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Tanked Episode 141 for Thursday Feb 3, 2011 


-Snowpocalypse/ Dallas freezes over/ Punxsutawney Phil
- Oscar Pics are on the website. follow the link on our facebook page.
  Guess the retro video game music before the commercial break for the next 5 episodes of
  Tanked and win yourself a copy of Crysis 2 (PS3/360) or an Amazon gift card.
  Make sure to drop us an email to cast your guess. Anyone can enter!


Fliers Get Free Access to Facebook in February

Can’t wait to update your Facebook status even when you’re 30,000 feet in the air?
You’re in luck; several airlines have teamed up with Gogo Inflight Internet and Ford to
offer free in-flight Facebook access throughout the month of February.

Gogo’s partners in this promotion include AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American

Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, U.S. Airways and Virgin America.

It’ll work like this: Once the travelers are allowed to turn on tablets, phones, laptops

and other personal electronic devices, they will be able to access the Gogo Wi-Fi network,

and then click on the Ford/Facebook banner to access Facebook.

If you want to access something other than Facebook, you’ll have to pay a fee, starting

at $4.95 and depending on the flight’s duration. Gogo says that Facebook is its number-one

website visited by travelers, and Gogo hopes that customers will get hooked to

the service during the free promotion in February.



Little Big Planet 2
Review by Scott

I'll just say this up front-- Little Big Planet is awesome.
The levels are clever, a bunch of new additions change platforming
for the better, and the community tools are smarter than ever.
LittleBigPlanet 2 packs 30 story levels that tell the tale of the Negativitron,
a horrible beast that has invaded Craftworld and is gobbling up all the cities
on the planet. You're Sackboy, and you've got to travel to spots on the globe
to run, jump, shoot, grab and fly on your way to saving the day. The story is
cute like a children's storybook, much like the first installment.
The levels are exciting and the gameplay's a blast.
The majority of this plays out in the familiar LittleBigPlanet style,
which is essentially 2D platforming similar to a Mario game.
The Create mode was a bit more user friendly than the first game.
The tutorials are all on a giant list now so you don't have to go object by object
searching for help. Switches and modifiers have big connection cones now so that
you can see how things are supposed to go together, you can add your own
voiceovers with a microphone, create movies with the cutscene camera, and so on.

It's mindbogglingly deep and it's going to be crazy to see what people come up with --

you can use Sackbots to play parts in your levels and create tunes via the

new music sequencer.

Much like the first LBP game, Little Big Planet 2 is one of the most

ambitious, stylized and creative titles I've ever played, just this time around they

put the spit and polish on it. You must play this game! 10/10

The next-gen PSP isn't a PSP

By now we've seen Sony's ill-named Xperia phone/gaming device running Tony Hawk
to the joy of Sony fans everywhere.  Well now Sony has another new name to slap on
one of it's upcoming devices: NGP.  That's right, the next PSP is codenamed NGP (Next
Generation Portable) and brings:


- ARM Cortex-A9 core CPU
- dual analog sticks
- 5" OLED 960x544 multi-touch display (4x the res of the PSP)
- rear touchpad
- PS Move's six-axis motion system along with a three-axis compass
- 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS
- front and rear cameras

Games will come on flash memory-based media so you can kiss your UMDs goodbye.

The NPG is set for release this holiday season.



Actor Henry Cavill has been cast as the
new Superman: Man of Steel.
That would make al of the big 3 Brits. Henry Cavill as Superman. Andrew Garfield as Spidey and Bale as Batman. Humm,

Nick Fury in Both Thor and Captain
America. Big Suprise?


Meat Water... It's What's for dinner

How would you like a refreshing glass of Beef Stroganoff water? Or maybe some Peking Duck juice?

Or a swig of fish and chips?

Meatwater, a new line of flesh-flavored bottled waters, has been “launched”

on the internet, sparking debate among bloggers about whether it is a daring attempt to cash in on the

rising popularity of enhanced health drinks, or an elaborate hoax.

