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Tanked Episode 137 for Thursday Jan 6, 2011 


-Aaron is out this week.
-How was your new years?
-I want Ted Williams on our show!
  (Are the luminaries of viral culture the “rock stars of tomorrow”?)
 Ted info


Cool Shit from CES 2011

Razor's SwitchBlade 7in Pocket Gaming Laptop

Razer used the start of CES to show off a unique concept for mobile gaming and

easily the coolest thing to come out of CES yet.

The Switchblade has a notebook-style clam shell but is just 6.8 inches across and

is designed to be used while entirely handheld. Along with a multi-touch screen,

it has a dynamic keyboard whose assignments change depending on the game context.

The device has both 3G and Wi-Fi and can support an external mouse for a more

desktop-like experience. Detailed specs aren't available, but the device is likely

using an Atom Z600 from the Oak Trail family and should have better performance

than usual for graphics for Intel hardware this size. Mini HDMI and USB 3.0

are built-in to provide the expansion.

As a concept, the Switchblade itself won't be made beyond prototypes on display at the
show floor. However, it intends to make the template design through "selected partners"
and thus a reality at some point in the future.

Apple App Store Goes Live

While CES kicked off Apple sent out an update to Snow Leopard users which
included the new Mac App Store. (MAS) hahaha!

*discuss*...a bit


Signed up for a new Apple ID. Apple's password requirements are annoying.

T-Mobile boosts network up to 42Mbps

Little Big Planet 2 Demo is out on PSN
Played it a bunch. I will give thoughts. quick
The Full game will be out on Jan 18

Angry Birds is out on PSN as well.
It's a PSP game that's 3.99 and you can
play it on the PS3 as well but it has bad resolution.

Machete drinks Lipton Brisk?
<----- HAH!


2011 look ahead. What movies do
we really want to see in 2011?
Captian America
Harry Potter 8987
Kung Fu Panda 2
Transformers Dark of the moon
Cars 2
Pirates 4
The green Hornet
Green lantern
Red Riding Hood
Mars Needs moms
Kill the Irishman (shot in Michigan)
Sucker Punch (Zack Snyder)
The Beaver (Mel the Drunk Gibson)
Aliens and Cowboys (Craig, Ford and Favreau)

Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-ray News

the complete saga will be released on Blu-ray in October. Fans will appreciate the
promised 30 hours of special features. You can queue your $89.99 ($139 MSRP)
preorder on Amazon right now.

GM Invests $5 Mil in PowerMat

GM may have filed for bankruptcy back in 2009, but a lot has changed since then.
GM's venture branch now apparently has enough cash in the bank to drop five million on a
multi-year commercial deal for Powermat's wireless charging technology. The terms of the
deal give GM the option to convert their investment into an equity stake within the first six
months and provide GM exclusive use of Powermat's technology for one year in vehicles
worldwide. Subsequently, the Volt is slotted to be one of the first vehicles receiving the
new tech and a prototype version with charging mats in the front consoles and back seat
will be shown this year at CES. However, the automaker is unsure as to what other models
will receive Powermat upgrades. Micky Bly, leader of GM's electric car development efforts,
stated though that initial tests did not reveal any significant issues with porting the
technology into vehicles, leading GM to shoot for launching
commercial integrations sometime in 2012

Naked Chicks and Scooters

A police report says a man came home to his apartment building on 11th and Denny

around 7:15pm, when he saw two half-naked women and a half-naked man in the

carport next to his apartment. The half-naked man was having sex with one of the

women, while the other female was "naked and messing with the victim's scooter."

The victim confronted the three half-naked suspects, and the woman who was

mid-coitus got angry, ripped down a cigarette ashtray attached to the apartment

building, and threw it at the victim, striking him in the shoulder.

The woman then told the victim she was going to have her cousin shoot him. T

he report doesn't clearly indicate where the woman's cousin was during the altercation.

But let your imagination run wild. The half-naked woman on the scooter apologized to the

victim for the other woman's actions—the report indicates the two women are sisters—

and all three suspects left after getting dressed.

Police weren't able to find the suspects.


Old Glory!

Man steals (wrong things) from delivery man   
Domino's improved their recipe to the dismay of one Colorado delivery man.  The delivery man was
called to a vacant apartment where Domino's new biggest fan Isaiah Pickens robbed the courier at

gunpoint taking only his pizza and wings, sparing his cash.