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Tanked Episode 135 for Tuesday Dec 14, 2010 

Christmas Episode


- Beers
- This will be the last episode before Christmas and we are taking the week of Christmas off and
   we'll be back on Dec. 28 for our New Years episode, the last one of the year!


Smart phones in soldiers' hands this February
Earlier this year, DARPA put out RFIs with an eye on developing military
apps and an app store for iOS and Android, and now the US Army's Connecting
Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA) program will put handsets, network equipment,
and other equipment including tablets, e-readers, and pico projectors into the
hands of the First Army Brigade this February. Additionally, the Army plans to start issuing
Common Access Card (the ID cards used to log on to DoD computers and networks) readers
for the iPhone in January and for Android in April. According to Rickey Smith of the
Army Capabilities Integration Center, "We're not wedded to a specific piece of hardware.
We are open to using Palm Trios, the Android, iPhone or whatever else is out there."


Spike's VGA Announcements

Spike TV's goofy-ass Video Game Award show does little to mask the fact that it's one big
commercial for for the video game industry.  That being said, here's a few of the games
that were either announced or had trailers revealed last Saturday:


Batman: Arkham City
The followup to 2009's mega-hit Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Set outside of the previous game's
Asylum setting the main protagonist is longstanding and not so well known Batman foe Hugo
Strange, a psychotic psychiatrist who knows Batman's true identity.


Tanked Podcast favorite Guillermo del Toro has fifty directing/producing projects going on at
any given time so why not add a video game to that stack?  GDT teams up with Violation (...)
to bring us inSane, a horror game trilogy kickoff that's set for release in 2013.  To put this in
perspective, my newborn child will be walking, talking and potty trained by the time you can
first play this game.


Prototype 2
Creatively titled sequel to Radical Entertainment's open-world, beat the fuck out of everything
2009 title.  The protagonist is now a war veteran who adopts the weaponized virus so that he 
can seek revenge on Alex Mercer, the hero from the first game.

Mortal Kombat

New MK game that promises more of the same shit with (hopefully) better graphics.  New to 
the MK guest star racket is God of War star Kratos (he sure is becoming a fighting game staple 
as of late).  Kratos is a welcome addition to the overly violent series due to the fact that DC 
universe fans won't have to see the Mortal Kombat crew murder the heroes that they've 
loved all their lives anymore.


Golden globe nominations announced
Jon Favreau out for Iron Man 3
Real Steel's trailer is up. This was shot in Michigan. I'm not sure we can even tell
that from this trailer. I see Rock'em Socke'em Robots.

Pirates of the Caribbean is getting another (unnecessary) sequel and this time Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow
is set to face horrors such as zombies, Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz. Hiller will be enjoying life anywhere
but a movie theater May 10, 2011.


Lloyd And Harry Do It Again

Protesters in the UK attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla yesterday, and CNN

was on the scene to cover the security breach, but check out this video of a messy programming error

halfway through the broadcast.

Someone at the station must have queued the infamous bathroom scene from Dumb & Dumber for
another segment, because even the news anchor is surprised at the display and promises to edit
out the hilarious mistake from the final broadcast 


Postal worker arrested after delivering mail naked




A Wisconsin postal carrier says he simply wanted to cheer up a woman on his rounds

 who seemed "stressed out" when he decided to deliver mail in the buff. 

But upon further review, the worker told police that delivering mail while completely naked

 probably wasn't a good idea.


police report says the 52-year-old man told the woman

 he would deliver the mail in the nude to her office in Whitefish Bay to make her laugh.

 The report says that on Dec. 4 he brought the mail wearing only a smile.

The mail carrier was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior several days later.

 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the man admitted 

delivering the mail naked was a stupid thing to do.

Thieves In Canada Break In To Steal Free Items

National Public Radio®.

December 14, 2010

Everything inside the Free Store in Edmonton, 

Canada, is free. Co-owner Brandon Tyson can't figure out why thieves would break a window to take things.

 The store gives away its merchandise as part of a recycling operation.

Brandon Tyson discovered burglars in his store. 

They smashed a window to get in the place in Edmonton, Canada. Mr. Tyson

 caught one thief and chased away the other. 

But here's the party he doesn't understand. 

He doesn't know why they would rob his store when everything inside is free.

 The store gives away its merchandise. It's part of a recycling operation. 

The burglars may not have realized this, although it is called The Free Store.


The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery




Crazy anonymous call in.

Jason From Texas Asks what's our fav Christmas show.

This will be the last episode before Christmas and we are taking the week of Christmas off and
we'll be back on Dec. 28 for our New Years episode, the last one of the year!