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Tanked Episode 115 for Tuesday July 27, 2010 


-Nate the mother fucking resident homie!


Apple's Magic Trackpad Signals The End of the Mouse Era
Easily the most interesting thing Apple unveiled today is the new Magic Trackpad. Essentially, it’s a larger version of the
trackpads that ship with each MacBook and MacBook Pro. But it’s a stand-alone product, meant to be used with desktop
computers. So why did Apple feel the need to make such a product? It’s about trends and the future.


Street Fighter X Tekken & Tekken X Street Fighter

Those Street Fighter guys just keep picking fights with everyone now.  Street Fighter IV was a success and
looks to have opened the flood gates on a second renaissance of fighting games.  After having clobbered on
the X-Men, Marvel Universe and Tatsunoko the SF cast is now going after the Tekken crew...and vice versa.
Both Capcom and Namco will release their own versions of the game with the Capcom one looking and 
playing more like 2.5D SF and the Namco one more in the looks and style of Tekken but both with tagteam
combos.  While it looks like Capcom has more in the way of development on their side (an actual match
between Ryu/Chun-Li & Kazuya/Nina while Namco has a only pre-rendered scene) no date has been set
for the upcoming XBOX 360 & PS3 games.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gets a shitload of new characters
Super Skrull, Dr. Doom, Trish and Chun-Li were added to the ever expanding roster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3
this week with Okami's Amaterasu and fuckin' Thor announced at Comic-Con.  Viewtiful Joe's silhouette is
quite obvious in the promotional shots but I have to say Thor plays like a goddamn beast.

amaterasu  thor


The Chipophone fuckin' rocks

Swedish software engineer Linus Akesson really has a thing for 8-bit music or chiptune as fancy folk call it.

So much in fact that he retrofitted an otherwise dull electric organ into an 8-bit synthesizer he calls the
Chipophone.  Both keyboards and the footpedals can be individually mapped for sounds right out of your 
childhood (or 20 years ago-hood) with loop recording, tempo changes and pitch shifts.  Perhaps Linus 
should drop the software work and go straight into manufacturing these things for all the retro fans with
disposable incomes out there.  Bonus: he plays a killer mario.


best costume at comic-con.

 San Diego Comic-Con 2010Molotov Cocktease Cosplay
Awesome pic thats all.


Avenger's Cast announced in a bad ass way.

Banner ban brings new Banner...& Hawkeye too.

Seeing as how Edward Norton is not on Kevin Feige's good side, the Marvel boss cut him out of the role
as Bruce Banner in the upcoming super hero ensemble flick The Avengers.  It was announced at Comic-
Con that he will be replaced by Mark Ruffalo as to thoroughly annihilate any continuity between all three
Hulk film appearances.  Jeremy Renner of Hurt Locker fame was also announced stepping into the role
of Hawkeye for The Avengers. (mention Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull too)
Green Lantern Presser. Only here for 1 reason. Look at Blake Livley's boobs just out there.

Tron Legecy's 2nd trailer is out too.
What do you guys think of the new RED trailer?

The Gang Discusses "Inception" With Spoilers






Bear Takes Car on Short Joyride in Colorado

This image provided by Ben Story shows a bear inside Story's car early morning July 23, 2010, in Larkspur, Colo.
A bear got into an empty car, honked the horn and then sent it rolling 125 feet into a thicket,
with the bear still inside, a Colorado family said.
Seventeen-year-old Ben Story said he and his family were asleep in their Larkspur home,
30 miles south of Denver, when the bear managed to open the unlocked door of his 2008 Toyota
Corolla early Friday and climbed inside.
A peanut butter sandwich left on the back seat is probably what attracted the bear, Story said.
Once inside, the bear must have knocked the shifter on the automatic transmission into neutral, sending the car rolling backward down the inclined driveway and into the thicket, Story said. The door probably slammed shut when the car jolted to a stop, he said, trapping the bear inside.
Neighbors had called 911, and deputies freed the bear by opening the door with a rope from a distance. It then ran into the woods.
Story said he'll need a new car because the bear trashed the interior while apparently trying to find a way out.
The bear also left what Story called "a present" on the driver's seat.
"A nice pile, actually," added his dad, Ralph.


Darth Robber


The mask-clad man entered the bank, displayed a gun and demanded cash.

A lot of robbers use force. This one used the Force.

A bandit decked out in a Darth Vader costume strolled into a Long Island bank on Thursday - and walked out with a wad of cash.

The villain looked ready for Halloween, wearing the "Star Wars" scoundrel's signature mask and sweeping black cape.

He lost some authenticity points for a pair of camouflage pants.

The getup struck one customer as so funny that he started joshing with the Darth Robber after he strode into the Chase bank in Setauket.

"The customer thought it might have been a joke, and not a serious attempt at a robbery," said Suffolk County police Detective Sgt. William Lamb.

But Darth wasn't kidding - and he wasn't going to be stopped by a non-Jedi Knight.

He won a "shoving match" against the incredulous customer before using his piece to order him to the floor, Lamb said.

And his weapon was no joke. He was carrying a pistol instead of a lightsaber.

he fake Darth made a quick-footed getaway, and the bank was still checking its drawers late yesterday to figure out how large his take was, Lamb said.

It was the second recent off-the-wall bank robbery. On Wednesday, NYPD cops arrested a man dubbed the "Bouquet Bandit," saying he brought flowers and potted plants into banks he robbed.