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Tanked Episode 128 for Tuesday Oct 26, 2010



-It's Halloween Time Bitches!
-Halloween theme'd Beers or mix drinks
-RIP Paul the Octopus
-Scott hit something while driving
-Sex Offender Tracker App uses augmented reality     YouTube Video


Nook Color is go

(This is not a picture of the actual Nook Color, I just liked the image)
On Tuesday (today in fact) Barnes & Noble revealed the latest addition to their Nook e-reader line with the Nook Color.  With the Color
e-ink is history as the device is being billed as a e-reader/tablet hybrid.  A 1024x600 full color laminated (to reduce glare) LCD sits on
top of 8GB of storage with a Wi-Fi and a microSD slot.  The Color gets a full on Android OS with Facebook & Twitter built in along with
B&N's push for apps with it's Nook Developer program.  As expected, battery life takes a dramatic slam with the Color going from the 
leisurely week-long active use Nook users enjoyed down to 8 hours with Wi-fi disabled.  The old Nook will stick around for people who
actually want to read on an e-reader with a big software update on the way.  Nook Color ships Nov. 19th for $249.


Quick Mention and send off

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years



Chinese high-speed rail sets record

The Chinese have been using high-speed rail to fling each other around the country at 200mph for a couple years now.  But add 62mph
to that and shit is about to get fucked up! The Shanghai-Hangzhou rail line (connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou oddly enough) opened
Tuesday (again, today) to Chun-Li and the rest of China's 1.3 billion residents.  While 262mph for mass transit is something I'll allow
the Chinese to gloat about (for now) commuters on the new line have been seeing 220 mph with "officials" (who are these people?)
claiming that speeds can be kicked up over 312mph in the future.  Now can California start saving some $ to get one of these babies
between LA & Vegas sometime soon?  No?  Ok.


Hiller is no longer good at online FPS


A sad event happened on Saturday when Hiller decided to return to the world of competitive online FPS play. 
And Scott Helped! (No Scott, not that event) hahaha!

Fan Days:
Tia Carrea and Shattner at fan days. Plus monday bonus of Rick Springfield
Back to the Future 25th anniversary released today on DVD/Blu-Ray
Spider man 3's bad guy revealed. The Lizard.
Batman baddy?

Just recently there were reports that Christopher Nolan’s third BATMAN movie was going to film a significant portion of the project in Louisiana.  There was speculation this was partly due to Louisiana being cheaper to film around, and also the chance that Killer Croc may play a part in the third movie’s storyline, since “The Bayou” is the perfect setting for that character.  Today Deadline is reporting that INCEPTION star Tom Hardy has been cast in the next BATMAN movie, reuniting with Nolan.  He was terrific in INCEPTION, so the idea of these two joining forces once more is fine with us.  It’s said that Hardy will play a major role in the film, though no other details have been released.  However, I saw something interesting on Twitter today.  Mark Miller (KICK-ASS writer and co-creator, and one of comics’ hottest writers) posted the following:

Tom Hardy as Killer Croc? I like the sound of that.

Now if anyone would know inside info on this sort of thing, it could definitely be Millar.  Granted, it could also be a joke, but after seeing Hardy in BRONSON (where he’s all muscle and frightening) and considering the whole Louisiana thing, this is starting to sound a lot more likely.  Warner Brothers hasn’t said a peep on the particulars of this, but I expect more info will hit shortly.  While Killer Croc isn’t exactly a Bat-villain I’m anxious to see on the big screen, in the hands of Nolan it could be rather dark and crazy cool.  So far the man has reinvented the way we look at the Caped Crusader with excellence.  Heath Ledger’s take on The Joker was genius… though risky.  I still expect we’ll see either The Riddler or The Penguin as well, but considering Hardy is the first official new casting announcement for BATMAN 3, we’re definitely off to a good start.  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

New rules apply to the world of Scary Movies. Scream 4 trailer is out.

Virgin Galactic CEO Branson Opens First Commercial Spaceport





'Hiccup girl' charged with murder in Florida
(Hi mom! yeah good news is i stopped hiccuping, the bad news... im a killer!)
Huffington Post


'Moss man' burglary suspect claims Halloween mix-up

By Staff and Erica Heartquist


A burglary suspect arrested while clad in full sniper camoflauge

appeared in court to face charges he was trying to burglarize

the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals Thursday.


Raw Video: 'Moss man" suspect talks to KGW

A K9 unit found 36-year-old Gregory Liascos hiding in the woods,

dressed head to toe in camouflage.

Liascos was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.


Police said earlier this month - he'd cut a hole in a bathroom wall here at the museum in Hillsboro

so he could get into the building. After the caretaker found a hole in the wall,

police installed security to notify them if there was any activity.

Police searched the grounds of the museum and found a bike and a backpack.


Liascos said he was just wearing a Halloween costume his kids gave him.

"I was in a place that I shouldn't have been and I stumbled across something

I didn't expect and its created quite a lot of havoc. I said 'well, I think I'll just lie right here until they go by.

Then I heard the dog and thought that might be a police dog - and then it bit me and that was no fun."


He wouldn't elaborate further about why he was near the museum

but said he was not there to steal any of the museum's minerals or gold.

"I don't believe I would have been able to carry away the safe

that I saw in the news that was this tall on a 10 speed bicycle."

A judge set his next appearance for next month.

Robber takes off mask a bit too early


A masked man who robbed a U.K. bookmaker

is in jail now because he took off his disguise an instant too early.


After waving a handgun, demanding and receiving a bag of money from a frightened clerk,

the man paused as he walked out the door.

He then removed his scarf.

Security cameras were able to capture a clear picture of his face.


His photograph was published in local media and

the Manchester Police published the video on YouTube.


His mother recognized him and made him turn himself into police.

Lorenzo Mason, 21, will serve five years in jail for the crime, Sky News reported.

The game of Halloween one-upmanship

This is a whole new level of scary.