The drinks are being marketed as “High Efficiency Survival Beverages”, made of “only

the finest protein – an organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen”.

The Meatwater website contains photos and descriptions of the all the flavours on offer - including the

latest, Escargots Chantecleer – complete with branded bottles featuring the firm’s distinctive logo.

Describing the taste of the Beef Jerky drink, it says: “The salty, savory flavor of this vitamin and

mineral packed concoction will make you think we collected all that sweet, meaty juice just for you.”

Photos of Meatwater’s “launch” at a festival in Cannes, France in March are also included, along with
plans to roll-out the brand to the rest of the world later this year.
-Don't we already have this? Its called soup?
-Drink descriptions say "Best enjoyed warm"?
-Ladies choices include "Bangers n' Mash" (rabbit sausage)?


Michael Jackson is ALIVE, He's a Taxi Driver!-A-Tribute-To-Michael-Jackson-Brazil-Cd-Cover-37789.jpg
I guarenty this video will go viral. As I type this it's only got 8,000 views. 
The video is a Brazilian taxi driver doing his impression of MJ singing Billy Jean.
So yes Michael was born Black, turned White, died and came back Brazilian. Simply amazing.


Let's Set the Bait-Mobile on Fire! 

GILBERT, Ariz. – Five Gilbert teenagers are accused of setting fire
to a bait car used by the Gilbert Police Department.  Police left a 1997 Honda Accord parked
with the windows rolled down and the doors unlocked.  Two teenagers allegedly threw some
type of firework inside the passenger’s side of the vehicle, causing it to catch on fire.
“The vehicle was completely burned down,” Police Said.
According to police reports, Anthony Rubio, 18, and Kari Caldwell, 19, along with three others,
broke into the car and stole an iPod and a solar charging panel hours before setting it on fire.
Rubio reportedly told officers he had suspected the car was a bait car so he went back to the
vehicle and threw the firework through the window.
“They apparently had been throwing fireworks throughout the complex that evening," Balafas said.
"They had thrown one in a shopping cart and throughout the parking lot. What their intent was or
what they thought would happen was unknown.”
The teen suspects reportedly admitted to the theft and arson. All five were arrested and charged.

Up Up and Away. Weedapult 

HERMOSILLO, Mexico – Drug smugglers are using an ancient invention as a new way to move

marijuana across the border from Mexico to Arizona. The discovery of two "drug catapults" in

the Mexican state of Sonora marks the latest twist in the cat-and-mouse game traffickers play with authorities.

U.S. National Guard troops operating a remote surveillance system at the Naco Border Patrol Station say they

observed several people preparing a catapult and launching packages over the fence late last week.

A Mexican army officer says the 3-yard (3-meter) tall catapult was found about 20 yards (20 meters)

from the U.S. border on a flatbed towed by a sports utility vehicle. The officer says the catapult was capable

of launching 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) of marijuana at a time. He says soldiers seized 35 pounds

(16 kilograms) of pot, the vehicle and the catapult.

A second catapult was discovered Thursday in near Agua Prieta, another border town.

Another army officer in that area said an anonymous tip led soldiers to the scene and

the catapult was similar to the first.  Mexican officials say it is the first time they have

seen this smuggling method used by local traffickers.

Mexican traffickers have previously used planes, tunnels, vehicles, boats and couriers to smuggle

drugs into the United States. Colombian drug traffickers have even used homemade submarines.

Charging cell phone fingers robbery culprit

Police in Silver Spring, Maryland arrested a man after finding his cell phone at the scene of a burglary.
A homeowner's son arrived as a burglar "burgled" his home.  The startled burglar leaped out a window
and fled.  The son found 25 year-old Cody Wilkins' cell phone charging in an electric socket which
promptly lead to an arrest.  Wilkins has now been charged with other burglaries as a result.  It's not
clear if he has an attorney.

This week Jason from Texas Ask a question.

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