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Tanked Episode 125 for Tuesday Oct. 5, 2010 


-What are you guys going as for Halloween?
-Here are some ideas. The most inappropriate Halloween costumes ever. TheHuff



Best Buy Charging $30 for PS3 Firmware Update
In case you hadn't noticed by now, Best Buy's Geek Squad isn't always the most scrupulous sort, but
their latest attempt to upsell consumers is truly off the charts. We've confirmed for ourselves that
the Staten Island, NY store is offering 120GB PS3 Slims for $329.98, explaining away the surcharge
as their fee for a firmware upgrade. In case you've never booted up a PS3 yourself, let us explain
the sheer ridiculousness at work here: a system update requires about three button presses, and
some discs prompt you automatically. Hell, if you want to play online or access the PlayStation Store,
you don't even have a choice -- ever since Other OS got Sony's goat, firmware updates
have been mandatory across the board. Still, it's hard to say no when Best Buy employees
are this polite -- when we explained to a rep that we already had a PS3, he graciously
offered us an update anyhow... for just $29.98.

Will Rewrite before the show

Left 4 Dead 2 available for Mac & it's CHEAP
Valve let us know over the weekend that the zombie-slaying epic Left 4 Dead 2 was coming for Mac
on Tuesday (today for us).  What they didn't tell us was that the title was getting a 66% off discount
for Mac & PC.  That's $6.79 for a single license and $20.39 if you feel like getting your friends in on 
it with the four license pack.  This is a launch promotion so you can pick up Left 4 Dead 2 through
Steam at a reduced price for a limited time only.



Hiller spends time on The Social Network

But will he poke it?
Scott and Ric saw it too.
Superman has his man. Well Director that is. 300 and Watchman Director Zack Snyder gets the gig. With Comic book to movie god David Goyer writing will Zod the Big Bad? I hope so.
Spide man's leading Lady will be Superbad, Zombielan and Easy A star Emma Stone. Better then Hillary Duff if you ask me.
Emma Stone to Play Gwen Stacy in Spiderman Reboot


Move over 3D, 2D is something leaner

Today (that's Tuesday, October 5th to you listeners out there) physics profs Andre Geim & Knostantin

Novoselov won a Nobel prize for physics by going 2D. The physic duo have been doing all sorts of 
wacky experiments with a two-dimensional material called graphene. Graphene is carbon atoms
lined up in atom-thick hexagons which has elasticity and is impregnable by liquid or gas.  If that's

The example given was that a layer of graphene could support a truck atop a pencil (not unless the

pencil was made of graphene it couldn't).  Of course we'll have to wait and see if graphene's uses
match that of plastics but if it does we can all look forward to graphene choked landfills in the future.




SunChips nix loud, eco-friendly bags

  Published: Oct. 5, 2010 at 1:51 PM

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 5 (UPI) --

Texas-based snack company Frito-Lay

said it is getting rid of its 100 percent compostable SunChips bags after

customer complaints about the loud packaging.


Officials with the Plano company said the chips will be returned to their previous,

non-recyclable bags while developers work to make the eco-friendly packaging less noisy,

USA Today reported Tuesday.


"Clearly, we'd received consumer feedback that it was noisy,"

Frito-Lay spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez said.

"We recognized from the beginning that the bag felt, looked and sounded different."

Gonzalez, who said the Original flavor chips will still feature the eco-friendly packaging,

said the company will continue trying to develop environmentally safe chip bags without the extra noise.

"We are on a journey with compostable packaging," Gonzalez said.





Women go wild during strip show


  Published: Oct. 5, 2010 at 5:20 PM





NANAIMO, British Columbia, Oct. 5 (UPI) --

A fundraiser featuring a male stripper turned into an all-out brawl

when up to 150 drunken women got out of control, police in Nanaimo, British Columbia, say.


The festive event to benefit Cavallotti Lodge in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island turned ugly Friday night

when one woman got up on a chair, blocking the view of the stripper for others, "and then all hell broke loose,"

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Gary O'Brien told The Nanaimo Daily News.


The RCMP said five women were arrested and two spent the night in jail sobering up,

but charges likely won't be filed, the newspaper said.


"My understanding is that a big brawl broke out among a number of drunken women

who were watching a male stripper event there," O'Brien said.

"There was no real victim here as far as we can tell and everybody was so drunk,

it's difficult to determine what really took place and that's why we don't expect charges resulting from this."



Man shreds winning lotto ticket




  Published: Oct. 5, 2010 at 3:30 PM





FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla., Oct. 5 (UPI) --

A Florida man says he accidentally shredded

and threw away most of a winning lottery ticket worth $14.5 million.


Chris Gooden, 31, of Fort Walton Beach said he purchased a lottery ticket Sept.

20 using the numbers from the back of his fortune cookie, 3-4-5-7-19-30,

and the numbers came up as winners in the Sept. 22 drawing,

the Fort Walton Beach Northwest Florida Daily News reported Tuesday.


Gooden said he searched for the ticket and eventually realized he had accidentally shredded the ticket

along with a stack of papers from his truck.

He said pieces of the ticket remained in the teeth of the shredder but the majority had already been sent to a landfill.

The Florida Lottery said two winning tickets were purchased from the drawing,

one from the Shell Station where Gooden said he purchased his ticket and one in Aventura, Fla.

Gooden said he is hoping his attorney can help him prove he owned a winning ticket.



Costumed crime fighter watches Milwaukee

Published: Oct. 4, 2010 at 5:24 PM

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 4 (UPI) --

Somebody in Milwaukee is on a personal anti-crime crusade --

and he's got the costume to prove it, observers say.


Armed with a flashlight and pepper spray, the Watchman --

he won't give his real name --

patrols the streets of Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood dressed all in black

except for a bright red face mask and a large yellow W on his shirt, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.


"I'm what people refer to as a real-life superhero,

" the 6-foot, 200-pound, 30-something crime fighter says.

"Somebody needs to do something," explains the Watchman,

who says he thought about becoming a police officer before donning his mask.

"While most reactions to what I do are positive,

there are a few negative responses,

" he says, adding that the disguise protects his family -- a wife and two young sons -- from any of that.


"I'm the one who decided to do this, not them," he says. "They should not have to suffer for it."

Despite the pepper spray, he says his cellphone is his weapon of choice, the newspaper said.

"It's about reporting it," he says.

"Contacting police, or getting an ambulance out here if it's a medical situation."


Super powers? None, he says.

"I'm just a guy. I may look a little funny, but I'm just a guy.

And I'm out here to let everybody know that they can do their part."