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Tanked Episode 106 for Tuesday May 18, 2010


-A week of Android Use. Pros and Cons. Plus a bit of Sprint HTC EVO Tid Bits.


Google's Nexus One Store is Going
Out of Business. no shit


When Google launched its Nexus One Android phone, it also launched alongside it an online phone store

where the Nexus One and future Android phones would be for sale. It was a slightly disruptive play to de-link

the purchase of a phone from an actual carrier. The idea was, you could pick your phone, pick your plan,

and mix and match.

Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Carriers don’t like to give up control. In fact, Verizon decided not to sell the

Nexus One at all, and instead opt for its own more Incredible Android phone. The phone store turned out to

be a flop, and Google just announced that it will be closing up shop online:

Free Kindle App Coming to Android Devices This Summer
This summer, Android users will finally have their very own Kindle app. The app will allow you to
access the Kindle Store, synchronize bookmarks across all your devices, and do just about everything
Kindle apps on other platforms can.

Google, Intel and Sony to Introduce "Smart TV"

On the heels of rumors that Google TV will be unveiled at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco in May
comes a report by The Financial Times that gives a name to the project: Smart TV.

Few new details are revealed in the report; Google’s (Google) hardware partners are still Intel and Sony.

The hardware will likely consist of a set-top box based on Intel’s Atom CPU and Google’s Android OS,

while Sony is slated to reveal the plan to integrate web services into its televisions.

The Financial Times also claims that Google will call on its Android (Android) community to start working on

apps for TVs. This would give Android a whole new dimension and a certain advantage over its main rival,

the iPhone OS, which is confined to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



Paramount issues DMCA Claim on Video
Bystanders shot of "Transformers 3"

note to myself (scott) tell in own words what the deal is.
Dubious DMCA notices are the dog bites man story of the internet. But this might be the first case of a movie studio accusing someone of piracy for filming the people filming a movie — on public streets, no less. Brown has filed a DMCA counter-notice, but YouTube told him it’ll take up to two weeks to restore the video unless Paramount retracts its copyright claim. Paramount’s parent company, Viacom, is currently suing Google for allegedly allowing copyright infringement on YouTube.


Piss Bricks
Bio-Manufactured Bricks Are Made at Room
Temperature, From Bacteria, Sand and...Pee?
An American architecture professor in Abu Dhabi has come up with a new generation of sustainable bricks —
grown by bacteria using sand, calcium chloride, and pee.  Rather than being fired in a kiln, the bricks are formed
at room temperature, according to Metropolis Magazine, which honored the invention with a Next Generation Design award.

There's still some work to be done, because the bricks can be poisonous to groundwater. But the concept is simple enough.

Despite the challenges, the bacteria-bricks are a promising solution to a lasting architectural problem, Metropolis Mag says.
More than 1.3 trillion bricks are manufactured worldwide every year, and many are hand-made in coal-fired ovens.
Brick-baking is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions.









Men allegedly use case of beer as weapon in heist




PUEBLO, Colo. –

Bud Light may not be advertising these two as "Real Men of Genius."

Two men are accused of using an 18-pack case of Bud Light

as a weapon while stealing beer at a Loaf 'N Jug convenience store.


The men are accused of stealing three cases of Bud Light

from the store early Saturday.

According to police,

one of the men used a case of the beer to hit a clerk during the theft.

The clerk wasn't seriously hurt.


Police officers chased the suspects on foot.

police found two cases of beer in a back yard,

then went inside and found the men. The men are awaiting court appearances.




Woman charged with stun gun chase at Wendy's


A Florida woman is facing charges after being accused of

chasing a Wendy's employee with a stun gun when she got upset about her order.

Police in Daytona Beach say Melanese Asia Reid got into an argument

with an employee at the drive-thru Monday.

She got out of the vehicle and went into the store, along with Katrina Mari-Alyce Bryant.

Witnesses say Reid pulled out a pink stun gun and chased the employee while Bryant cheered her on.

The two women reportedly left when a manager threatened to call police.


(and being the smart person she is now up on charges, that's right couldn't leave well enough alone.

after getting away with scaring the crap out of the person in the drive threw. she had to call in and

complain about the service.)


Police tracked them down later after Bryant called the store back to complain about the service.

Reid was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

and Bryant was charged with being a principal to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Cops find naked drunken teen in stranger's bathtub





Police in northwestern Indiana found an intoxicated teenager inside a stranger's home,

passed out naked in a bathtub with the shower running.

Porter County police said two friends of the drunken 18-year-old

woke up Richard Gual by knocking on the door of his South Haven home about 5 a.m. Sunday,

telling him the teen had entered the home by mistake and was still inside.

Police reported finding the teen inside a locked bathroom

and arrested him on felony residential entry and misdemeanor underage drinking charges.

Police said the teen's friends were sober and had picked him up in Chesterton.

They told officers that he was supposed to go into their home to shower

but that he had wandered into the wrong house.