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Tanked Episode 119 for Tuesday Aug. 24, 2010



-Scott wants to address something that he said about Judge Larry Gaddis last week.


Revamped Apple TV coming This Fall?

That revamped Apple TV we heard about a few months ago? It might be headed our way shortly.

Apple TV has long been a "hobby" for Apple, a project the company considers a work in progress,

not a flagship product like the iPhone or Mac. As such, there have been few changes to the video-

streaming set-top box since its introduction in 2008.

In June, Engadget was told by some unnamed sources that a makeover for the device was coming--

including a smaller footprint, iOS 4, the A4 chip, 1080p playback, 16GB of storage, and a $99 price tag.



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No Ric. He's sick. Feel better.


Experts: Exoplanet could be smallest ever found


Scientists say they've identified a sun-like star

with as many as seven different planets —

including one that might be the smallest ever found outside the solar system.


If confirmed, the planetary system around HD 10180,

a star more than 100 light years distant, would be the richest ever discovered.


One astronomer says it's part of a growing body of evidence that the universe is full of planets

— and that several could be similar to our own.

"The really nice thing about finding systems like this is that it shows

that there are many more out there,"

said Alan Boss, of the Washington-based Carnegie Institution for Science,

who wasn't involved with the find.

"Mother Nature really had fun making planets."


Although most of the planets identified are large

— about 13 to 25 times the mass of our home

— those behind the discovery,

announced Tuesday at an international conference in France,

say they're nearly certain they've identified one only 1.4 times the size of Earth.


Planets found outside the solar system are called "exoplanets"

and this would be the smallest one ever spotted.


Scientists have been successfully hunting exoplanets for about 15 years,

and they've now catalogued some 450.

But most finds have been limited to one or two or three planets per star,

usually gargantuan balls of gas similar to Jupiter or Saturn.


But at up to seven planets,

the new discovery nearly matches our own solar system,which counts eight.

Christophe Lovis of Geneva University,

one of the scientists behind the find,

said the first five were most comparable to Neptune.

"They are made essentially of rocks and ice.

They have a solid core. But on top of that is a layer of gas,

of hydrogen and helium most likely," he said. "They are probably not habitable."


The sixth is possibly a Saturn-like planet, while the seventh,

the smallest, would be so close to its star that its "year" would take just over a day.

Lovis and his team haven't been able to observe the planets directly,

which is typical.

Few planets can be seen against the blazing light given off by their much more massive parent stars.

The European Southern Observatory compares the challenge to "spotting a dim candle in front of a raging forest fire."


So the scientists used the observatory's 3.6 meter (11.8 foot) telescope at La Silla, Chile,

to study the star itself. Over six years, they took 190 measurements,

checking it for the telltale wobbling caused by the gravitational forces of nearby planets.

Boss noted that the method was

"biased toward finding the big guys"

because the greater the planet, the greater its gravity

and the more it made its parent star wobble.

But he said the discovery showed that finding smaller planets was still possible.

"This field has gone from zero to close to 500 planets in just 15 years,"

he said. "Fifteen years ago we did not know about the big guys.

Earth-like planets are going to be quite commonplace."


The find was made by researchers from Switzerland,

France, Germany, and Portugal and has been submitted to the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.


Just how did a guy lose a $50k car at QuakeCon?

How A Gamer Lost A ,000 Car
In a move that deserves the mother of all face palms, an atendee of the annual QuakeCon gaming
convention in Dallas sold off his raffle ticket (1 of only 100 mind you) for a $48,645 Shelby GT500
Mustang for a mere $200.  Imagine the poor sap's delight as they called the ticket he just sold as
the winner just moments later.  I'd like to think that he properly invested the newly acquired $200
but somehow I doubt it.  Check out the vid to watch the announcer call it like it is.



and then sadtuba



Geeky Bike Lane

A Portland bike lane has been transformed into a race track full of signature bananas,
stars and mushrooms found in Nintendo’s Mario Kart video game. The bike lane running
across Portland’s N. Williams Ave has stumped the city with its fun-loving Nintendo-ques graffiti.
It’s unsure if the city will have them removed or leave them as is.

Dober-Man : Creepiest furry on the planet







Robber nabbed after mocking police in email




BERLIN (Reuters) –

A German bank robber led his pursuers straight to him

after taunting police in an email over their efforts to catch him.


Authorities in the southern city of Wuerzburg said on Wednesday

the 19-year-old sent emails to police and two newspapers

to point out factual errors in the report of his bank raid

in the town of Roettingen a week ago.


According to daily Bild,

he mocked the police for getting his age,

height and accent wrong then pointed out he escaped in a car, not on foot.


"His game of cat and mouse went all wrong,

" a Wuerzburg police spokesman said.

Police traced his email and arrested him in a gambling hall in Hamburg just a few hours later.


"He was completely shocked," the spokesman said.











Gotcha! Vacationing family's photo captures thief



The camera of a vacationing New Jersey family who posed for a picture

in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol captured more than smiles.

It also caught a thief in the act.


John Myers, of Bloomfield, N.J., set the self-timer on his camera

and hustled into the frame with his wife and two children Saturday.

While their backs were turned,

someone grabbed their bag, which held Myers' wallet and other items.


After Myers discovered the bag missing,

he checked his camera. Sure enough,

the image showed a man picking up the bag.

Myers told the Wisconsin State Journal that he showed the photo to officers,

who recognized the man. When officers found him, he was still carrying the bag.

The suspect pleaded not guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor theft.

Man shot in head, but notices only 5 years later

The X-ray photo released by German police in Herne shows the skull of a man with a bullet in the back of his head.


Police say a man living in Germany was shot in the back of his head,

but that it took him five years to realize it.

Police said Tuesday that the 35-year-old man was hit by a .22-caliber bullet

in the western town of Herne as he was out in the street partying and

drunk on New Year's Eve five years ago.


They say the man recalled receiving a blow to the head,

but told them he didn't seek medical assistance at the time.

The bullet did not penetrate the skull,

and police say the Polish man only went to see a doctor recently

when he felt a lump on the back of his head.


An X-ray showed an object under his skin,

and doctors operated and found the projectile.

Police say it may have been a stray bullet fired by a reveler in celebration.