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Tanked Episode 130 for Thurs Nov 11, 2010 



-Aaron, how was the kart2kart meet up? Did you run out of ink signing autographs?
- Like us on Facebook @ Tanked Podcast
   (If you like the show then please tell your friends about us.
     That's the only way the show is going to survive.)
- Aaron says watch out for auto correct on the droid......


RockMelt Rethinks the Web Browser

here are some unique concepts here, namely the fact that RockMelt lives in the cloud. 

This allows your “browser experience” to be, in a way, profiled. Your settings, bookmarks, 

etc., are all backed up online. Using Facebook for authentication, your user environment 

can be replicated anywhere RockMelt is installed. And really, that’s what RockMelt is all 

about: The user environment. Users of Google Chrome will feel at home, because RockMelt 

is built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s browser. 

The major differences are columns running down each side of the browser.

The left side depicts your favorite Facebook contacts. When a contact is listed on the left bar,

 you’ll be able to quickly initiate Facebook chats with them or post content to their 

Facebook walls. You can also easily send them e-mails through the seamless contact pop out.


All in all, RockMelt is an interesting twist on the browsing experience. The social elements 

of the browser make for a compelling and streamlined online interaction process. And because 

it’s powered by Chromium, it not only supports Chrome extensions, it’s guaranteed to support 

the latest and greatest aspects of the web, like HTML5 and CSS3.

RockMelt is now in limited beta and you can apply for an invitation. 

The company has released this video demonstration of its new browser.

Black Ops Early Release

Gamespy who got it from Baltimore Sun

Marvel Brothel gets canned

The folks at were not too pleased when games creator Calunio created a pornographic

take on Professor Xavier & his X-men.  Marvel Brothel answers the question: what would Professor X
do if Gambit convinced him to turn his School For Gifted Mutants into a whorehouse.  The game-play
is a top-down final fantasy sort but the dialogue truly shines.  Build up your sexual arsenal with Forge
(including a Cosmic Radiation Bomb) and purchase the honeys from Mojo.  The game was taken down
but check out Comic Alliance's review over at their site.



Conan premiers Nov 8th. We all should watch.
Was it good?


(Hiller caught 2nd & 3rd episodes)

One bad-ass tv commercial YouTube



Winter Movie Preview:

Skyline Tomorrow. Bunch of no namers. We saw this movie before ID4

Unstoppable Tomorrow. Denzel and Chris Pine (Kirk from star trek)

the Next 3 days Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks

Harry Potter 7 (you know the cast)

Tron Legacy 

Burlesque Cher, Christina Aguleria, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci

Faster The Rock.


Tanked hits 130. So i have a little list. The top 13 things I love about Tanked.
13. Sorry I have to. My Movies review and news.
12. Odd News. Always a good laugh and funny tales of human stupidity.
11. Pedro, Hector or whatever that guys name is. Hiller's Pizza guy.
10. Fuck the pope.
9. If you have to burp. You just get as close to the mic as you can and let it Rip.
8. Beers or mixed Drinks. Or Hiller's lack there of. Me too I don't drink I know.
7. Tia Carrer saying your listening to Tanked.
6. Top Gear is the greatest show ever. Even if you are not a big car fan.
5. Nate the Resident Mother Fucking Homie
4. Skeletor is the best voice that any of us do.
3. Food Beatings Rule!!
2. Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. If you think we care that we offend you. You are wrong, we don't!!!!
those are the top 13 thinks about Tanked that I love.

Hiller diapers up Due Date

Downey Jr. vs Galifianakis.  Round 1.  Fight.


 Real Steel


Movie Real Steel that Huge Jackson was shooting in Hartland Michigan. Wow that looks fucking stupid. 


FireWorks Bathtub




This goes last in nodd ews.

the strange incident occurred around 11:30 a.m. Oct. 30 when suspect Sean Cullen, 25, entered the

Hillsborough Market and passed a note to a shopkeeper reading: "Give me your money, or you're going to die."

At that moment, good Samaritan Greg Geden walked into the store and pulled the perp to the ground.

While the store owner called police, the suspect allegedly attempted to make a run for it.

But that's when a quick-thinking food deliveryman entered the shop, grabbed a large squash and smashed it

over the suspect's head -- shattering the fruit and leaving behind a mess of seeds on the floor.

Police arrived and placed Cullen under arrest, charging him with felony unarmed robbery.



German judge lets speeding drivers off the hook





(Reuters) -

A German judge has shot to popularity

after letting 42 speeding drivers off without charges

in the last week because he thinks speed controls

merely serve to fill the state's coffers rather than prevent accidents.


Bernd Kahre, spokesman for Herford court in northwestern Germany

where judge Helmut Knoener works,

told Reuters the 62-year-old wanted to make a stand against

the current practice of prosecuting speeders.


He said Knoener believed speed controls were not conducted to ensure greater road safety,

but rather to provide the cash-strapped state with an additional source of income.


Knoener sees no legal justification for using photos in speeding-related court cases

and is calling for clearer regulations about how, when and where speed controls can be conducted.

But the speeders who think they've got off Scot free may be in for a shock yet

-- the Public Prosecution Service can still appeal the sentences, Kahre said.

Laptop full of Afghan secrets sold on eBay

Published: Nov. 11, 2010 at 8:39 PM


LONDON, Nov. 11 (UPI) --

An engineer who bought a damaged laptop on eBay for $30

says the hard drive contained unencrypted British military information from Afghanistan.


Once he discovered the files, the buyer turned the machine over to the Ministry of Defense, The Sun reported.


"It's scary. I couldn't believe it -- the laptop could have been bought by anyone,

" the buyer, who said the machine was listed as for "spares or repair," told the newspaper.

"I realized straight away it wasn't the kind of stuff that should have been for sale on eBay.


I contacted the seller to ask if he wanted a copy of the data -- but he said no."

The Toshiba belonged to Capt. Robert Sugden, a graduate of the British military academy Sandhurst

who served as an equerry or personal assistant to Queen Elizabeth II

for a year after his tour as a platoon commander in Afghanistan.


He told investigators he thought the hard drive had been destroyed.

The buyer said the outside of the laptop looked as if someone had taken a screwdriver to it,

but he found the hard drive intact. The data included a list of Afghan police command posts,

helpfully given the title NATO Secret,

photos and personal information about Afghan army and police recruits and the Afghan Police Tactical Handbook.


Jason from Texas asks if we have any road trip tips?


- Pre trip Poop!
-Avoid glory holes at shady truck stops (AKA any "Flying J's" is suspect to having said holes.)
-Bring a GPS unit or have it on your phone.

-Only do road trips with friends you won't murder after 10hrs in a car.
-Snacks, Lots and lots of snacks. Helps keep you awake.
-Quick get your chauffeurs license and bring the drinks
-A sound working car! trust me it helps. but it does take some of the flavor out of the trip.