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Tanked Episode 148 for Tuesday Mar. 22, 2011


- Is good Russian coat.


A cell phone tower that fits in the palm of your hand? Well folks the fine people over at
Alcatel-Lucent believe they have done it.  In conjunction with Bell Lab researchers in Stuttgart,
Germany have come up with a solution: three 2-inch, stacked circuit boards for the antenna, radio
and network connection that replaces the conventional antenna system connecting every cellphone
call and they are the size of a Rubik's Cube. The lightRadio units, as they're being called, also contain
multi-generational antennas that can relay 2G, 3G and 4G network signals all from the same cube.
That cuts down on interference and doubles the number of bits that can be sent through the air.
This slick new compact technology will help to keep up with the ever-rising data demands from tablets
and smartphones as the carriers are finding that they're running into a cost and a space issue... Basically the
standard cell phone towers are way expensive, and they're running out of room to erect new ones.
Five carriers in the United States, Europe and China are enrolled to test out the LightRadio
Units and the trials are set to begin September 2011
. Alcatel-Lucent expects to be
producing the cubes in volume by 2012 and should be commercially available in 18 months.

- Each 1.5-Watt lightRadio cube powers about a two-block radius, so in urban areas, they can
  be deployed throughout the city and stacked like Lego blocks in stadiums or other areas that
  need extra capacity. In rural areas, they can be deployed atop existing cell towers in arrays.

-The most important thing here is No more cell phone towers that look like trees.
CNN Tech

AT&T to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion
You can run but you can't hide! Consumers choosing not to use AT&T will soon have no choice as

AT&T & Deutsche Telekom have entered agreements to have AT&T absorb T-Mobile as soon as 

soon as the usual regulations and bureaucracy can be cleared.  AT&T will pony up $25 billion and 
$14 billion in stock options for the deal which will end up with AT&T representing a preposterous
130 million people across the globe.  AT&T will also gain a lovely GSM monopoly in the US and,
more importantly, acquire T-Mob's 1700MHz of Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum to
most likely help roll out their upcoming Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service to the masses.  LTE
promises transfer rates of 140-300Mbps and would be made available to 95% of the US population
when/if the merger is approved.


- AT&T playing up "rural" broadband as a product of merger to sweeten the FCC.

The folks over at MacRumors heard a story that's unsourced and most likely apocryphal,

but it's just too good to not share. According to "an individual close to Apple," the company

in Cupertino has been going over iPad 2 returns in order to keep track of various problems

with the new tablet, and among the returns was one affixed with just a little Post-it note saying

something every would-be early tech adopter husband will probably understand: "Wife says no."

Supposedly, the return was sent up the corporate lines as something funny, and as MacRumors says,

"two of the VPs got wind of it." They decided to do something nice for the guy and reportedly

sent him out a free iPad 2, along with their own note: "Apple says yes."

-That my friends is how you do PR.


Vermeersch 0 - Brute Squad 1

Over the weekend Aaron stepped up to the plate and picked up Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  He then
set out to test the might of Hiller's Brute Squad (Hulk, Sentinel & She-Hulk*) over XBOX Live.  
Aaron put up a good fight but ultimately came up short.  Future battles are inevitable.


* 3rd member of the Brute Squad is tentative.
*No game plan and crazy thumbs will stomp Hiller in the long run.
Aaron is just getting warmed up!


 Tom Arnold Promises true lies 2. Cameron can't direct. Tom Arnold say's he has
talked to Big Arnold and he is in too. Both have read the script and like it!
Arnold since getting out of office and to looks to be back to acting.
Is rumored to have more then a dozen scripts. Including remakes
of Terminator and Predator to name a few. Really???? 
A source close to the situation says that recent reports that Gordon-Levitt will play
Alberto Falcone (a.k.a. the Holiday Killer) — the son of former mob kingpin,
Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) — are incorrect. So, Batman fans: Begin the re-speculation now!

There is also rumors of a young female character who will play a Robin esk character. Out of the
Frank Miller batman. Humm, could be cool. Or no.
Voltron TV shows Voices revealed.Just a link. Should be awesome!


Daft Coke?

Wednesday's post on their new vegetable-based bottle revealed that Pepsi has cooler,
or at any rate greener, packaging than arch-rival Coke. But as some have pointed out,
Coca-Cola packaging, apparently, has something Pepsi doesn't: The forthcoming
Daft-Punk-endorsed "Club Coke" bottles.
The "Daft Coke" website is still quiet, so we've yet to see exactly
just what the hell is going here


Curds and Gas

CRESTVIEW — A man was arrested after he locked his girlfriend in a shed

and threw cottage cheese at her. The woman called law enforcement about

her boyfriend of about five years after the 43-year-old locked her in a shed,

threw a container of cottage cheese at her and then tried to pour gasoline on her,

according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

The container holding the cottage cheese didn’t hit the woman, but its contents did.

Harold McCleery was arrested and charged for battery and false imprisonment.




Police: Angry Taco Bell customer fires at officers



  – Mon Mar 21, 11:13 am ET


Police say a San Antonio Taco Bell customer enraged

that the seven burritos he ordered had gone up in price

fired an air gun at an employee and later fired an assault rifle

at officers before barricading himself into a hotel room.


San Antonio police Sgt. Chris Benavides says

officers used tear gas Sunday night to force the man from the hotel room

after a three-hour standoff.


The man is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder.

Authorities have not released his name.


Brian Tillerson, a manager at the Taco Bell/KFC restaurant,

told the San Antonio Express-News

that the man was angry the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone from 99 cents to $1.49 each.

Police say the man fired on officers during a traffic stop after the restaurant incident.


Cavity search produces 50 bags of heroin


– Mon Mar 21, 10:09 am ET


Police in northeastern Pennsylvania

say they recovered more than 50 bags of heroin,

cash and loose change from a woman following a cavity search.


Authorities say 27-year-old Karin Mackaliunas

was detained last weekend following a crash.

Scranton police say they found three bags of heroin in her jacket

and after being taken to the police station she told investigators

she had more hidden in her vagina.


A doctor performed a search and recovered 54 bags of heroin,

31 empty bags used to package heroin, prescription pills and $51.22.

Mackaliunas was jailed on $25,000 bail on charges including possession

with intent to deliver a controlled substance. It was not clear if she had an attorney.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.


'Zombies ahead,' warns electronic

road sign in SC

– Mon Mar 21, 4:22 pm ET


Drivers near the South Carolina-North Carolina state line

have been warned to be on the lookout for zombies, hunters and tanks.


The Herald of Rock Hill reports that one of the electronic signs,

which normally flash messages about construction or crashes,


read "Zombies Ahead"

on Sunday. Another flashed "Watch for Hunters,

" while a third said "Be alert for Tanks."


The signs are on Highway 160 near Fort Mill, S.C.

Ken Wilson with the state's transportation department says

a key is needed to get into the control box for the signs.

A code is needed to change the wording.


So far, there have been no reports of the undead or tanks.


Hackers pulled similar pranks in 2009, using road signs to warn of zombies in

Collinsville, Ill., and Austin, Texas.

Jason from Texas us about cars this week.