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Tanked Episode 114 for Tuesday July 20, 2010



-Chris got a good anniversary present.


Apple gives iPhone 4 users the bump

Please don’t supersize me.
What should have been a crow eating press conference held by Apple last Friday regarding
the signal issues of the iPhone 4 ended up being a nation-wide giveaway.  And that giveaway
was 5 cents of rubber (if that).  Apple is giving a complimentary iPhone bumper (it's really nothing
more than a tube of rubber) to all iPhone 4 owners due to it's faulty antenna covering properties.
While I'm sure the next iteration of the iPhone will most likely have antenna improvements my
eyes of guilt aim towards AT&T who had better get their shit together when it comes to coverage.


Facebook Among Web’s Worst in Customer Satisfaction [SURVEY]


Count Machine Onahole pumps you up!

Count Machine Onahole Counts How Fast You Can Pleasure Yourself (NSFW)

Fellas, if you're really OCD about how many pumps it takes for you to auto-erotically climax then boy
have the Japanese got just the product for you!  Count Machine Onahole is pretty much a spank tube
(or a Fleshlight if you're proper with your products) that has a device hooked up to it that counts how
many pumps you can clock in within a minute.  Japanese porn star Hiroshi "Chocoball" Mukai has set
some kind of record at 426 pumps/per minute.  If defying the laws of friction and counting madly while 
you beat off sounds enticing then head over to Tokyo Kinky and pick one up. GOOD!!



Tekken and Street Fight game all in 1? Attack of the show was talking today that there are 2 Different games in Development for the game. 1 using the street fighter 4 game engine and another using the Tekken game engine. (please find more on this) I think this could be awesome!


Hiller/Ric reviews Inception

Director of the Hangover and Old School. WOW that looks awesome. I will say 2 names Zack Galafanakis and Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) Stark together!

Betty White to play God????
In the planned re-make of 1977's John Denver and George Burn's film "Oh God", Could Better White be Playing god? I hope so. I think that would be a freaking Riot. I have  not seen "oh God in years. I do re-call that it was damn funny. What do you guys think?






Oh chute, it's a donkey!
Flying donkey shocks Russian holidaymakers

Beachgoers in Golubitskaya, Russia earlier this week were surprised to look up in the sky and see a donkey.
Apparently several Russian assholes as a means of advertising for their entrepreneurial business, stuck a
parachute on a donkey and parasailed him around behind a boat for 30min.  The trembling and understandably terrified
burrow was later brought down and all sorts of police charges, animal cruelty and all around nuttiness is resulting.
2 years of prison could await the goons.  The animal was said to be braying in fear the whole time it was up there. 





Taiwanese news strikes again!
This time an inspirational take on everyone's favorite mogul, Steve Jobs.