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Tanked Episode 111 for Tuesday Jun 29, 2010 



-Friend of the show, Mike Anthes, joins us this week.
-Ok No Shit this is the New Voicemail #248-667-TNKD (8653)
-Aaron's MIA for another 2 weeks or so
-Scott does decent at Kart2Kart's 1st IronMan Race in three years, Pays Dearly.


Porn Industry Prepping to Ditch Flash

When the porn industry gets behind a tech, it tends to be a good sign. When it deserts a tech? Yeah, that's a bad sign.

So it's not great news for Adobe when the founder of Digital Playground, one of the biggest adult studios in the US,

states in no uncertain terms in an interview with Conceivably Tech that he hates Flash and will ditch it as soon

as all major browsers support HTML5.

So essentially, as soon as Internet Explorer gets around to fully supporting HTML5, we'll see at least one major porn
studio ditching Flash. And we know where the porn industry goes, the mainstream entertainment industry tends to follow.
Conceivably Tech via Slashdot

Post iPhone4 launch nuttiness 1.7 million sold!

credit: Gizmodo

So you didn't get your pre-order in for the iPhone 4 (not that you could thanks to the shaky connections with AT&T on pre-order
day)?  Well sounds like you're missing out on some issues that have been plaguing users.  Despite it's "revolutionary" external
antenna, holding the phone in a suspect and proven way will dramatically drop the signal and often lead to a dropped call.  This
is such a prevalent issue that it has led the law offices of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff to request testimony from displeased iPhone
4 users for (what I imagine is) an upcoming class action lawsuit.  Even though Steve Jobs implied with a "There are no reception
issues. Stay tuned" 


Playstation Plus - is it worth it?
PlayStation Plus, New Features Added To PS3 'Soon'

PlayStation Plus was announced yesterday (Monday, 28) and it's offering PSN users extra features for an extra cost.
For $49.99 a year subscribers get access to downloadable games (well, Infamous right now), discounted legacy titles
and exclusive game preview content (demos, betas, etc.).  Ok, so far if you're up for cheaper versions of older games 
then PS+ might be your bag, for everyone, no no good gawd no.  That is all.


- bring up downloadable titles and how they're worthless if you HD goes kaput



Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Trailer Hits the Intertubes

Now that Harry Potter is 42 and has a fat harley beard, they've decided to finish the last damn movie.
The Deathly Hollows is slated to be a two parter.
Part one is set to release sometime in November of this year and part two the following July in 2011.
The trailer does not disapoint and i'm glad they didn't hack the book down to a measly two hour film.
I just hope that i didn't waste a decade of my life watching Harry Potter not grow a pair in this last film(s)
Video at MuggleNet This is the only decent link.
Inerview with Neville Longbottom via YouBentMyWookie


How Long is the Best Sex? Seven Minutes

Sorry Don Juans. Sex doesn't have to last an entire evening to be amazing. According to a new study, the perfect

amount of time for sexual intercourse is only 7 to thirteen minutes long.

Researchers at Penn State University quizzed 50 doctors, social workers and health experts at the Society for

Sex Therapy and Research, and found that most reported that one to two minutes was "too short" and that

three to seven minutes was just barely "adequate."

However, most of the society members said sex that lasts over 10 minutes is just "too long."
In other crazy sex news, found a study that shows a whopping 11% of men masturbate while driving...



Alex Meets Auto-Tunes Category on Jeopardy?
Presumably in an effort to engage younger audiences, this happened last week, resulting in the
respectable, gray-haired host of a popular TV quiz show singing clues through a trendy pitch-correcting
software used by artists such as T-Pain and Kanye West.


Man Bathing in Library Sink Shows His Dairy Air


Cincinnati police say that on Wednesday Darrell Bess, 52, was found bathing naked in a library restroom sink

in possession of four pounds of Parmesan cheese and two stolen CD's.

He was also in alleged possession of  two knives, which police deemed weapons, but I see as necessary for proper

cheese shavings on your arugula. See, it's all how you spin it, right?

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, public indecency,

trespassing, theft and receiving stolen property. 


Drowing Victim at Lifeguard's Party

A guest at a party for lifeguards celebrating their first drowning-free swimming season in memory

drowned Tuesday, the director of the New Orleans Recreation Department said today. Madlyn Richard,

the department director, said the body of Jerome Moody was found on the bottom at the deep end of a

department pool as the party ended. She said Mr. Moody, who was 31 years old, was not a lifeguard,

but four lifeguards were on duty at the party.