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Tanked Episode 126 for Tuesday Oct 12, 2010


-Scott is sick. Aaron and Hiller might have to do the show on their own this week. Nevermind.
-Updated Website. We need a new album artwork. help.
-Don't forget to friend us facebook @ tankedpodcast


Google TVs are out there.

This Is Sony's 99 Google TV-Powered Internet TV
Just sayin... Sony's got 'em, they have a crazy remote with more buttons than an army of Raggedy Andy
dolls.  For now they top out at 46" for $1400 with 1080p visuals and Wi-Fi built in.  The televisions don't
have much of the features that have been displayed on Google TV devices in the past such as the Logitech
video chatting. BTW, Sony is going to have a monopoly on Google enabled televisions this holiday season.


Windows 7 Phone craziness
Steve Ballmer WP7 Launch
On Monday Steve Ballmer and buddies assembled for the grand Windows Phone 7 (STILL A CATCHY NAME!)
launch. The phone is set to release in over 30 different countries on over 60 different carriers with 10
announced phones to boot (sure sounds like Microsoft alright). Samsung, LG, Dell & HTC were all front and
center with some promising phones. The apps are a hit or miss with high profile titles like The Sims.  However
some of the apps are plagued with long load times (one app apparently took over 3 minutes to load).  I'm 
still interested in the interface (I still think the dynamic lock screen is a neat idea) but will need some hands
on time before I jump on the Microsoft bandwagon again.  



Digital body mods made easy

Christina Hendricks Cup Size Rumor

MovieReshape is a software program that does the impossible, it instantly captures video of people and makes them more or less appealing.  Using shape recognition MovieReshape matches recorded visuals with a large database of 3D models to match and position the actors.  Muscular level, breast girth, waist size and height can be controlled to turn your flabby Zack Galfinakis into your musclebound Captain America.  Check out the linked video for a painfully low res example.



From Hangover to the Flash?
Bradley Cooper to Play the Flash? That is the rumor floating around a few different movie web sites. He's in great physical shape so would fit the physical roll of the character.

New Spider-man gets there bad guy.

Sony has just sent out a press releases announcing that Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) will play the villain in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man

However, the press release says...

“The filmmakers prefer to not reveal which character Ifans will be playing in the forthcoming film.”


Life wouldn't be complete without another week of starwars news.


Carrie Fisher Admits Taking Cocaine on the set of ESB.

No Stunt: Real Cop Crashes "Transformers" Shoot

Link to the Video
(CBS)  A police K9 unit has crashed into a vehicle from the movie 'Transformers 3'
during filming of the movie in Washington, DC, WUSA reports.

During the filming of the scene,
 in front of the American Indian Museum at 3rd St and Maryland Avenue, SW, the police SUV,
 responding to a call, slammed into "BumbleBee," as the a yellow Chevy Camaro from the film
 was driving through the intersection.

The area had been cordoned off by Metropolitan Police,
 as part of a number of street closings to accommodate the film crews working in town this week.
 A number of people had gathered to watch the film being shot.

The collision occurred during the filming of a chase scene.
 Both drivers walked away uninjured, and the dog was also apparently uninjured.


Thousands of condoms clog Games village drains?



Pepperoni Sculpture


– Thu Oct 7, 1:26 pm ET

NEW DELHI (Reuters) –

Thousands of flushed condoms threaten to choke

the Commonwealth Games village's drainage system, media reports said,

in the latest problem to hit the venue from hidden snakes to outbreaks of dengue.


Games organizers, who won a race against time to ready the village,

are now battling to clear clogged drains after thousands of non-biodegradeable contraceptives

were flushed down toilets in the first week of the event.


"If that is happening, it shows that there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story.

Athletes are being responsible,

" Commonwealth Games Federation President Mike Fennell told a news conference Thursday.


"We all know that encouraging safe sex is a very important thing to do."


Games organizers had provided 8,000 free condoms in the village,

and the provision appears to be in high demand.

One official told the Mail Today newspaper Thursday that over 4,000 had already been snapped up by eager athletes.


Shoddy construction work, fears over an outbreak of dengue fever and worries about security

had meant many teams delayed their move into the village before the Games began.

However, blame for the latest problem lies firmly with the athletes.


Following a decision to provide free condoms at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona,

it has become something of a tradition.

At the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, athletes quickly used up the 70,000 free condoms provided,

forcing organizers to supply another 20,000, while at the 2004 Games in Athens, the provision was doubled to 130,000.

At both the Beijing Games in 2008, and the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February,

100,000 condoms were provided for athletes.



Tickets proposed for unlocked cars



NORRISTOWN, Pa., Oct. 12 (UPI) --

Commissioners in a Pennsylvania township are considering

a measure to allow police officers to ticket motorists who leave their parked cars unlocked.

 Upper Moreland Township Police Chief Thomas Nestel, who proposed the ordinance,

told the commission's public safety committee during a Monday meeting the ordinance is required to curb thefts, the Bucks County (Pa.) Courier Times reported Tuesday.

 Nestel said data from 2008 to the present indicate more than 75 percent of reported thefts from cars

took place when the vehicles were left unlocked.

He said 81 thefts have been reported from cars thus far this year and 75 of the cars had been left unlocked by drivers.

The proposed ordinance would have officers perform spot checks in neighborhoods with high rates of theft from cars,

and lock cars found unsecured with warning notes inside. Second-time offenders could get $25 citations.

Board members said they will seek opinions from residents and discuss the issue again at a Nov. 15 meeting.


Dirty husband gets woman a divorce

CAIRO, Oct. 12 (UPI) --

An Egyptian court granted a woman a divorce because her husband

refused to bathe claiming he was allergic to water, she said.


The woman, a petroleum engineer,

approached the courts just weeks after her marriage to complain

about her husband's odd behavior, the Egyptian daily Al-Masry-Al-Youm said.

The woman told the newspaper she was surprised over her husband's refusal to bathe

and said he told her "this is my habit."

The newspaper said the woman sought the advice of a doctor who confirmed the man's allergy,

but said the ailment should not stop him from maintaining self-hygiene.

When her husband refused to grant her a divorce, she turned to the court,

and was granted a "khoulu," or divorce, the paper said.