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Tanked Episode 104 for Tuesday May. 4, 2010


-We are 2 years old. yeah!
-Kart2Kart Results. We are old and sore.


No tech this week as it all sucked and/or was still about the the fucking lost iphone.


Sony to offer PS3, PSP protection plan, annoy retailers

Video game hardware isn't a big money maker for retailers dealing with razor-thin margins, which is why gamers are
often subjected to lengthy pitches for profit-padding protection plans when they buy their systems. Sony is taking the
wind out of the sails of big-box retailers by offering its own optional hardware warranty. The deal is available to new
customers, or those within the first year of ownership.

FF XIII, Bayonetta, Modern Warfare 2
and more for $30 each at Kmart

image via Joystiq
Kmart isn't a name we turn to often for game deals, but the retailer has made a pretty strong case for
our continued attention, with a bunch of limited-time deals that are, frankly, a little ridiculous.
How about paying for just the good half of Final Fantasy XIII? At $30, that's essentially what Kmart is offering.

Time-release RPGs not for you? How about Bayonetta, Metro 2033, or Modern Warfare 2 for $30 each?
Even Nier's been marked down to $44.99, though that game is ridiculous on its own merits.
These deals are only available through May 10, and can be found both online and in-store.
See the full list of weekly discounts after the break.



Cindy Morgan Talks with Tanked

Cindy Morgan talking points.
Into: We are joined today by Cindy Morgan. If your not familiar with her work you may know her from
the greatest movie about golf... ever...Caddyshack and also from the 1982 Sci-Fi Classic Tron. Welcome Cindy Morgan to Tanked.
Cindy talk with us a little about your start and how you go into acting.
Your roll in Tron and lets talk about your lack of a roll in Tron legacy
Disney had you come in and do a lil promo for Tron Legacy. Talk about that and do you think that may lead to you getting into the film?
Lets talk about Caddyshack and your new upcoming book "From Catholic school to Caddyshack".
Any good Caddyshack tales that you can tell us about?? one with Bill Murry maybe?

Ric's Reviews Iron Man 2

Just got out of the theater!



Flying Car Proposals Sought by Pentagon

"A future platoon could fly into a specific location and provide direct boots-on-ground seizure of a critical

location," the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wrote in briefing materials about the project,

known as Transformer, or TX. "If they encounter overwhelming enemy forces, casualties or new orders,

they can immediately extract to a new location."


DARPA, which hopes to have a prototype in four years, is looking for a four-passenger vehicle which can

transform in about a minute from a Humvee-type land rover to an aircraft that can take off and land

vertically like a helicopter. The vehicle should be able to drive and/or fly 250 nautical miles

on a single tank of gas.




This Story Will Make You Eel!
A 59 year-old chef was partying with friends as he normally might. He passed out drunk, expecting to wake
up with nothing worse than the usual hangover.  But his friends allegedly had something special planned that
would end in hilarity for all: Shoving a 20-inch long Asian eel into the man’s anus.

After eventually bringing the man to the hospital (it’s unclear how long it took), the man was pronounced dead

by team of doctors on Sichuan, China. After performing an autopsy, they found the lengthy eel inside of the man.

Cause of death? The eel ate the man’s bowels in their entirety.

It’s unclear at this time if the eel survived or if he’ll be facing charges.

Flyer Thinks He's An Alien



updated 12:54 p.m. PT, Mon., May 3, 2010


A SkyWest Airlines flight from Helena, Mont., to Salt Lake City

was diverted to Idaho Falls after a passenger began banging on the cockpit door,

saying he was a space alien and wanted to fly the plane.


Idaho Falls Police Sgt. Phil Grimes says other passengers on the Sunday evening flight

helped restrain 32-year-old Matthew Kleindorfer of Las Vegas.

The plane landed just before 6 p.m.


Kleindorfer faces misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace,

resisting arrest and a felony count of battery of an officer.





Hapless sailor takes a round trip




LONDON (Reuters) –

A man who thought he was sailing along the coast of southern England

had to be rescued by emergency services after his motor boat ran out of fuel

while repeatedly circling a small island in the River Thames estuary.


The man, who had no nautical guides and only had a roadmap to navigate by,

had been trying to sail from Gillingham, about 35 miles east of London,

to Southampton on April 19 by following the southern coast of England.


But he ended simply doing laps of the 36-square mile Isle of Sheppey a short distance away in the mouth of the Thames.

Eventually a lifeboat and coastguard were sent to rescue him after he used up all his fuel and ran aground,

officials said on Wednesday.

He told them he had been trying to navigate by keeping the coastline to his right.

"He was attempting to travel around the UK from Medway to Southampton and had somehow

lost his bearings and ended up traveling around the Isle of Sheppey," said Robin Castle,

a member of the local lifeboat station.

"It seems he didn't have the usual maritime charts or navigational equipment."