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Tanked Episode 109 for Tuesday Jun 8, 2010


- Beers
- Aaron is officially gone for a month


Apple iPhone 4G News
Chris this is just a quick refrence guide on everything iphone.

- all new and NEVER SEEN BEFORE design (3mm more narrow than predecessor)
- A4 processor (the chip that gets around)
- 960x640 800:1 contrast led backlit 326ppi "retina display" (covers 70% of the iPad's resolution)
- front facing camera and 5MP rear led lit camera that records video in 720p
- metal edge acts as antenna for multiple features (bluetooth, gsm, etc.) 
- 3 axis gyroscope (neat jenga demo by Jobs)
- 16GB $199 w2year bullshit | 32GB $299 w2year bullshit
- iPhone 3GS $99


Same stuff we've heard about with a few new items:

- multitastking
- folders
- iBooks (say goodbye to your 20/20 vision)
- tap focus for video
- iMovie for iPhone coming later at $4.99

HTC EVO 4G sold is out

- But Aaron did get a Sprint EVO 4G (played with it. it's like a big version of the incredible but with a 4.3in screen)



Contra gets a new name for a new game


Contra is no mo'.  Instead the latest installment in the legendary, then crappy, then legendary, then crappy again series
is being branded Hard Corps: Uprising.  The series is being developed by Arc System Works of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue
fame which means the animation will be awesome but the character design will be straight out of feminine male cosplay
alley.  My main question to Konami is what is up with the health meters?  THERE'S NO HEALTH METERING IN CONTRA!

Guess that's why the name is different.  Hard Corps: Uprising is expected to release later this year on XBLA & PSN.


Probably gonna' pick up Red Dead Redemption and the latest Street Fighter costume pack (how lame).


Maybe this is Why Blockbuster is Dyinig


I'm getting the new Iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karate Kid or A-team???
Voltron and Thundercats to return to the small screen.
Thundercats to cartoon network

Fan Made ThunderCats Trailer YouTube
Voltron to Nicktoon. Voltron in small tv format looking to keep to the origin of voltron while upgrading the story some. The movie plan fell through due to the fact that tv show rights and movies rights were 2 different owners and all tied up in legal issues. So Small screen wins Look for both Thunercats and Voltron next year.

Monday was the 25 anniversary of the Goonies. "HEY YOU GUYYYSSSSSSS"
Nu to Blu: The Original King Kong, Kalifornia, Escape from New York


Krang Hoodie




Scott's 26in Bass That He Lost Moments Before the Show. DAMN!