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Tanked Episode 117 for Friday Aug. 13, 2010 


-Scotts bday party.
-Scott wants a mini Giraffe!!!



Super Street Fighter IV - Rage Quit Edition

Hiller has ended his time with Super Street Fighter IV by destroying his copy with his bare hands. Not only
does he blame the anger he experienced playing online, cheap opponents and Shoto frequency for this
predicament, but also the easily damaged nature of XBOX 360 media.  It was a good run.

*Quitter* <--- I like to think of it as starting anew but the rage remains long after the game so watchyofuckinass!. Quitter.

^------------DEATH BY MY HANDZ!!!!!!!!!


Jackass in 3D

Pictured above: Live game of duck hunt

According to Knoxville star/producer, the 3D used in “Jackass 3D” is the same as the 3D

technology James Cameron used in “Avatar.” That means it will be a truly wonderful and

possibly disgusting 3D experience. “Jackass 3D” is definitely a film you need to see in 3D.

Mark your calender, the entire gang returns this October 15th.


Nothing is Better than Kenny Rogers Jackass


Ric's Review of The Middle men.
Mark Millar's Nemisis is about to get made into a movie. Tony Scott is going to Direct the film. Nemisis is kind of the Anti Batman. Man character's family gets killed and instead of becoming a super crime fighter he becomes a super baddy.
Weird Science' vs. 'Real Genius: 25th Anniversary Geek-Off (From Movie
Two high school losers who use their computer to build Lisa, the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock). Real Genius, with Val Kilmer starring as Chris Knight, the smartest and most sarcastic student at Pacific Tech.


Weezer's new album cover has me Lost

Weezer's upcoming Epitaph record not only features a co-written song by Ryan Adams, it also features a
ridiculous name and cover.  The album titled "Hurley" has a somewhat plain looking photo of Jorge Gargia 
from ABC's lost smiling on the cover.  In an email interview Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo said "We just 
wanted to use that picture of Jorge Garcia's face on the cover. It's such an amazing album cover, and we 
didn't want to have any other words on it, so we just figured everyone was going to call it Hurley, so that's 
what we call it."  We'll see what ABC's lawyers have to say about that one.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack is good as garlic bread

I've been blasting it all week.  XBLA & PSN game is out today as well.


Top Gear US trailer
See it and weep.  I know the hosts of the upcoming US version of Top Gear (Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and
Rutledge Wood) have a lot to live up to from the English version but come on.


Giant robot arm simulates Ferrari
cybermotion simulator robocoaster kuka 500
(quick note) Paolo Robuffo Giordano's CyberMotion Simulator is just the thing to get the feeling of driving a
Ferrari for folks who don't want to risk crashing a $300,000 sports car.  The CyberMotion simluator employs
a huge robotic appendage that lifts the driver, who is fronted by a dash-mounted wraparound display in front, 
seven feet off the ground.  Force feedback and gravity are used to duplicate the turns and acceleration of the 
vehicle as provided by motions from the driver. Giordano says that the simulator "is a fundamental tool to 
understand how humans experience the sensation of motion."  Fundamentals, schmundamentals, just let us
ride one.

ieee spectrum

Groom accidentally mows down family with machine gun
Jean-Luc Picard shooting at Doc Brown animated gif
Oops!  Turkish groom Tevfik Altin, while firing his AK-47 in celebratory fashion in the air, pulled the ultimate
no-no and lost control of his weapon accidentally mowing down members of his own wedding party.  The 
gunfire killed Altin's father, his two aunts and injured six others including children as young as 10. A family
member who withheld his name said "We all tried to take cover and there was blood all over. We are all 
very sad right now." 


Controversial lemonade stand makes $1,800

  Journalistic Excellence



PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 10 (UPI) --

A 7-year-old Oregon girl whose lemonade stand was shut down

by health authorities and reopened with the help of sponsors

said she has now made $1,838.31.


Julie Murphy of Oregon City,

whose Portland lemonade stand was shut down last month

for not having a food safety license

and reopened a short time later with the help of radio station KRSK 105.1

and Les Schwab Tire Centers,


said she plans to use her profits to bankroll a trip to Disneyland

with mother Maria Fife, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Tuesday.


The stand was reopened with the apologies of Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen,

who said health inspectors have now been told to use

"professional discretion" in enforcing food-safety laws meant for adult businesses.


"We just really appreciate everything that everyone did," Fife said.

"She got her lemonade stand, she had a good experience and that's all she wanted in the first place.

And she met some really cool people."





Police: Nude walker claimed spiritual

LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 10 (UPI) --

Police in Nebraska said they arrested a man

who walked naked past two churches and a high school

as part of what he called a spiritual experience.


The Lincoln Police Department said

officers responding to a motorist's 8:40 a.m. repor

t of a naked man walking around A Street and Eldon Drive

arrested Jason Blaquiere, 35, the Lincoln Star reported Tuesday.


Blaquiere, who lives about three miles from where he was arrested,

told officers he was naked for a spiritual experience.


He was spotted walking nude past two churches and Pius X High School, police said.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of public indecency, failure to comply and resisting arrest.

$5,000 deposit given to customer

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C., Aug. 10 (UPI) --

Police in North Carolina said they are searching for a Krispy Kreme customer

who mistakenly received $5,000 in a box of doughnuts.


Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Dan Grubb

said the money was concealed in the box Friday morning

by a store employee who intended to have another worker

hand it off to her through the drive-through

so she could make a deposit on behalf of the shop,

the Fayetteville Observer reported Tuesday.


"She (the employee) places the box near the windows and goes to her car," Grubb said.

However, a worker at the window who was unaware of the plan

gave the box to a customer who placed an order.


"The customer left with doughnuts and a $5,000 bonus," Grubb said.

The spokesman said the customer has not been spotted at the store since the Friday morning incident.


Aaron says, "hell yes doughnut man there are other stores to go to."