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Tanked Episode 134 for Tuesday Dec 7, 2010


First Google Chrome laptop revealed

Although plenty has been leaked around the internet about Google's upcoming Chrome OS features
for both software and hardware now we have a face to go with a name...and it's quite ugly.  But 
good looks are not the point of the Cr-48, Google's first Chrome OS laptop which is being distributed
through the Google OS Pilot Program with is an apply only public beta (sheesh, Google does make you
jump through some firey hoops to test out their stuff).  The Cr-48 sports a 12.1 inch screen, a full-size
keyboard (minus function and caps lock keys), Wi-Fi, webcam, flash storage and 8 hours active/8 days
standby time for battery.  Verizon supplies data in the US for now and retail versions from Acer and 
Samsung are set for release in the middle of 2011.



Google partners with Verizon for free 3G data allowance with every Chrome OS netbook

There you go, folks. Google says it wants you always connected, now it's helping you do it. 100MB of free Verizon data, each month for 24 months, will be yours as a complimentary extra when buying a Chrome OS netbook. $9.99 will give you unlimited access for a single day and there are no contracts to fiddle with. Obviously, and sadly, this is a US-only hookup.


PlayStation Phone video leaked

If you keep up on the news as dilligently as us here at Tanked Podcast then you've most
likely seen a pic or two of a Sony Ericsson phone that unfolds into a PSP Go-esque gaming
phone.  Well, now there is a lengthy video to go with those pics.  YouTube user xxmajstor
has the non-blurry (thank you) video showcasing the Sony Ericsson ZEUS-Z1 and all of its
dual-analog replacing touch strips.  The interface has some Android assets as well as a
more legitimizing PlayStation logo on it.  Hell, give it a good Mac sync and non-AT&T 
exclusivity and I'm all for it. (you beat me to it. was trying to post this last night but comcast had an outtage)



Loud-ass commercials get CALM

Here's the scenario: it's late, you're enjoying your nocturnal programming at a decently
reduced volume until BAM! The Shake Weight commercial (amongst others) comes blasting
into your previously harmonious eardrums.  Well CALM is set to change this...hopefully. The
Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (had to make a feasible acronym out of it 
didn't we folks) was passed by the senate earlier this year and is on the way to the president's
desk.  Once signed, there will be a FCC mandate to regulate and enforce volume limits on
commercials to not exceed that of programming.  Advertisers have one year to get their act
together before fine-age can commence.


I hate that I posted this. However, the movie itself looks good. Mel aside. Trailer at the bottom of the pic.

Batman The Dark knight rises script was due yesterday. So if Nolan was late does the studio punish him? Make him stay after school or fire him? Come on a deadline? 
This is most likely to be a selfimposed deadline. Nolan wanting to get things rolling. Story looks to be based of the popular Graphic Novel Prey. major name in there was 
Catwoman. However she's not the main baddy. I am starting to get more and more excited to hear leaks. 
Speaking of Mr. Nolan. Inception on DVD/Blu-Ray TODAY. Did you get your copy? I did!!!! I can't wait to see all the special features.  


Wet floor foils Aussie streaker's European tour





  – Fri Dec 3, 11:24 am ET

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) –

Caught in the buff, a drunken 19-year-old Australian man

led German police on a chase through Munich's main train station late Wednesday

before slipping on a wet floor where he was later apprehended unhurt.



The Sydney native wore only his shoes and held his underwear in his hand

during the chase in freezing temperatures, a spokesman for the Bavarian state police said.


The teenager quickly changed into his underwear once he fell and police later covered him in a blanket.



During questioning the teenager told police that he was carrying out a bet with friends

that he could travel through Europe naked.

The Bavarian capital was the 11th city on his tour and the first in which he was caught out, according to police.

"I simply like to be naked," the police spokesman quoted him as saying. The Australian teenager was fined 100 euros ($132).




Making sex spicy proves dicey






  Published: Dec. 7, 2010 at 8:55 PM

VASTERAS, Sweden, Dec. 7 (UPI) --

Combining a few drinks with a little knife play turned out to be a bad recipe

for romance for a Swedish man who was stabbed by his girlfriend, police say.


The Expressen newspaper reported

police in Vasteras in central Sweden said the amorous incident occurred early Tuesday

when the couple decided, after enjoying some libation,

they would use a knife to remove each other's underwear, The Local said.


The 47-year-old man deftly sliced off his 36-year-old girlfriend's stockings,

but when it was her turn to cut off his boxer shorts, she managed to embed the knife in his thigh.

"From what we understand, it was a sex act that went a bit wrong,"

Maud Johansson of the Vasteras police told the newspaper.


Man gets 'Awesome' name change


Published: Dec. 7, 2010 at 12:38 PM


EUGENE, Ore., Dec. 7 (UPI) --

An Oregon man, inspired by a character on the TV series "Chuck,"

has succeeded in his quest to change his name to Captain Awesome.



Douglas Allen Smith Jr., 27, of the Eugene-Springfield area,

was granted the name change request last month by a Lane County Circuit Court judge

after it was initially refused by another judge in an informal "ex-parte" hearing,

The Register Guard newspaper in Eugene reported Tuesday.


Awesome said his name change was inspired by Dr. Devon

"Captain Awesome" Woodcomb, a character on NBC series "Chuck."

"I just thought it was really funny that Devon's father always called him Captain Awesome

because 'a poor nickname builds good character,' " Awesome said.



He said the judge also allowed him to change his official signature to a right-pointing arrow,

a smiley face and a left-pointing arrow, but his bank refused to honor the signature because

"it was too easily forgeable."

It's been dry as far as voice mails as of late.
but we have two from listener Jason
He called last week after we did the show.
He's asking about getting snipped?
follow up: Snipping went well , stitches come out Friday. I could go into more detail but might be too much info.

He also sent us an email stating that, In spirit of show he's going to start having rum n coke before he leaves voice mail each week.
Second voicemail
Asking about drunk types

Ps to my vmail
I'm the explorer drunk , wander around camping , downtown areas , and a few months ago went on midnight bicycle ride . Everybody knows and I only get drunk if I've got a volunteer who thinks it's fun