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Tanked Episode 146 for Tuesday Mar 8, 2011


-Happy Paczki Day!
-Congratulations to Bark Farther from Unalakleet Alaska
-Charlie Sheen is now on the celeb death watch


iPad 2 is fun for me and fun for you

In traditional Apple fashion the iPad 2 was announced the day after our show recoreded
last Wednesday.  The slick lil' bugger sports a dual core A5 processor, 2 cameras, a new
magnetic Smart Cover (that puts the iPad to sleep when attached) and is 33% thinner and
15% lighter to boot.  iOS 4.3 is set to release on Wednesday to accompany what is sure 
to be another successful rollout for Apple.


Adobe gives HTML5 fans a Wallaby

Well Adobe is starting to put it's money where it's mouth is with HTML and made good

today with the beta for their upcoming Flash to HTML5 conversion tool.  The tool, code-
named "Wallaby" is available from Adobe Labs starting today (TOOOZDAY!).  


(I'll give this a run through when I get home from work and give a quick review)



Take me home tonight got no love!!! 3.5m in 2003 screens. This really bums me out.
A great movie and so few people saw it. I guess Aston is a draw and topher isn't.

South By Southwest Preview.
So the week long madness will begin on Friday. This year Mark Walter of
and I will be tackeling the movie madness. This year the big movies are, The Source Code
With Jake Gy(however you spell his name).
Paul with Simon Peg and Nick frost with the voice of Seth Rogen as Paul.
Super with Rainn Wilson of the Office, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page.
The King of Luck Directed by Bill Bob Thorton all about Willi Nelson. 
The beaver with Mel and Jody
Along with tons of Features, shorts and Docs. Movies galore! We will be doing red carpets as
well as a few sit downs with Stars and Directors and whoever else we can talk
into talking to us. Should be a freaking blast.


Monkeys in pirate suits confiscated in La.





NEW ORLEANS, March 2 (UPI) --

Louisiana wildlife officials confiscated four monkeys in pirate costumes

from an autistic woman visiting New Orleans for Carnival.


Joan Newberger, 66, and her caretaker, James Poole,

said they and the four monkeys were dressed as pirates on Bourbon Street

during the weekend when police and wildlife agents approached them and seized the small primates,

WWLT-TV, New Orleans, reported Wednesday.


Newberger said the seizure was illegal because the primates are registered as her

"service monkeys" with a group in Texas.


However, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said the monkeys

do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act's definition of service animals.

Possession of primates has been illegal in Louisiana since 2006.

Newberger is scheduled to appear in the Orleans Parish Municipal Court

in July to attempt to get her monkeys back.

"This isn't some wild animal that we snatched out of the swamp in New Orleans

and we're running around making money on it," Poole said.



Calif. company sells Sheen-inspired drink





SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 8 (UPI) --

Inspired by a Charlie Sheen rant,

U.S. energy drink company Harcos Laboratories Tuesday began selling Tiger Blood,

"made of 100 percent passion."


The Santa Monica, Calif., company,

founded by a pair of self-described robotics industry geeks in 2007,

brought out the limited-edition energy shot "in honor of a certain celebrity outburst.

" The 3.4-ounce shots, containing 80 mg of caffeine,

come in an intravenous bag-style container and sell for $3.99.


The company Web site says the product is "made of 100 percent passion."

Sheen, who was fired from the CBS sit-com "Two-and-a-Half Men"

following weeks of erratic behavior, recently proclaimed he has "tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA."

Robber changes mind, waits for police

MADISON, Wis., March 8 (UPI) -- Police in Wisconsin said a would-be robber handed over his

weapon and waited for police because he "just couldn't go through with a planned holdup."

The Madison Police Department said Joseph Colquitt, 34, entered the Walgreens store at East

Campus Mall at about 8:30 a.m. Friday and quickly changed his mind about plans to rob the store,

The Capital Times, Madison, reported Tuesday.

"He opened his backpack and turned over a large knife to the clerk, telling the befuddled would-be

victim he just couldn't go through with a planned holdup," police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

DeSpain said Colquitt told the clerk to "take the knife and my backpack and do what you have to do."

"The suspect then waited for officers to arrive and make the arrest," DeSpain said.

Colquitt was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct while armed and a parole violation.

Video of the Week Hyena's love to eat out
Voicemail from Jason from Texas asks a great question yet again!