will be the smart fast talking love of Supermans life.

Sucker Punched gets Sucker Punched this weekend by Diary of a wimpy kid 2.
Wimpy kid 24.4M Sucker punch 19.0M. Every film for Snyder does less and less
impressive each time out. Makes me worry just a bit about superman. Wait,
Nolan is EP. Nevermind.
Will Sasso (Mad TV) will play Curly in the Farrelly Brothers' "three Stooges" movie.
Hank Azaria (simpson's and many other films) and James Marsden (X-men, Hop) are
rumored as being frontrunners to play Moe and Larry, respectively.
Ok, Hank Azaria I can see. James Marsden? really? Cyclops?
Will Sasso is lead candidate for Three Stooges

Chew picked up by Showtime

Showtime bought a script for Chew, a proposed pilot based on the popular comic book 
of the same name by John Layman and Rob Guillory. Showtime executive producer 
Stephen Hopkins (of Californication fame) is attached to the project which hails from
Circle of Confusion (unfortunate acronym) of Chew follows FDA agent Tony Chu who is
a cibopath.  That means he can obtain the thoughts and history of anything he eats
(vegetables, people, etc.).  The comic is crazy funny and quite entertaining and hopefully
it will translate into an exciting show in the future.


website exclusive. Go to the site to check it out.
A Hunter Shoots a Bear




Ford sues Nissan's Brazil management over TV ad


(Reuters) -


The Brazilian unit of Ford Motor Co filed a criminal lawsuit against

the local management of rival Nissan Motor Co for airing a TV commercial

that says the U.S. automaker charges customers too much for hatchback models.


The commercial, which was withdrawn from national TV on March 3

after Ford obtained an injunction,

shows two rappers dressed as Ford engineers in factory outfits

boasting about the money they pocket by overpricing the hatchback Focus model.

A silver Focus lies in the background, while bikini-clad models dance and sip champagne.


"All the luxury that I got, I got it with your money," the rappers boast,

showing off their gold rings and chains. "Don't weep because you're paying extra money

-- your money was well spent, look what I do with it."


The lawsuit was filed at a regional police department in the city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais,

in southern Parana state, where Nissan and France's Renault have a joint factory,

people familiar with the situation told Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

Police Chief Osman Feijoo has agreed to file charges against Nissan, an assistant said.


Feijoo declined to comment, as did Ford's media office in Sao Paulo.

A Nissan spokeswoman in Sao Paulo did not have an immediate comment on the suit,

which accuses Nissan's local management of "improper brand use" and "unfair competition."


Nissan has taken on a more aggressive marketing approach in recent months in Brazil,

where car sales have hit sequential records for four years.

The ad touts Nissan's Tiida model, which costs 3,000 reais ($1,806) less than the Focus.

TV ads where companies name and poke fun at rivals are uncommon in Brazil.

Last year Nissan took aim at General Motors and Fiat, Brazil's best-selling auto brand,

in a series of ads that were eventually withdrawn.

Ford is ranked fourth in Brazil's auto market, with a market share of 9.4 percent.

Nissan, a relative newcomer to Brazil, ranks 12th, with market share of 1.6 percent.







600-pound bronze moose among Calif. statue thefts



 – Mon Mar 28, 11:36 am ET


San Diego County authorities are looking for art thieves

who have made off with at least 18 metal, wood and concrete statues

— including a 600-pound bronze moose.


The North County Times reports the thieves have stolen

nearly $44,000 worth of lawn art since October.

Most of the thefts occurred in San Marcos and Ramona.


The artworks included Buddha yard statutes,

a life-sized aluminum colt, a 3-foot-tall statue of the Virgin Mary

and a copper statue of three children valued at $15,000.


Detectives suspect that the metal works may have been broken up and sold to recyclers,

while the other pieces might have been resold.


  (about $3 per pound so only $1800 for the moose    Aaron)



Police: Pa. man put shrimp in pants, struck guard




  – Mon Mar 28, 10:45 am ET

DOVER, Pa. –

A central Pennsylvania man faces robbery and assault charges

after he allegedly stuffed a bag of frozen shrimp down his pants

and attacked a grocery store security guard.


Northern York County Regional Police say 37-year-old Brian McDaniel

was spotted hiding the shrimp in his pants and struck a security guard

who tried to stop him inside a grocery store Thursday in Dover Township.

The guard sustained minor injuries.


McDaniel was caught in the store's parking lot by the security guard and a bystander.

He is being held on $10,000 bail.

It was not immediately clear if McDaniel had an attorney.





Civil Aviation Authority threatens to

prosecute man over waterskiing stunt

A NORTHERN Territory cattleman has shrugged off threats to prosecute
him for towing his son on a waterski with a helicopter.

Milton Jones, 46, said the Canberra-based Civil Aviation Authority was wasting its money.

"It's a witch-hunt," he told the NT News.

The authority has asked for unedited footage of the waterskiing stunt shown

in Network Ten's Keeping Up With the Joneses.

Mr Jones, who owns the 700sq km Coolibah station on the Victoria River,

said he was towing his 15-year-old son Beau. "He was home from boarding school.

I only see him for a few weeks each year and we were just having a bit of fun.

"It was perfectly safe. I've been flying for 20 years and am very experienced.

All the yahoo has gone out of me by now."

Mr Jones, who also owns the Albatross helicopter company and the Top Springs Hotel,

said he was endorsed for low-level flying. The safety authority took out a search warrant to obtain the raw footage.

But Mr Milton's lawyer obtained an order for the video to be sealed and handed to the Federal Court.

A judge will decide next month if the authority can see the footage.

Side note...

Man Breaks Water-skiing Record With Helicopter [Video]

written by TheBlogIsMine's Staff Writer on March 8th, 2011

Mexican Fernando Reina Iglesias has set a new world record for barefoot water skiing, clocking 153mph – thanks to a helicopter.